Dreams Related To Market

Walking through a market

Seeing yourself walking through a market in your dream symbolizes boredom and despondency which accompany your life.

Market in general

Experiencing a dream about visiting a market reveals your propensity to engage in promiscuous sexual activities and rely on indiscriminate approaches to choosing your sex partners creating confusion and tensions with all those involved. This dream warns you to be more selective in order to live a more ordered and fulfilling sex life.

This dream can also symbolize leisurely approach you take in your life, revealing too much personal information to others and sometimes creating confusion and even chaos around you impacting your relationships with other people.

Shopping at a dark market

I saw I am in a market and no light is there. I think I had to use my mobile for light and I saw a person. I asked him where fruit shops were. He guided me to go forward, after that I saw a small room where I find my wife lying on one bed, and another man lying on another bed. And I slapped that guy, my wife said she was injured.

Visiting a market in a dream represents promiscuity. The lack of light in the market means you are unaware of this characteristic which you or your wife could possess. Finding your wife in a suspicious scenario with another man while you were searching for fruit shops or fruit stands implies an unpleasant discovery would happen while you are busy taking care of business or working hard to provide for your family. Your suspicions about your wife's infidelity would be confirmed as a definitive clue falls on your lap. However, the dishonesty could also be about other matters and not necessarily cheating. She could be keeping secrets for the sake of keeping your family or relationship intact.

Buying something in a market

Dreaming about yourself visiting a market and buying something you need is an omen of losing some material possessions or property belonging to you because of some unexpected situations you may face.

This dream can also signify your tendency to reach your goals at any cost, which may cause a lot of suffering for people who have to deal with you on a regular basis.

Food market

Dreaming about visiting or trading at a food market is a warning to pay closer attention to your health in order to avoid growing issues down the road. You should really watch your diet, if you remember the kinds of food sold at the market, try excluding them from your daily intake.

Empty market

Finding yourself in an empty market is an omen of great misfortune and inability to handle things or situations which are important and meaningful to you.

Trading in a market

Having a dream about participating in trading in the market is a good sign of becoming wealthier and being able to provide for yourself and your family.

This dream is a good sign of luck if you are planning on playing bingo, gambling or participating in a lottery. However your luck will be on your side as long as you do not get too obsessed with immediate winnings and lose control or become addicted to gambling.

Selling something at the market

Seeing yourself in the role of a vendor at the market points out your talents and abilities in sales or qualities you possess which make you a good fit to be employed in commerce or trades.

Village market

Dreaming about visiting a village or farmers market symbolizes simple joys and unsophisticated types of entertainment and leisure you tend to stick with.

Revisiting a market

Dreaming about coming back and revisiting the same marketplace you have been at before indicates that you must continue to work on improving your personality traits in order to achieve greater results in your life.

Noisy market

Visiting a noisy market in your dream foretells a big event or gathering your may be invited to or become a part of.

Someone trading in a market nearby

Seeing someone trading in a market very close to you is an indication of high expectations exhibited by you towards this person, who you think is not providing you with what you deserve. This can be a deception because you cannot count on someone's help entirely unless it is offered to you in a voluntary way.

Exotic market

Finding yourself at an exotic market, for example in a southern country or in a tropical region is a sign of becoming bored or dissatisfied with your current living conditions, even though they may be favorable or exciting to some extent.

Talking to a village market vendor

Having a dream about communicating with a village market vendor indicates your approach towards material things in life which resembles the characteristics of the vendor you are talking to in your dream, for example qualities like being calm, noisy or content.

Consumer goods market

Seeing a market of consumer goods in your dream is an indication of your concern about your financial situation and being overly preoccupied with getting wealthier. Try to accept the wisdom of life and be content with what you already have. Try enriching your soul and spiritual being instead of constantly thinking about material wealth.

Upscale market

Having a dream about an upscale market, which sells expensive antiques for example, signifies your strive for success and well-being you want to be present in your life.

Oriental market

Dreaming about visiting an oriental market bustling with life foretells reuniting with friends or people close to you you haven't seen in a long time.

Abandoned market

Seeing an abandoned market in your dream is an indication of your extreme loneliness because of some life situations which occurred in your life, including insulting someone or letting people down, so they had to go their separate way. Try to restore previous relationships and welcome people back into your life because loneliness and isolation can never replace true friendship and learning from other people.

Games sold at a flea market

I was in a flea market. There was a table that I noticed which was selling video game systems and toys from my childhood. One young woman seemed to be selling a sex-themed game.

Being at a flea market during a dream vision could point toward an inability to make good decisions because you are preoccupied with something less important, most likely something to do with material wants. Perhaps you are actually interested in collected childhood memorabilia at the expense of more important purchases, like a fuel-efficient vehicle or a house. This is supported by the image of the sex themed game, a symbol that suggests you not making the most mature decisions because you do not yet embrace your adulthood or are still unsure of your place in life. You may need to talk to someone older and wiser for guidance, especially when it comes to deciding how to spend your money.