Dreams Related To Mansion

Unnatural-looking mansion

A huge mansion, but inside the floors are made of paper scaffolding and everything seems fake.

Dreaming of being inside a big and unfamiliar house, like the house you envisioned in your dream, could be a sign that you may soon have an unexpected encounter with someone who wants to be a part of your life. At the same time, you are probably not particularly ready or willing to establish this new relationship, as the fake elements of the interior suggest. It could also be that someone you used to know in the past has surfaced recently trying to reconnect with you, but you feel that they no longer interest you or deserve any of your time and attention.

Walking through a dark mansion

My dream was about me and a group of faceless, unrecognizable friends walking through an old dark mansion. One room had nonthreatening zombies, another - an attractive woman with four arms. I fingered her with my friends behind me. I am male.

All of the symbols in this dream suggest an aura of negative energy surrounding you. This is based on the modern interpretations of each of these symbols. For instance, the unrecognizable friends in your vision allude to unstable relationships with those present in your life, while the old, dark mansion points towards relationships that are in steady decline or already in a state of disrepair. Even though the zombies in this vision did not appear to be threatening, they suggest a tendency to indulge in bad behavior, harmful habits or violent outbursts. This could explain the state of your personal connections in reality. The woman you fingered suggests that sex or highly intimate relationships are also at risk here. Perhaps you need to rethink some of your choices or the current direction your life is headed.

Mansion with many rooms

A large mansion or fancy house that you perceive as having many rooms can have a few possible interpretations or meanings, depending on the circumstances. As a general symbol, this particularly memorable and esoteric image refers to wealth and opportunities, which makes it a rather auspicious sign to perceive. If the vision was recurring, it may indicate multiplied fortune or fortunate circumstances.