Dreams Related To Maize

Serving maize to people

Female. I dreamt that I served white pap and maize to people. Thanks.

Corn and corn-containing products are often symbols of prosperity in the dream world. Light-colored corn is especially auspicious, as it portends an increase in wealth and acquisition of objects of value. You may soon experience a noticeable increase in cash flow through new business or a gift. Furthermore, serving the corn reveals your generous nature, suggesting you would share your good fortune with friends and family.

Girlfriend with maize

I saw my girlfriend near a lot of bags of maize meal. She was also covered in maize meal. The whole place was white, she looked like she was selling maize meal or owned the place.

Indian corn or maize meal is actually an auspicious dream symbol because it signifies prosperity. So seeing your girlfriend surrounded by bags of maize meal indicates a deluge of blessing about to occur. As you said, it seemed like she was selling maize, so this suggests she has a sharp business acumen. This can also indicate generosity, so instead of keeping the blessings for her own pleasure, she would rather invest the money or resources into something meaningful and productive.

Eating maize

I had a dream that I was eating maize. Please what is the meaning?

Dreaming that you are eating maize could be interpreted as a warning. You may soon find yourself suffering some minor losses in the near future. Things such as material possessions of little value or perhaps the disbandment of a music group you like to listen to. While somewhat troubling, experiences like these would only aim to make you stronger in the end.