Dreams Related To Makeup

Buying makeup

Buying makeup products suggests a feeling of shame. You are hiding something and you are working hard to lie or cover up the details of this humiliating secret. You are actively implementing a plan for burying this secret and maintaining your untarnished reputation. You could also be thinking of hiring a PR professional to help you get out of future complications. Buying makeup can also reveal insecurities. You do not feel good enough or attractive enough to your partner, so you strive to improve your appearance by whatever means possible. Finally, if you are feeling secure about yourself, then buying makeup simply means you have been watching too many beauty gurus peddling a variety of makeup products which has made this content seep into your subconscious.

Faces without makeup

Admiring faces without makeup.

Dreaming about looking or noticing someone or many people not having any makeup on their faces is a reflection of your current hopeful outlook on life, perhaps because of the time of the year or positive developments in your community.

Being in a makeup competition

In my dream, I am doing a makeup competition where you do makeup and special effects makeup, and I get invited by this girl that I know does makeup. And there are anywhere between 5-7 people in this contest and we all stay in this nice underground house. And the first day goes well, I had to borrow some props from other people because I was invited last minute and I had nothing. All of a sudden, the girl has to leave, someone is sick, and I stay with the rest of the people. All of a sudden everyone out there is being mean to me and telling me I can't use their props. I start crying and run away then see the girl, she agrees.

This vision is rather disjointed and has mixed symbols, but there are a few points that stand out. Being involved in a competition in a dream vision suggests there are aspects of your personality that crave attention and recognition from others. You likely enjoy being admired for your good qualities and talents. Being underground, however, despite the niceness of the house, points toward some repressed feelings. You may be hiding parts of your true personality because you think others would mock you or dislike you. The multiple events at the end of the dream, someone getting sick, people acting meanly toward you, and crying, all represent the way your mind has been grappling with this problem, going back and forth and over and over the situation. You may want to consider if the image you are projecting is really the person you want to be and if you really only want friends who like that version of you.

Makeup kits in the fridge

I am a female. I went to the fridge and saw many makeup things lying, such as types of lipstick and eye shadow, etc. The cover of the makeup ingredients (Outer Body) was gold in color. Then I find out that a male friend of mine who is older than me (I don't know him in real life though, I know him in the dream) gifted me those makeup kits. It was night at that time. I was happy but a bit of confused. I then saw my uncle and my cousin brother outside my house then my dream broke.

Dreams containing images of kitchen appliances, like the refrigerator from your vision, are often considered the manifestation of stress and anxiety in your everyday life. This dream is likely your subconscious mind letting you know that it is time for a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily schedule. However, you may be reticent to give in to your need for rest and relaxation, as the makeup you saw lying about suggests your ability to work hard and be independent are the traits you admire about yourself. The man who gave you the makeup may represent others who admire this quality about you. Although you may be proud and strong, there is no fault in taking a break sometimes to recharge your batteries.