Dreams Related To Love confession

A car accident and love confession

A reoccurring dream of me (female) being in a car accident, being severely injured and being in a coma with the guy I was in a relationship at the time (in the dream) who never cared to show up to visit me and the guy I like in real life confessed his love for me but I had been waiting for him to actually communicate it to me as in real life he loves me but won't talk to me. The dream then cuts to the guy that confessed his love and me being together for 4 years and married with 2 children (twins).

Surviving a car accident in a dream may refer to a problematic relationship from your past that you have overcome. Because this vision is recurring, it means there may have been numerous arguments and misunderstandings with your previous boyfriend that eventually led to your break up. The severe injury is the manifestation of the lingering emotional damage caused by that bad break up. As such, the scenario of getting together with the guy you like in reality reveals your hope of finding love again. Perhaps your mind is telling you that you are ready to take a chance at finding happiness and that in order for you to move forward to a better future, you may have to make the first move. Initiating more opportunities to connect socially may allow you to form a deeper bond.

Love confession from a strange girl

A girl that I never met before, told me that she loved me whilst going to a wedding. After the wedding I couldn't find her. It felt like I was emotionally connected to her.

Dreaming about experiencing feelings of love from or being loved by a stranger but being unable to find her is a positive sign. Specifically, it is possible that you could soon encounter minor obstacles and problems. These issues could make achieving your goals harder and more strenuous. Alternatively, you could be longing for a sense of belonging, acceptance and peace that seems to escape you. Nevertheless, in both cases, due to your determination and persistence, you would still manage to succeed and resolve your problems to your advantage. Therefore, you should not let yourself become discouraged or anguished while experiencing unpleasant and unexpected issues.