Dreams Related To Marijuana

Sons with marijuana

I dreamed of my sons Michael and Ryan. Ryan brought a bag of marijuana that he found in Michael's car. He didn't want his brother to be in trouble. Michael doesn't smoke marijuana. We just looked at Ryan and said why did he brought it out. Then my coworker put some white powder on top of it to cover it up. Ryan took it away while I checked around the area just in case he dropped something. People from work came so we were checking everything out just in case something got left behind. Then I woke up.

Envisioning that your son had marijuana on him in the dream realm predicts something similar taking place in wake life. While he may not be actively using the substance, he could be considering it. Alternatively, his friends or peers may be pressuring him to partake. If he does, however, this vision suggests it would have disastrous results. Marijuana may not be a hard drug, but the social implications could put a black mark on him, making it difficult for him in the future. For example, family and friends may criticize and shun him. It's possible that his future working situation may also be in jeopardy. It would be wise to council him on alternative ways to relax so that he does not become tempted to get involved with marijuana.

Uncle bringing marijuana to a party

Me and my family we were having something like a party and one of my uncles was having a sling bag full of weed, it's like he's selling it. And I was trying to put it nicely in his bag because it was split everywhere on the couches.

Seeing marijuana or weed in a dream vision, without actually smoking or using it, usually refers to gaining a new perspective. It means that you are opening yourself up to new experiences and ideas by meeting new personalities and consuming content that you would normally not seek out. Your uncle in the dream may be the embodiment of a liberal mindset. Maybe you think of him as someone who is enlightened and able to empathize with those who may not necessarily share his views. This could be a turning point in your life in which you let go of judgmental thoughts and become more compassionate towards individuals with different plights.