Dreams Related To Maggots

Ex-husband with maggots in his nose

My ex-husband had maggots in his sinuses and nose. When they hit the floor they would turn into cockroaches and be everywhere. In the dream we were still together but I would not sleep with him because I was disgusted with this and that he wasn't doing anything to fix this problem. Others would also see this and gross out, he started wearing a surgical mask to try to hide it. I kept looking for bug spray to kill the bugs. It's like his sinuses were translucent only I could see the maggots.

This dream seems to reflect some of the unresolved issues you have with your ex-husband. The maggots in your ex's nose represent your low expectations of him. You probably find him uninteresting, stupid or annoying. The maggots then become cockroaches, a sign that you could have trouble with him in the near future. His attempt to hide the problem with a surgical mask means that he has tried to avoid showing his true colors to other members of your family or social circle, but you could see the maggots, suggesting that you know the truth. While you may not need to advertise his faults to the world, you might want to warn others who could be hurt by his behavior in the future.

Maggots in general

In general, the image of a maggot or maggots in a dream vision is a gloomy harbinger of death and loss. It can refer to both your own inevitable demise or the passing of someone especially close to you, like a close friend or family member. In the case of another person's death, it would likely hurt you significantly or make you feel very lost and hopeless. Another interpretation of the maggot symbol suggests you are hiding or concealing negativity, resentment or disappointment behind a mask of happiness and pleasantries.

Maggots inside a hole in the skin

Maggots crawling around in a hole about 2cm in diameter in the skin on the back of my right thumb. None come out of the hole, but there is a white larvae still at the bottom of the hole that all the maggots are crawling around and over. The maggots are orange with brown rings around them.

Dreaming about insects crawling inside your body suggests that the way you look at life in general is very dim and unexciting. You may be naturally pessimistic or have lately gone through some difficult times that have dampened your once high expectations. The extent of the psychological damage and potential outcomes of this negativity are most likely becoming alarming to you, as the orange color of the insects seen in this dream suggests. Another interpretation for envisioning large aggregation of insects involves possible presence of germs or other foreign invaders in your body which could be affecting your overall health and trigger subconscious images you have experienced in this dream.

Eating maggots

Putting maggots into your mouth or chewing and swallowing maggots during the course of a dream vision is a symbol commonly associated with success and achievement, particularly in current endeavors. In a sense, the negatively normally associated with maggots is neutralized by your destruction of them, similar to the idea that you would eat someone or something for breakfast, a common idiom meaning to easily overcome a certain challenge. Continued efforts toward your particular cause could yield recognition from experts in your field, and success would bring your good fortune and the admiration of even those who doubted you in the beginning.

Maggots on your body

Seeing maggots crawl around on your body may represent your internal desire to gain more money or become financially independent. It is likely that your intentions are noble and that your intent is to help your family become happier. However, if you were trying to brush the maggots off or squirm away from them, it is more probable that these efforts to gain wealth would end in vain. You may turn to volunteering or religion to find fulfillment and peace of mind.

Maggots in flesh

In general, the image of maggots making their home in rotting flesh is considered an ill omen to perceive in the realm of dreams. It is a predictor of illnesses, disease, injury and poor health for the dreamer, possibly resulting in long term infirmity or death. If this symbol is persistent and constant in your visions, you should seek the advice and expertise of a doctor or another medical professional as soon as possible.

Maggots in food

Seeing maggots in your meal or in something you are about to put in your mouth could reveal the presence of a jealous rival in reality. This individual is probably envious of some recent success you had or achievement you earned. This man or woman would attempt to disrupt your happiness by spreading malicious rumors in hopes of hurting your image in the eyes of others or at least distracting you from making more headway.

Maggots in grass

Envisioning maggots on a grassy or mossy surface, such as on a lawn or moss-covered rock, predicts conflict or misunderstanding between you and someone you are close to, like a neighbor, friend or family member. While you may think otherwise, you are likely at fault in this situation. Your words, actions or behavior are perhaps aggravating or causing the tension to rise.

Maggots inside your body

Finding maggots within your body during a dream is a sure indicator that you are currently carrying a heavy burden in reality. Such a symbol suggests these issues or troubles are something you have not shared with others, meaning the weight of the world is seemingly all on your shoulders. The image of maggots in your body could also refer to a personal tendency to shy away from forming close personal bonds, particularly with your family and potential friends. You may have an unfortunate habit of putting material gain before your relationships.

This same image of maggots crawling around in or out of your body could also represent your fears about being hurt by someone you are not sure you can trust. You likely suspect subterfuge or ridicule at the hands of this person who you suspect is trying to take advantage of you. However, it is probably the case that this individual simply desires to help you. The cause for your concern is probably because of being burned once before. You may need to relax your guard and allow this man or woman to give their assistance.

Maggots on a dead body

In my dream there were maggots eating away at a dead body and there was someone there sitting and watching, or waiting.

Seeing maggots eating away the flesh of a corpse represents a subconscious interest in your own body. This could be something as superficial as the fear of hair loss or as relevant as concerns regarding a possible illness. Whatever the case, it may lead to some overthinking on your part which could be detrimental to your everyday activities.