Dreams Related To Maple

A maple tree and being stung by hornets

My gender is male. Me and my two younger brothers are out in the front yard walkway heading toward the old maple tree that borders the yard from the woods. As me and my two younger brothers walk I look over at the red rose bush with the other two on its left, when I look and bend down next to it, I get swarmed by hornets as well do my brothers. Garrett is the first one to fall from all of the stings. As Zac, the oldest of the two of my younger brothers, is no place to be seen and I get pulled away.

The maple tree in your dream, especially if it is growing near your house, refers to success and financial prosperity. This auspicious dream vision means your luck is about to turn and your hard work would be amply rewarded. However, being attacked by hornets denotes painful experiences and difficulties. On the one hand, you could be strongly chastised or dressed down by your superiors due to lapses in your work. On the other hand, the swarm of hornets may refer to being infused with productivity and industry which would propel you and your family to success. The presence of the maple tree could mean that the message of your dream is veering on the more positive interpretation.