Dreams Related To Message

A stranger with a message

The image of a stranger conveying a message in the dream world means you could soon learn something interesting or inspiring. Perhaps one of your dear friends has gone through a struggle you knew nothing about, or maybe you would have the opportunity to learn about a historical figure whose trials inspire you to make a big change in your daily life. The specific message you receive could narrow down the meaning significantly, so it would be wise to pay special attention to the exact words and intonation used when the information was relayed.

A message from deceased father

Heard my deceased Father say in stearn voice "NO" did not see anything or him..just his voice

Hearing your dearly departed father's voice in the dream realm is often considered a sign that you have unfinished business related to him in wake life. For instance, maybe you made a promise that you have yet to keep. His stern "No" message in this vision could mean that he wants you to stop what you are doing to make this a priority. This could be especially true if you have been putting off major life goals like graduating from school, picking up a trade or dropping a bad habit.

A message from subconscious for a relative

My brother-in-law had a dream this morning with a voice saying "You're in over your head" right before waking up. He can't recall what the dream was before then. He has been doing a lot of unpacking and self work that has been emotional.

Receiving a specific message in the dream realm is rare and very special. The words your brother-in-law heard may in fact be related to all the self-work they have been doing, as you put it. While it might seem like this is a slightly negative message, it would be better to consider it as more of a reminder than they do not have to go through these changes on their own. Your brother-in-law has family, friends and support groups who can provide advice or just a shoulder to cry on. Trying to do everything alone is exhausting, so spreading out the work and emotionally unburdening themselves is essential.