Dreams Related To Lotto

Numbers lotto

Lotto numbers can have different meanings depending on how they appear in your dream vision. For instance, finding that you have the winning numbers on a ticket often means you would get a good deal on something but that it would also add to the stress you experience in life, like finding a new job with great benefits but more responsibility. Generally looking at lottery numbers like on a ticket or television screen could reveal that an opportunity is nearby if you only had the motivation or ingenuity to look for it. In such a case, asking around, networking or searching online could yield an option that you had never considered before but would be very appealing considering your current circumstances.

Being told of a lotto win

In my dream I was checking a lotto ticket at a self-checking machine and the response was "See counter". I felt confused, wasn't sure if I won, but was about to start thinking about reasons why it would say "See counter". Then I woke up.

Holding a lotto or lottery ticket in dreams usually predicts good chances of winning lottery or a raffle in reality. However, the "see counter" message on the ticket means you could be relying too much on luck instead of working on things that are within your control. This kind of attitude is preventing you from developing your skills and realizing your full potential. So, this is a wake-up call from your subconscious about taking stock of your life and living a life of purpose.