Dreams Related To Marriage

Canceling marriage

Dreaming about calling off or terminating your own marriage is symbolic of your own wrong doings. It signifies that your own conduct and misdeeds are the rationale behind all the trials and tribulations which you may be facing at the moment. These troubles may linger around your life for quite some time.

A proposal for marriage

Dreaming about a marriage proposal made to you is indicative of encouraging encounters and propitious changes. These alterations would prove to be favorable for you and will have a constructive impact on your life.

Getting married

Getting married in a dream vision almost always has positive connotations. It suggests your personal life would flourish during this time, and you would be blessed with good interactions between you and your closest companions. The closeness you share with a special someone in reality could also possibly lead to wedding bells in the near future.

Marriage for an unmarried woman

For an unmarried woman a dream in which she sees herself getting married portends negative vibes about to enter her life. It signifies that there is some sort of grief or desolation in store for them. It might also indicate that they will face disillusionment and frustration in certain matters.

Being late to a marriage ceremony

Dreaming about being delayed at your own wedding has some ominous connotations. It could signify that you might have to cope with financial insecurities in the form of material losses. On the other hand it could also symbolize your incapability to deal with several things at the same time.

Marriage in general

If you are a female and have had a dream about getting married in general this is symbolic of positive or encouraging alterations. These modifications might take place in either your intimate life or in your career.

As far as your office or workplace is concerned, the constructive changes taking place over there could be budding from your supervisor's sides, partly because they might have recognized your efficiency as well as productivity and to a certain extent your proficiency and capabilities. These are a few reasons why you might receive a promotion or a raise.

Getting married but already married

For married dreamers, getting married in a dream vision means you are yearning for reinvention. You are probably stuck in a rut and the predictability of married life is starting to bore you. In dream analysis, this does not immediately mean that you do not love your spouse anymore, it just means you are looking for a way to channel your creative energies. According to Miller, dreaming of your own wedding means you will find a way out of your tricky situation. So, if ever you are feeling antsy and looking for a change of pace, you will most likely find the perfect hobby or get a makeover to feel refreshed.

Arranged marriage

An arranged marriage in the dream realm does not necessarily refer to such an event happening to you in wake life. Rather, this symbol is associated with putting two and two together. This means you would find the hidden connection between some events or information that eluded you before, or that you would come up with a creative solution to a problem that has bugged you recently. For instance, seeing a work of art and then finding the artists's inspiration piece or personal history may shed light on their state of mind and why they chose to complete their work the way they did.

Marrying your sibling

Marrying your sibling is an indication of envy. You feel like this sibling is much more accomplished and talented than you, so you feel a sense of bitterness towards them. On the other hand, this also suggests a desire to be more like your sibling. You idolize them, so marriage signifies a union of your best traits with their admirable qualities. Perhaps you wish to ask them for advice in order to follow their footsteps.

Dreaming of getting married

I dreamt several times that I was getting married.

Being married in a dream vision can have several different interpretations depending on your current situation. On one hand, if you are in a serious relationship at the moment, it can point to upcoming nuptials, indicating happiness and your desire to make a lasting commitment. On the other hand, this vision can suggest you are too wrapped up in your own life and are not aware of some difficulties a friend of yours is facing. Your lack of concern or interest in this person's well-being could be upsetting to them, especially if they think of you as someone they can trust and rely on.

Seeing own marriage preparation

Seeing various preparations taking place for your marriage or wedding ceremony reveals that your current lifestyle may not be quite right for you. In fact, it may even have a bad effect on your future. Getting ready for a wedding is an allusion for preparing for the next stage in your life. Whatever that stage is, you need to start planning the best way to make use of your time and energy. This may include improving certain habits, changing your working conditions or delegating tasks to someone else to free up your mind for more important things.

Marriage with a widower

A dream in which you see yourself walk down the aisle with a widower could portend ominous vibes for you. It is symbolic of you being exposed to imminent and remarkable danger. You would have to face this menace heads on and might have to thwart it all by yourself.

Marriage with a foreigner

A dream in which you see yourself getting married to a foreigner could portend bad vibes coming your way. It might signify that there are certain troublesome issues which you might have to face or a dilemma you will be trying to solve for quite some time.

Being married to an older man

I am female. 24 years old. In my dream I was recently married to a person who had already two wives. I was the favorite. That person was a middle age. He had a son who was a little younger than me. The person I was married to was really good. He took care of me in every way and he was hot and good looking. Please interpret this.

Getting married to someone who is older than you could be a positive symbol that alludes to positive changes taking place in your life. This could be related to either your personal affairs or your work situation. The fact that you perceived him as handsome and good-looking may further point toward interesting and exciting developments in your love life. The two other women may be the manifestation of different parts of your personality, for example, one could represent a strong, confident persona while the other reveals a more sensitive, thoughtful side. Your perception that you were the favorite could show a tendency for favoring some aspects of your personality while ignoring the rest. In order to be successful and utilize the upcoming changes to their fullest, you would need to embrace yourself as a whole.

Writing down marriage vows

I was writing marriage vows about the guy I'm currently dating.

Dreaming about writing marriage vows for the man you are currently dating mirrors your readiness to commit to him in reality. It also shows that you are envisioning a long and happy partnership with him. This could mean that your interactions with him thus far have brought you great satisfaction and that you are willing to take the next step, however, the idea of marriage itself might still be a way off yet. Rather than looking at this vision literally, you should consider the marriage vows in a more abstract way as a long term commitment to your boyfriend.

Marriage for a married woman

If a married woman dreams of getting married, it could portend some sort of negativity which is about to enter her life. It signifies that there might be some bleak and unpromising situations which might prove to be arduous to deal with and which would indeed be grueling to get rid of.

Someone getting married

Dreaming about someone tying the knot or attending the wedding nuptials of someone whom you know is a sign of negativity. It signifies that you will be facing countless dilemmas. It might also indicate that there will be certain matters or issues which will become a strenuous experience in your life.

Marriage for a student

If you are a student at a school or a university and had a dream about getting married, it is significant of some positive alterations in your life. This could either signify exceptional grades in your exams or tests or the fact that you will be valued, appreciated and encouraged in your academic life because of your outstanding performance.

Ending a marriage

A dream about the termination of your marriage should be considered as a forewarning. This could be related to the fact that you might have assumed too many commitments and obligations. These in turn might have a negative impact on your accomplishments or would endanger or jeopardize your triumphs by making them unachievable.

Hesitant about marriage

Dreaming about feeling doubtful or cautious about getting married or your inability to make a decision regarding your marriage is indicative of your own indecisive nature. This is how the people around you perceive your attitude and it makes you look like someone who is apprehensive and insecure in their every day dealings.

A relative getting married

Dreaming about the upcoming nuptials of a relative and being present at the wedding is symbolic of your own single status. It could signify that you might not be tying the knot any time soon. This dream vision is quite significant and noteworthy for people who are either single or unmarried.

Marriage for a widow

If you are a widow and have had a dream depicting your own nuptials, it is symbolic of your own solitude. It signifies the fact that you feel forlorn and have been unable to make any worthy or significant connection with anyone.

Marriage of 3 girls

Dreaming about 3 girls getting married, either simultaneously or separately, likely reveals your interest in these three girls. You may be attracted to them and so your subconscious is playing out this scene as wish fulfillment. Though it may be something other than romantic feelings, for example it could also just be an indication of your desire to get to know them better. Perhaps they remind you of someone you know or you share similar interests.

Getting re married

Dreaming of getting re-married suggests a need to renew your vows, reaffirm loyalty or restore eroding trust with your current partner. When relationships start to show signs of weakness, this symbol often appears in dreams to urge the dreamer to take action. Sometimes, the issue will not be that serious, but it has the possibility of becoming a huge threat if not addressed as soon as possible. Other times, this could be major problem, especially if it is a recurring dream. It means you are not paying attention to your significant other who could be in the middle of a crisis.

Someone asking to marry me

Dreaming of marriage proposal or someone asking to marry you is an auspicious symbol of significant changes and positive developments. These welcome changes are all according to your plan. Finally, after all your efforts and patience, you can begin reaping the fruits of your hard work, whether it is moving into your dream home, welcoming a new member to your family or finishing your graduate studies.

Getting married to someone else

Getting married to someone else in the dream world reflects your unconscious mind's feelings about your partner in reality. If you are already married, you may have learned some new things about your spouse since your nuptials that affect how you perceive them now. While you could have learned something cool or interesting about them, it is more likely that you found out some information that was disappointing or surprising in a bad way. For those who are unmarried, this vision could be an omen that your current partner or crush is not who they are presenting themselves to be.

Getting married to an unknown person

Marrying a stranger indicates an identity crisis. You are unsure about who you are, what you want or how you see yourself growing. An incident or encounter in the real world may have triggered this issue and manifested this symbol in your REM sleep. At the moment, you may just be channeling other people's appearances and behavior to blend in. This discomfort in embracing your true self may stem from childhood trauma or painful experiences you have repressed. In this case, psychotherapy could help you resolve other deep-seated issues which are holding you back.

Getting married to a stranger

Getting hitched with a complete stranger may sound crazy, but in a dream this symbol is actually considered a very good omen. Just as weddings are often considered auspicious occasions full of happiness and joy, so does this symbol suggest that you are channeling good energy in reality. Some really awesome opportunities may present themselves to you, or you may meet some interesting individuals who bring a lot of value to your life.

Getting married to a man with the age difference

Someone getting a man for me to get married. And when I saw him I liked him and I was ready to get married with him. But he seemed few years younger than me. But the person who found that man for me, she lied about my age and told him, I am the same age as him. He seemed ok as well to get married with me.

If you are female and had a dream about getting married in general with the person consenting to marry you regardless of circumstances (such as the age difference you have mentioned), this is an indication of positive changes in your intimate life or in your workplace.

Marriage and pregnancy

I have dreams at night of marriage and pregnancy. These dreams occurring in the future, what is the point of the event. Please send your answers quickly. And the dreams that I come again and again. My name is Anu. Please tell me the answer for these dreams fast and accurately. I shall be very thankful to you.

If you are a female and have had a dream about getting married in general this is symbolic of positive or encouraging alterations. These modifications might take place either in your intimate life or in your career. As far as your office or workplace is concerned, the constructive changes taking place over there could be budding from your supervisor's sides, partly because they might have recognized your efficiency as well as productivity and to a certain extent your proficiency and capabilities. These are a few reasons why you might receive a promotion or a raise. Dreaming of becoming pregnant if you are a female symbolizes meeting someone new whom you will start a meaningful relationship with. This relationship will be much better than the ones you've had in the past. It can also refer to having a great start to a new relationship at this moment in your life.

Meetings with the groom of arranged marriage

Female. Dreamt about me being rejected by a guy on our first meeting for marriage (arranged marriage). Later, after several months or years (not sure), we both meet, but on some other occasion and we talked a little and started liking each other. His family pays a surprise visit while we were chatting and I guessed (while dreaming all this) that our meeting was planned by his or both families.

Dreaming that your marriage has been canceled by the other party signifies the wrongdoings of others that negatively impact your life. The later meeting and your interest in each other both suggest that there is someone who is trying to mislead you or get ahead because of your weaknesses obvious to them. In particular, this refers to missing something very important or not putting two and two together on your part. Lack of attention to these details may cause some major problems in your life.

Being tested if good enough for marriage

I had a dream about this girl I am fond of. In the dream, we were together thinking of marriage. She was testing me to see if I would make a good father and husband. Somewhere along the lines my dad died and then after the death, she told me I passed the test. Curious what this means. Thanks.

This vision seems to be a reflection of your personality or the thought process you are going through at the moment. Dreaming about a situation in which you might get married usually indicates being indecisive about something fairly important in your life. In this case, it could be related to your relationship with the girl who appeared in this vision. You may be wondering whether or not you should engage in a relationship or begin developing a deeper personal connection with her. Seeing your father pass away in this vision, however, is an ominous warning foretelling negative outcomes in the decisions you may soon make. You may want to think carefully about starting a new relationship unless you are sure it is meant to be.

Marriage ruined by others

I had a dream I was getting married, but I drove up to the wedding with him. When we got there, there was a crowd of people that seemed to be our guest and some were actually family, but when I got up to the front of the long line, it then became a reception and there were about 10 other just married couples dancing, as if they had overbooked for receptions. I was so upset. My "husband" began to kick everyone out, we started to dance the "quick step". I looked down and noticed he had on bright blue shoes and I remember thinking to myself "This is a disaster" and I wanted to cry, then I woke.

While this dream is very complicated, it is easy to see the emotional turmoil this vision could cause should it occur in wake life. In this case, this vision is a prediction of difficulties to come which would be centered around your relationships. The ruined marriage ceremony you had experienced portends terrible misunderstandings which could severely impair your relationships with those around you. Whether the fault is theirs or yours is unclear, but in either case, you are unlikely to be able to come to a resolution which suits everyone. The image of the blue shoes stands out prominently and suggests that this difficult personal situation is likely to cause you considerable distress and frustration. You would need to work very hard to repair what has been broken and restore trust between you and others involved.

Getting married against own will

I have had a dream twice when I am getting married to men I don't know. In the first dream, a man I didn't know was forcing me to get married to him. In the second one, I was seeing myself married to a white man and we were cutting cake. But I seemed unhappy.

Getting married to a stranger or someone unfamiliar to you predicts becoming satisfied with some aspect of your life. This can be seen both in the forced marriage of the first vision and in your dissatisfaction with your match in the second. This may be justified anger at your position in life, and in such a case you may be able to change your situation through effort alone. However, it is also possible that others are preventing you from being happy, suggesting you may have to make difficult choices to get what you want out of life.

Getting re-married and some strange things

I keep dreaming that I am getting married to my husband. One of my recent dreams - it was the after party of our wedding and my husband and I were happy and dancing underneath a chandelier of several light candles (but the candles were upside down), and they suddenly went out. Then the two of us stopped dancing and sat down together and a guest (female) asked if she could see my ring, then she just took it off and put it on her finger but it did not fit her. That is all I dreamt.

Your dream is rife with misgivings, from the upside-down candles to the light going out and the ring being taken away. To begin with, the recurring dream of a wedding ceremony or getting married indicates a desire to renew your vows or restore a trust that could be eroding. Dancing at the wedding signifies unhealthy competition. The chandelier represents grandeur, ambitions and wealth. However, the misaligned candles and the lights going off mean that reality may be creeping up on you and perhaps does not measure up to your expectations. Finally, the interloper who snatched your wedding ring epitomizes all the threats and challenges making you doubt your relationship or your capabilities. On the whole, the fears and doubts that are manifested in your dream may not be directly related to a rocky relationship or infidelity. They could also stem from your anxieties about your current status in life, both at home and in your chosen career. You may be looking for assurance or yearning for advancement.

Getting married outside religion

I dreamed about getting married with a non-Muslim.

Marrying someone outside of your religion in a dream could be representative of certain worries and concerns you may have. These troublesome thoughts could be aimed at the prospect of being in danger or the possibility of harm befalling you. You should exercise caution and try to be extra careful until you truly feel you are safe.

An offer to get married and carved letters

I was seated on a bench that was on the back patio of my daughter's home. A man was sitting next to me, but I could not see his face. However, he was wearing gold-wired eyeglasses. I knew that my children were present, however, my oldest daughter seemed to be the focus as this man asks "What if I married your mom"? I woke up and realized the time, so I went back to sleep. I then had a dream of the letters kc carved in an open-faced avocado.

Dreaming of a man floating the possibility of marriage in front of your children is a projection of your own desire to find love and security. Being a parent, especially if you are a single parent, can be a daunting task. Perhaps in reality you have been thinking about finding a partner or some other kind of help in raising your kids. The letters KC could allude to relationships and intimacy. It is also possible that they refer to a person with those initials. The avocado, however, symbolizes initiative. This means that if you want to find help or a partner, you may need to be assertive and put yourself out there.

Getting married to a friend instead of boyfriend

I had a dream that I was getting married, I assumed it was my current boyfriend when I got to the altar, I saw one of my friends of many years standing there ready to take my hand. I looked out to the audience my boyfriend was there but didn't seem upset. He seemed relieved. I married my friend and we started our life together and were happy. I love my boyfriend, why would my subconscious put me with this person instead?

Dreaming about getting married by an altar has negative connotations. It symbolizes your feelings of being upset by your boyfriend's actions. Perhaps you feel that you are not receiving the kind of attention that you deserve. Such an image is your subconscious desire of wanting to be more significant in your boyfriend's eyes. This symbolism is further reinforced by the image of you getting married to your friend. You could be sharing a special bond with your friend and it could be your strong desire to spend more time with someone you really click with. It would be best to reassess the value of both these relationships and figure out what is important to you.

Marrying a Korean man

I married a Korean man I didn't know. The wedding was badly organized. He was a marine.

Dreaming about marrying a foreigner has negative connotations. It could portend a period of difficulties and obstacles coming your way. The notion that the wedding was badly organized further reinforces the symbolism of chaos and disorder. Also, marriage to a marine could indicate that you may lose the love and respect of your loved ones. It is probably high time for you to focus on people close to you to avoid potential difficulties and confrontations.

Tearing apart marriage certificate

I ripped my matrimony certificate and I was sad, but my friends were like "So what?".

Tearing apart your certificate of marriage indicates that something in reality is troubling you greatly. This could be a relationship you are having trouble dealing with or a predicament that seems to have no end. Your effort used to rip the certificate suggests you are the one at fault in this situation, so you may need to consider an apology or finding a way to make amends for what was done. The apathy of your friends may be your subconscious unsuccessfully trying to find a way to justify your behavior.

Organizing someone's marriage

I saw I was choreographing some people in for a marriage. There was a guy I was connecting to and few of my friends and known faces, my ex crush and a friend I am not talking to, but in the dream we were on talking terms. I was supposed to leave after the work but I couldn't go. There's no marriage taking place yet though. I don't remember everything properly but I was tense and scared when I got up, as marriage dreams are supposed to be bad I heard.

The marriage ceremony you were coordinating, in the context of this vision, does not seem to carry a negative connotation. In this case, it portends some positive changes taking place at your work or with your career aspirations, although you may not yet be aware of what is happening. Just as you were directing the progression of the ceremony, so would your supervisor or mentor be working behind the scenes toward your success. Connecting with friends and acquaintances may mean that you should continue to rely on the beliefs and morals that have guided you in the past. However, seeing your ex-crush could indicate that the positive changes may not end up being as beneficial as you would expect. For example, you may have more responsibility or busy work to do.

Unwanted marriage and unable to find the lover

I was about to be forced for an unwanted marriage given by the condition that my love doesn't come back on time of marriage. I called him about the current location of him and he was then on a bridge. Then after a very long time he didn't come. He was unreachable on the phone also. I was crying when everybody told me that he is no more.

The dream you are describing might not be connected to marriage at all, but rather mirror your own indecisive nature. It could mean people perceive you as someone who is insecure in daily life, someone who cannot quite manage to make proper decisions. This leads you to commit wrongdoings which are the root cause of the problems and tribulations you could be facing at this moment and that will probably stick around for some time in your life, unless you find a way to become more confident and capable of facing your problems head on while making informed choices.

Marrying someone who is not current boyfriend

Hi. I'm 18years old female. I am head over heels in love with my boyfriend. I truly love him a lot. So much so if I were to spend the rest of my life with someone it would have to be him. Moreover he loves me too and has mutual feelings for me. Today morning I dreamt that my family was waiting for my husband-to-be's arrival for our wedding function. My parents saw him for the first time in the car and said he's not my type. But he was NOT my boyfriend. This is very disturbing for me.

Marriage is a common symbol to find in dreams, but it is not always about relationships and upcoming nuptials specifically. In this case, your vision is more likely simply a sign of good things to come. Just as a wedding is usually welcomed as an auspicious occasion leading to a new stage of life, so does this vision suggest you are about to embark on some new path that would bring you much happiness and fortune. If you see some upcoming opportunities and have been wondering if you should take advantage of them, now may be the right time to try something new. With good luck and positive energy on your side you could accomplish great things.

Parents getting re-married

I am female, I dreamt my parents getting married, my mom was in a white dress with sparkling embroidery while my dad wore black. My sis wore a floral dress with a black leather jacket. I can't remember what I or my other sister and brother was wearing.

Dreaming that your parents are getting married signifies harmonious relationships. If things have been rocky at home, then you would pleased to know that everything would settle down soon. The conflicts could even bring you and your family closer than ever. In addition, the contrast between the floral dress and the leather jacket means a sibling or loved one may be the source of misunderstanding or arguments in your household because of being too stubborn. Fortunately, a calm and diplomatic approach can soothe hurt feelings and bring peace in your family once more.

Getting married and having twins very fast

I dreamed that I suddenly find myself living in another country rather than the country I am living now, I'm living with my mother only, my mother came to me and congratulated me that she found a suitable female mate for me to be married with her, I agreed immediately without seeing this mate. Suddenly I find myself already married and suddenly my mother came again and congratulated me that I got two twin babies (with the first pregnancy I get twin male and female babies).

Dreaming that you are living in another country means you are about to have a radical shift in your life. You are likely feeling dissatisfied with your current existence that you are already planning to make a big change, like a career change or deciding to settle down and start your own family. This is why you envisioned your mother finding a partner as well as seeing yourself settled down with babies. It could be that you think you are being left behind by your peers, so your subconscious played out a fast forward scenario as a way of catching up. In reality, you are actually contemplating on taking tangible steps to pursue things you have always wanted to take up, yet never had the courage to chase.

Friend's marriage interrupted by a death

Being at my friend's marriage who recently lost her husband only for it to be cancelled due to a death notice of a child in my friend's family.

While this vision centers on one particular friend, possibly due to her husband's passing and prominent place in your mind at present, it seems more likely that this is about someone else close to you in your social circle. In particular, dreaming of a cancelled marriage suggests you believe this friend has done something wrong. You may think they are behaving badly or have made an entirely bad decision. The dead child sheds a little more light on this situation, pointing towards a sick or mistreated child. Perhaps you suspect a child you know is not being cared for properly, or maybe the child is physically fine but you do not agree with the parenting style, even if it is completely valid. Stepping in may cause friction in your relationships if you give unneeded advice, so think carefully before you stick your nose in someone else's business.

Relatives trying to arrange marriage

Meeting a stranger through my sister and brother in law for marriage.

Meeting a stranger means you often need other people's approval to feel good about yourself. Being a people pleaser by nature means you are often forced in situations where you behave or decide against your own will. This will not be beneficial to you in the long run. Instead of developing your values and beliefs, you would only deter your own growth. You need to break free from your own shackles and do things that make you proud of yourself instead of worrying about what other people think.

Your boyfriend getting married

Seeing your current boyfriend getting married to someone else suggests that you are going to get answers about some burning questions you have had about your relationship. However, just as you are not the one standing across from your partner at the alter, so does this vision suggest that your answers will come from someone else, a third party who inexplicably has pertinent information about your relationship. You should listen carefully to what they have to say but draw your own conclusions as to what they mean.