Dreams Related To Lover

Someone you know as a lover

A dream in which someone you know is your lover may be a conduit through which you are trying to make sense of your relationship in reality. Moreover, this vision may be the result of existing tension and uneasy feelings clouding your perception of this individual.

An unfaithful lover

Witnessing romantic treason from an unfaithful lover is a dream foretelling an open conflict with one's enemies or opponents. This confrontation may come, for example, in the form of an acute rivalry in your working environment, a quarrel with a hostile family member, or an argument with your current partner in love. Such a conflict, if not defused timely and effectively, could result in further aggravation of the dreamer's relationship with his or her enemy, as well as lead to emotional distress and related hardships.

A lover for women

For married women, dreams in which you meet with a new lover serve as fantasy manifestations of your dissatisfaction with your waking life marriage. This dissatisfaction may run deep and may include facets that run the gamut from emotional compatibility to physical, sexual pleasure. For unmarried women, this same dream may herald an imminent meeting with a man who will become very deeply entrenched in your daily life and routines.

Talking to ex-lover

A seemingly innocent dream depicting yourself having a conversation with a former partner in love is usually interpreted as a sign that someone from your close surroundings may soon be struck by an illness of some sort. This person could be a family member, a friend, a colleague, even your current lover or spouse. Take into account that the gravity of the looming health issue cannot be predicted, thus it may range from a common cold to a life-threatening condition that could require immediate and drastic treatment.


Dreaming of a former partner in love may indicate the presence of unresolved conflicts or disagreements in your current relationship. These issues should be alleviated as soon as possible to avoid their development into major discord that could ruin your alliance. Dreaming of an ex-lover could also be the harbinger of an upcoming conflict with your current partner in love due to a constant process of comparison you are making between him or her and your former darlings. This evaluation may be unfolding in your subconscious mind without manifesting in specific thoughts or actions, but arising before you in the form of an ex-lover in a dream.

When one is ready to greet a new person into his or her life, the subconscious mind tries to get rid of all possible roadblocks in the way of such a coming. Therefore, a dream depicting yourself fighting or quarreling with a former lover could often be foretelling the appearance of a new affection in your life. Therefore, it is recommended to thoroughly think through your current attitude and behavior, especially if someone from your immediate surroundings is already showing signs of interest towards you. Whether you are pleased by these gestures or would like them to cease, this is a good opportunity to evaluate where you really stand and what you expect from your future alliance. Dreaming of a marriage to a former lover is often the forerunner of upcoming conflicts and disagreements, developing as a result of your wrong, inappropriate or thoughtless deeds.

Lover confessing love

As strange as it may sound, dreaming of your lover declaring his or her affection to you could indicate that this person is not content with a certain matter in your relationship. In this case, the dream vision is depicting your partner in a position where he or she would resort to rather drastic means and measures to change the status quo between you and thus try to resolve the bothering issue. As an alternative, the lover in question could be trying to scapegoat you or your current bond for anything that he or she may be dissatisfied with. This interpretation is even more credible if the envisioned partner in love is the same person with whom you are having a relationship in waking life.

Several lovers

Having several lovers is often a sign of disconnection from society. This said, a dream in which this is the case is a telltale sign that you need more personal time, more intimate connections with the world and the people in it. You may subconsciously feel deprived of attention and care because of daily duties such as work, taking care of your family or going to college.

An animal as a lover

Bestiality is as taboo a subject as any. This said, a dream in which you have an animal as a lover should raise many red flags in regards to your emotional stability. This kind of dream is indicative of debilitating living conditions and may foreshadow similar difficulties and challenges on the near horizon. Moreover, this dream may herald setbacks in life on account of your wrongdoings or ignorance.

Enjoying being with a lover

A dream in which you envision yourself reveling in a liaison with your lover is to be considered as a warning that by recklessly enjoying your chosen behavior you could be putting your family or spouse in a position where they will soon be hurt, insulted or offended in any other way, as a result of your thoughtless deeds. This interpretation is valid regardless of whether you have a lover in waking life or not. Take into account that both your actions and the following damage to your loved ones are not to be necessarily related to an affair on the side or any romantic relationship whatsoever. For example, excessive and carefree drinking fits the description as well, as the dreamer could indulge in alcohol and subsequently hurt his or her family with such an attitude.

Giving jewelry to a lover

Tying rakhi to my lover.

Giving such a familial gift as rakhi to your lover in the dream world could reveal a few things about your relationship. On one hand, it sheds light on the closeness and understanding that prevails in your connection. The two of you probably understand and acknowledge each other on a deep, almost primal level. On the other hand, it could also refer to a cooling of romantic, lustful feelings and an increase in platonic ones. That is not to say you do not love each other any more, just that the feelings of love are closer to that of a family member than a physical lover. In either case, now would be a good time to re-examine your relationship and decide how you two would carry on in the future.

A stranger as a lover

If in a dream you envision yourself having a stranger or an unfamiliar individual as a lover, you may be dissatisfied and unhappy with how your waking life is progressing. This stranger may serve as a conduit through which you can escape your frustrations with someone that does not know and so therefore cannot judge you. Your anger with your reality may cause people to stray away from you or at the very least treat you kindly under malicious pretenses.

A lover for men

For males, dreaming of a female lover indicates upcoming shame and loss of dignity as a result of recent deeds or attitude. Regardless of whether the dreamer actually has a female lover in waking life, such a vision could be the herald of future shunning. This is explained by the fact that intimacy is often a form of subconscious escapism, in which case the dreamer may be trying to run away from impending criticism into the gentle arms of a woman instead of facing his troubles and fighting them back. Naturally, such a behavior could result in significant distress, suffering and a wide range of related hardships.

Current lover who seems unpleasant

If you have a lover who behaves unpleasantly in a dream but has a vastly different demeanor in reality, this dream may be an indication that you are being mistreated emotionally. This lover may subtly be dominating and always expects you submit to them. This dichotomy between this dream and real personalities may be causing you distress and fear. You may want to reevaluate your lover's intentions with you.

Being someone's lover

Love itself is one of life's greatest gifts. This said, a dream portraying yourself as a lover usually indicates a desire or intention yet to be fulfilled, like a gift you long to receive. On the other hand, a dream in which you play the lover’s role of somebody you have never been close with in reality may be the harbinger of discords and conflicts with your actual partner, as indulging yourself to the pleasure of a third party's caresses speaks of a hidden distrust or grudge held against your current lover. In such a scenario, your mind may be trying to take its "romantic revenge" on the image of your partner in love by switching them for another person. A similar dream can also be interpreted as a sign of upcoming financial turmoil or any kind of money-related calamity, perhaps as a result of quarreling with your significant other.

Being a lover against your will

Freedom is an essential component of true love. Therefore, a dream in which you are forced to be a lover (for example, if you are raped by a stranger, kept as a sex slave, or blackmailed into an intimate relationship) may be the sign of impending humiliation or judgmental attitude resulting from your recent deeds. Such deeds could have been in the form of words, actions or just general behavior, considered unacceptable and disrespectful by the affected person or people.

Your partner with a lover

Catching your partner in love in someone else’s embrace is witnessing the ultimate form of romantic treason. Such a dream may be an indicator that your lover is trying to hide something crucial from you, for example, important news, events or the consequences of his or her recent actions. In which case your subconscious distrust and suspicions are embodied in the intrusive picture of the third person. Both in waking life and in the dreamscape, your lover is then opting for the concealment of an existing secret rather than openly sharing it with you.

A casual meeting with a lover

The happiness of a couple depends greatly on their willingness and ability to leave all previous infatuations and romances in the past. Therefore, a dream picturing yourself in the middle of an innocent conversation devoid of any sexual undertones with a former lover may indicate that your current relationship or marriage is a stable, comfortable, and joyful one. Additionally, facing your romantic past and managing to keep it at a neutral distance signifies your competence in preserving the privacy of your secrets.

Having a lover in general

As love is the greatest adventure in one's life, dreaming of finding a lover may indicate that you yearn for more thrill and excitement in your everyday routine. Although universal, this interpretation is particularly precise if you are already in a romantic relationship, in which case the vision of having an affair on the side becomes a substitute for the absent adventures that you wish you would have in your life. Similar dreams are also to be treated as a warning that you could lose something important to your heart if you choose to further pursue this desire for excitement.

If you are currently in what seems to be a happy and committed relationship, dreaming of finding a lover may be the embodiment of your inner insecurities and doubts about your alliance in waking life. Even if you have never consciously planned to start an affair, a dream envisioning such a scenario signifies unresolved questions, disagreements or misunderstandings between you and your partner in love. Although your bond seems strong and healthy now, you should look out for hidden issues that could cause trouble in paradise and slowly ruin your relationship. When left without attention, minor bothers imperceptibly develop into gargantuan conflicts that can doom even the deepest love to failure.

Family members of ex-lover

A dream in which you are enjoying a good time with the family members of a former lover may indicate a pleasant gathering with your own family in the near future. This reunion could be in the form of a holiday or celebration, a casual meet-up or a ceremony that you and your relatives would be invited to partake in. The interaction in your dream would not be necessarily similar to the upcoming meeting with your own family. For example, you could dream of seeing your ex-lover's family at the local park, and then join your relatives for a country trip to your grandmother's place.

Past lovers

Interacting with previous lovers in dream scenarios is a nocturnal manifestation of your unresolved issues. The other symbols present in the dream will provide context and details regarding the specific issues from the past that are haunting your present. It could also mean that you are still pining for an ex and you wish you can rekindle your relationship. Spiritually, this also points to the need for introspection so you do not have to carry unnecessary burden as you move forward in life.

Meeting with the family of a secret lover

It was about the man I cheat on my husband with. The dream was that I met his family and it was happy and there was a guy we both knew from our families who made everything acceptable. In real life I haven't talked to him in a few days.

This dream vision of connecting with your secret lover's family and learning that your behavior is justified and accepted could actually be a subconscious reflection of your fear of being caught at some point while committing adultery. You are displacing feelings of guilt or pity towards your husband with positive emotional confirmations which could only be possible when you dream. In reality, you could be walking a fine line between confessing about your behavior to either your husband or someone else close to you, and continuing to live this double life because it seems dangerous, yet convenient for everyone involved, for some time that is.

Focusing on lover's swimwear

In my dream, I saw the man that I have an affair with. In the dream, I saw him wearing black swimming shorts with a big bulge.

This vision is an ominous sign for your lover, as everything points to difficulties arising in your sex life as a couple. Black clothes, when seen on another person, usually predict health problems for that person. Because the clothes are only covering his privates, it is likely these medical concerns are related to the male organs or digestive tract. The bulge you see could suggest that, whatever the problem, your intimate life may be negatively affected, putting a damper on your time spent together.

A lover as a snake

I dreamed my lover had the ability to transform into a dark grey snake and back to human. Some could not see him and for those who could, they were not afraid. He also had the ability to make himself longer and shorter. He slithered along beside me in places a snake wouldn't dare go. His voice was human.

This vision is highly auspicious and speaks of your lover's support and loyalty to you. Envisioning him as a snake that follows you around suggests that he is behind you whenever you need backup in a difficult situation in wake life. Additionally, not only does his assistance make you feel happy, but it is also beneficial to what you are working on, predicting success for ventures in which he is involved as well. The dark grey color of his snake form also points toward a deepening of the bonds of your relationship, a sign which further shows the strong possibility of a future together.

Current and ex lovers in the same house

I came home with my girlfriend and the house was decorated for Christmas by someone else. Then my ex popped into the dream and was moving her stuff back into the apartment.

Seeing your former lover in the same dream as your current partner is highly ominous and should be taken as a warning. Exes are often associated with the idea that your current relationship is about to hit a rough patch. Depending on how awkward or difficult the situation was in your dream, it could predict the level of discomfort you are about to experience in waking life. To avoid the worst of the troubles, it may be wise to be careful around your girlfriend until the storm passes.

Lover who is absent

Why don't I see the man I love in my dreams? Has he stopped loving me?

The absence of dreams you want to experience does not necessarily mean something is wrong. Dreams come when our subconscious mind or the symbols of dreams have something to tell us. In this case, not seeing the man you love could simply mean that there has been no change in the level of affection. If you want confirmation and the visions are not there to guide you, it is better to speak directly to the person involved instead of leaving room for ambiguity and anxiety.

A lover spitting in the mouth

I'm a female. Past male lover kissed and spit in my mouth.

Dreaming that you have an altercation with a former lover which quickly escalates could point to the possibility that your current lover may be overly possessive toward you. He may be a jealous and controlling person, an aspect of his personality which could be annoying you or causing you undue stress. If this is the case, an open line of communication is always the best option.

Unable to choose between two lovers

Boyfriend and ex boyfriend were arguing over me and I didn't know whom to choose because I have feelings for both of them.

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend arguing with the current one has negative connotations. The fact that you still have feelings for the old boyfriend despite dating someone new points towards your indecision to stay loyal to your current lover. This dream is a warning to sort out your true feelings and stop trying to fool yourself into believing something that was left in the past still matters. Reasserting the value of your existing relationship would help you take it to the next level.

Lover moving to another country

A lover tells me he is moving to another country, New Zealand.

Dreaming about your lover moving to another country is a direct manifestation of your feelings in waking life. Perhaps your lover has been acting distant from you and you are feeling abandoned and lonely. Though it is normal to have those feelings if there have been certain situations where you felt ignored, it is better to give some thought to what is actually transpiring in your relationship. A detailed talk with your partner could actually help eliminate any negativity which you may be feeling.

Being neglected by a lover

Female. I dreamt that the man I love is too busy for me. He left me in the house a whole day and came back late and tired. And for some reason it's disturbing my peace.

Dreaming that you are being neglected or ignored by your partner highlights your insecurities and abandonment issues. Perhaps a part of you feels like you are not good enough for him. However, this does not mean that this is the case in reality. Perhaps your feelings in this vision are only a projection of your own fears. Maybe it would be best to open up to him about your concerns so you can both find a way to strengthen your bond.

At lover's house with a baby and a dog

I am 35 year old female. I have been seeing another man for a few years. Last night I dreamt that we were together at his house. The front door opened and it was his wife returning. At first I hid but there was a baby in a car seat in the room. I think the baby was mine. I heard raised voices and decided to leave. I lifted the baby seat and also, strangely, my dog was with me, so I took him also. When I left the house I was not worried about my own situation, I was only concerned about not seeing him.

Being at the house of your lover in a dream vision could represent your desire to find safety or solace in the union you have established with him. Perhaps something unexpected happened recently that threw off your inner balance, or maybe your relationship with this man is not on the solid ground as you once believed. Envisioning the sudden appearance of his wife and subsequently hiding from them could mean you subconsciously recognize this current situation poses some major barriers to your future happiness. The baby and the dog, in this case, may symbolize your desire for a stable family life or at least stability within this relationship. While you may not particularly want to have children or pets with the man, the images of a traditional family or an animal companion are subconscious representations closely associated with personal stability and peace of mind. You may want to consider some alternative ways to find balance between physical intimacy needs and emotional well-being.

A lover turning into someone from the past

I was lying with a man I know in the present. And very much in love with him. His touch made me feel his love for me. He turned into someone from my past and then back to himself. It was as if he was leading me away from danger.

Romantic feelings and loving caresses reveal a strong desire to be romantically involved in reality. If you are not currently seeing someone, you may have your eye on a potential candidate or looking for someone to hookup with, even for a short time. If you are seeing someone in wake life, you may want to deepen the bond or increase the frequency of your sexual encounters. The brief switch from seeing him as your ex to going back to normal could reveal a subconscious conflict between your past and present. You may be focusing too much on how past relationships developed rather than embracing what could be coming your way at present.

A piece of clothes kept by an ex lover

I am female. A male individual that I was previously romantically involved with has kept a piece of clothing of mine for over 9 years now. Last night I dreamt about this piece of clothing. The dream was very abrupt. What could this mean? Thanking you in advance.

Seeing an old piece of clothing that once belonged to you is often interpreted as a negative sign in dream visions. It usually points towards financial losses, though in this case it seems to be related to your relationship with your ex. You may have recently heard or done something that triggered a memory of your time together. You may still feel an ache in your heart for some part of that past life. This does not necessarily mean that you want him back. Instead, you may crave the sense of familiarity or desire the simpler times you associate with the past.

Your lover's panties

A vivid image of your lover's panties or underwear, whether it is in a dirty condition or in the drawer, depicts some sort of trouble in your life. If you are in a relationship, this might be a metaphor that your partner is starting to lose love for you despite your efforts to fix it. This person might already have made up his or her mind to break off this affair. Perhaps, you should accept the truth and let this person go for your own good as well.