Dreams Related To Mannequin

People turning into mannequins

Age 19. I was in a cabin with my mom, her boyfriend and her parents and when they fell asleep in the cabin I decided that I wasn't ready to go to bed (in the dream) yet, so I went to the kitchen to get water and when I got there I noticed the whole cabin was filled with dolls. So when I went to my mom's room and opened the door I found that she turned into a mannequin and so did her boyfriend. So I decided to go to her parents room to find that they became mannequins as well.

Staying at a cabin can sometimes allude to your efforts to lead a good life. You honestly try to be a kind, understanding person and work hard on your assigned tasks, whether they are related to school or a job. However, going into the kitchen may reveal that some troubles are on the horizon, most likely in your personal life. The dolls seen throughout the cabin suggest you are beginning to feel isolated from others. On one hand, this could be related to your ever-increasing responsibilities and is therefore unavoidable. There is a chance though that others feel you are distancing yourself from them because you are going out and doing things that are important to you. This may be especially true of your mother and her boyfriend, who can no longer treat you as a child. While it is important to have good relations with parents, you must also follow your own adult path.