Dreams Related To Making out

Making out with a hospital patient

Dreams that include passionate kisses or flirting with a hospital patient, for women, usually indicate being the dominant figure in your relationships, especially in marriage. This could mean that you "wear the pants" in the relationship or that you are the breadwinner of the family. In either case, you are likely to have more power to influence the actions and behavior of your family members than your husband.

Making out with a best friend's boyfriend

My dream was about me, my ex best friend and her boyfriend, we went out for a picnic and he dumped her on the spot and got with me straight after!

Dreaming that you defeated your ex-best friend in regards to the having of her boyfriend's love and attention may illustrate the existence of feelings of competitiveness. That is, it is possible that you currently experience or are about to experience jealousy over the situation of someone with whom you have an intimate or close relationship. You could end up finding yourself in some competitive game. You would try to overpower that person and keep for yourself whatever it is that that person has and you envy.

Making out with the boyfriend's best friend at school

I was in school and my boyfriend went to class so I went to my locker and his best friend came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek. So we skipped our next class to go make out in the bathroom. He has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. We were basically dating in secret.

Dreaming about dating someone in secret indicates some feelings of uneasiness or distress. Awkward romantic situations in a dream, such as becoming involved with someone you should not, predict doing things you are ethically or morally opposed to. This could mean illegal activities, but, in this case, it more likely points to something smaller, like lying to your friends, blaming someone else for your mistake, or even cheating on your boyfriend. Hiding in a dream also represents trying to disguise or cover your tracks. However, the boldness of your secret lover's actions within the dream can be interpreted as a sign that the truth can not long be hidden from others.

Watching a girl making out with someone else

I love a girl. We used to be best friends. She never accepted me, then too I loved her. I still love her. But, we parted our ways about 6 months back, when she left me for being too much obsessed with her. I've never been happy ever since. Just a few days back, I had a dream in which she appeared. She was lying down on a bench and a guy was kissing her and caressing her hair and I was standing a few yards away watching the whole dream. What could this dream mean?

Seeing the girl you love lying down on a bench and being kissed and caressed by another man represents an aspect of your subconscious mind. This unwanted display of affection in the dream could be interpreted as your own dissatisfaction and feelings of loneliness taking form. As long as you feel this invisible weight pulling you down, it is unlikely that you will find happiness and self-fulfillment. Once you are able to free yourself from these emotional shackles and move on with your life, you may be able to achieve new and exciting heights.