Dreams Related To Looking at rainbows

Rainbows, a bird and an elevator in the sky

I was standing in a building that was completely open to the sky. When I looked up and out, I witnessed two individual rainbows. One on my left field of vision and one on my right. Both were immense and "rotating", spinning instead of the usual massive arc. It was just amazing and then high up flying by the rainbows was a majestic rainbow-colored toucan... Large, but not threatening, the color "green" was highlighted in his plumage. I then went up in an elevator which had a special number of 22.

This vision is extremely positive and has a number of auspicious omens. Dreaming of a tall building, in general, is a highly positive sign associated with receiving financial awards or bonuses for your hard work. The fact that the roof opened into the sky further suggests that "the sky is the limit" in regards to how much you could receive. Rainbows and multi-colored objects have a similar interpretation, indicating good luck and fortune in your endeavors. Additionally, moving up in an elevator could indicate major improvements in your quality of life or in your overall happiness.