Dreams Related To Mail

Retrieving mail from a mailbox

What does it mean if you dream of receiving letters and picking them up from your mailbox?

Receiving letters and post in a dream vision is actually a slightly sad sign. It indicates feeling some regret or disappointment because of losing contact with someone who was once an important part of your life. You may have recently been reminded of this person, which is why it is occurring now, or you are experiencing this dream because your subconscious mind is trying to get you to remember someone (most likely with the intention of inspiring you to reach out to that person). In either case, you should consider calling, emailing or even writing a regular letter to re-establish the lost connection.

A box full of mail

A box full of mail, including letters and notices, means you are waiting for an update or a reply which will never arrive. If ever the person or institutions respond to your request, it will be a long wait for you. Whether it is a scholarship application or an update from a long-lost friend, you need to focus your attention elsewhere because you are merely setting yourself up to disappointment. There is a perfect timing for everything, so the best way to go is to place your attention on things you can control.

Reading fan mail together with a celebrity

I'm a girl. In my dream, I was cuddling with a Kpop idol from the band BTS. His name is Taehyung Kim. He was reading letters fans had sent him. I was sitting in between his legs and his head was on top of mine while he read them. It was cute and chill, cuddle time.

This vision of being in close physical contact with a Korean idol is likely the manifestation of your internal desire to have this type of relationship with someone under real circumstances. Focusing your thoughts on a single person in a dream vision often has similar connotations for your waking life, meaning your subconscious is trying to show you what it wants and needs through your already strong feelings for this celebrity. In this case, your subconscious seems to desire an affectionate relationship and a connection with someone who does not feel the need to put on a front when with you.

Being blown up after opening email

I was blown up after opening an email.

Emails, as dream images, have various meanings depending on your current associations with this medium of communication in reality. If you are neck-deep at work at the moment, then blowing up after opening an email could point to the extreme stress and pressure that you are subjected to at work. However, if you have been waiting for a response to a personal email, then this dream vision could reveal your anxiety regarding this much-awaited piece of information. Some "explosive" news may be coming your way, either anticipated or unexpectedly.