Dreams Related To Massacre

Escaping a massacre

Escaping a massacre or surviving some kind of killing spree during the course of a dream vision means that you have crossed a line between confidence and arrogance. The emotions you are exhibiting in wake life will no longer offer you protection from your higher ups, as your growing anger would likely cause you to lash out at others. It would be wise to rein in your overconfidence and have a more humble mindset.

Witnessing a massacre

Seeing yourself in the middle of a crime being committed or witnessing murders and massacres in a dream signals a feeling of anxiety and lack of trust in wake life. This can be linked with having domestic issues or trouble getting an adequate attention from your loved ones. It is also a sign that you need to draw a line between the people whom you trust and those whom you do not. You will need to get rid of the toxicity surrounding you in order to advance in life.

Surviving massacre

Finding yourself fighting for your life and surviving a massacre in dreams is interpreted as a positive omen. It symbolizes your changed self pulling away from negativity and old unhealthy habits. You could also be moved and uplifted by a variety of feelings as you you cross the invisible line into your personal era of self-development and self-awareness.