Dreams Related To Little girl

A little girl for females

For women, dreaming about a little girl who could or not be you may bear childlike desires. In particular, the dream could mean that you miss the security, comfort, and warmth provided by a self-containing relationship. Although perhaps not aware of such desire, it could be that for example your current relationship with your partner is not providing you with these experiences of belonging. You may feel rejected, unloved or insecure.

Dreaming of a little girl may have an additional and alternative meaning. Your sexual and intimate relationship may presently be very satisfying and pleasing. However, you may simultaneously long for a complete surrender. You may profoundly and perhaps subconsciously desire to totally submit to the will of your partner without second-guessing or regretting your partner’s opinions and aspirations. It is possible that discussing these feelings with your partner may be helpful both for you and your relationship.

A little girl whispering in the ear

I saw in my dream I had two subjects left to get my degree in geography. In reality I have completed my studies in geography 3 years ago. I was in a room (like a class gym or dance class or something like that). A little girl with full light blue aura got in the room searching for me and she whispered in my ear "What you wrote in your dissertation for Saint George I liked very much". And then she got out of the room. I couldn't explain what just happened and I told another girl what she told me and she didn't much believed it.

This dream vision has two opposing symbols that need to be reconciled before you are able to make progress in your life. The first symbol, being back at school to finish a degree you have already completed, suggests that you have recently been a bit immature or careless with certain aspects of your life. For example, you may not be putting as much effort into your work, especially if it is a job you settled for rather than one you wanted. The second symbol of the girl with the light blue aura and her words suggests you would be blessed with a period of good luck or bountiful opportunities. However, if you cannot correct your current behavior, those options may not open themselves up to you.

Looking after a little girl

Dreaming that you are babysitting, looking after or taking care of a little girl often has an altruistic connotation. You could be about to get involved in the provision of help and support to other people. As a result, you would experience reassuring, comforting and pleasing periods in your life.

Talking to a little girl

Dreaming about talking to a little girl is usually a symbol of unexpectedness. That is, it is possible that you may go through a surprising situation that will significantly affect your life. This interpretation however falls short of determining the nature of the surprise. That is, it may be either good or bad.

A little girl in the window

I wake up in my bedroom and go to the bathroom. I grab a towel and start to wipe a big tinted window. It isn't there in real life. Suddenly, I see 2 hands slammed on the window. I squeak and step back, then my fear is gone when I see shoes on the window and a little girl in a purple dress. She doesn't have any expression, but she writes her name with her finger on the window and draws a little picture which I've forgotten. Her name is Little Mary. I write my name Naya and draw a heart. I wake up.

One of the main symbols of your dream is the window. Seeing a window usually carries a negative meaning in dreams. Unfortunately, this picture suggests frustration and complications in the future. You could be hampered by some unexpected aspects which would make it difficult for you to execute your projects successfully. The other symbol is the little girl, which foretells that someone may soon unexpectedly become a part of your daily routine. Generally, young girls in dream visions symbolize that a person from your surroundings may visit you soon asking for a favor or money. This person may demand spending a lot of time with him or her and may even want to abuse your generosity.

A little girl for males

For men, dreaming about a little girl does not necessarily translate pedophilic desires. Rather, this dream could represent your desire to be engaged in forbidden sexual activities, or at least sexual behaviors that you may have never performed before and perhaps consider censurable or illicit. For example, you may want to have sex in a public space for the first time in your life.

This dream is not necessarily an alarming sign, nor does it foretell the engagement in illicit sexual practices. There are many creative ways of changing one’s sexual routine, and diversifying one’s sexual experiences. Such sexual experimentation does not necessarily involve illicit behaviors. This may even be recommended for couples with long-term relationships, since it may bring excitement and novelty to their intimacy and sustain their interest in each other.

A little girl in a white dress

Encountering a little girl wearing a white dress in a dream is a sign of lightness and youthfulness. It is possible that your life could take a turn for the better, or considerably improve. Additionally, you might also become capable of sustaining a carefree lifestyle. This kind of success and prosperity might further bring you the respect of those around you.

A crying little girl

Dreaming about meeting a crying little girl is a positive sign. This is because it commonly translates the possibility of being pleasantly surprised, such as by the acquisition of some material or monetary incentive. This event may arrive soon after the dream's occurrence. This material offer may come in the form of money, benefits, services or other means.

Dreaming of encountering a crying girl may otherwise mean that there is an imminent possibility of becoming sick. Some threatening health condition or disease could be about to affect your life. That is, the adoption of disease prevention procedures may benefit you. These behaviors would perhaps diminish the probability of being exposed to a well-being impoverishment or health issues.

A beautiful little girl for a female

For women, dreaming about the presence of a beautiful little girl may symbolize an unknown or upcoming pregnancy. That is, you could already be aware of your current pregnancy at a subconscious level, or you would be about to become pregnant. Alternatively, it may speak of you desire of having a child.

Looking at a little girl

Dreaming that you are looking at a little girl signifies surprise. It is possible that you could discover something unorthodox, bizarre or unusual in the behavior of a person close to you. The odd action would be performed in front of you and you might be unsure of how to properly respond.

A lonely little girl

Having a dream about seeing or encountering a lonely little girl, such as an orphan, or a lost or abandoned child, often portends losses. It is possible that someone is about to leave for some distant place, with little chance of ever returning home. This someone would be one of your close relationships, or some close friend of theirs. They would leave taking along their whole family. These would be the cause of some grief.

Running into a little girl

Dreaming of running into or encountering a little girl may signify that an unexpected occurrence is forthcoming. For example, you could become a witness of an odd or surprising situation, receive startling news, or make an astonishing discovery. The nature of such surprise is not disclosed or suggested by the dream. That is, it may be a pleasant or an unpleasant surprise.

Holding a baby knowing it is a little girl

Dreaming of holding or gently rocking a baby to sleep, more precisely, a baby of the female gender could perhaps speak of upcoming changes. In particular, someone of your close relations, such as a relative, a partner or a good friend would be the one responsible for those positive transformations in your life.

A little girl entering your house

Dreaming of seeing a little girl going inside your house may predict upcoming unexpected visits. That is, someone, or some people will show up at your door unannounced. These uninvited guests could even perhaps ask to stay over at your place, requesting your attention and care for the duration of their stay.

Scolding a little girl

Dreams about scolding or yelling at a little girl bear a negative meaning. In particular, these often mean that you could experience some upsetting, nerve-wrecking or displeasing periods of time. These periods would be brought up by your own lack of attention or consideration to the surrounding events, things happening or people you communicate with.

A little girl about to fall out of the window

Dreaming of a small girl sitting on my window. I am scared she may fall down.

Dreaming of being concerned about the safety of a little girl could be a projection of your fears or concerns related to your inability to express yourself or be free while under someone's influence. This person or people could be making you feel suffocated in your current situation when you are unable to speak your mind or make personal decisions. Being controlled or restricted under these circumstances could lead to negative outcomes in your future, so your subconsciousness is urging you to find a solution to this issue.

Trying to get a little girl leave your house

Dreaming that you are trying to persuade a little girl to leave your house bears a slightly negative connotation. It may represent possible upcoming problems or troublesome issues. You may have to face these problems and deal with them appropriately. This would be the only way of regaining a somewhat more normal and trouble-free daily existence.

A little girl with a braid being plaited

Dreaming of observing someone comb a little girl’s hair into braid may signify some domestic novelty. It could be that there will be a new addition to your household. The new baby will be very demanding of attention, love and care. Nevertheless, the infant will bring an overall atmosphere of joy and transform your life’s meaning and purpose.

Dreaming about a little girl with plaited braids has two additional meanings. Firstly, for those who have been planning and projecting a business, a decision or an event for quite some time without setting their plans in action, this would be the appropriate time to do so. Secondly, for women who just mothered a daughter, they could perhaps benefit from preparing themselves for the possibility of an upcoming engagement or wedding.

Surrounded by little girls

Dreaming about being surrounded by a large group of little girls could be revealing of future financial prosperity and even wealth. Such professional success would be consequent of carefully executed actions and well implemented plans. Each and every one of the pre-defined business strategies would bring you increasing prosperity, in an ascending and positive spiral.

A laughing little girl

Dreaming of observing or looking at a laughing little girl often has a negative connotation. It sometimes represents the possibility of being displeased or disappointed by an occurrence. That is, it sometimes translates an upcoming unhappiness that would affect you or some close relationship of yours to the point of leaving you or them in tears. It is almost as if the girl was laughing at something that is about to happen.

A little girl in the forest

Me wearing a black dress wondering a bright-lit forest. I find a little girl in white playing with a doll that looks like me in the middle of a meadow laughing. After I watch for a little, the little girl stands up, smiles then runs into the forest.

Wearing a black dress is often considered a harbinger of ill tidings in a dream vision. It often means the dreamer is about to receive some bad or disheartening information regarding something or someone they had been worried or thinking about. This is likely related to someone from your past, as the brightly-lit forest could be the manifestation of someone you once had a close connection with. Considering the image of yourself represented by the doll, it is possible this individual from your past rejects your current lifestyle or has changed in such a way that you can no longer associate or be friends with them. You would probably be greatly troubled and disappointed by this situation, which is supported by the image of the little girl running away, a symbol associated with sadness and despair.

Talking to a lonely little girl

Dreaming that you are talking or see yourself exchanging words with a lonely little girl is a negative omen. It sometimes speaks of the alarming possibility of someone suffering a fatal accident or violent crime. The victim would be someone close to you and could end up dying in the follow-up of the tragic event.

Yourself as a little girl

Seeing yourself in the role of a little girl in a dream, as if you were having a childhood memory or simply experiencing the life in the shoes of a little girl is often not a very positive sign. You could soon experience disagreements, disharmony or conflictive tension with others. These people would be close to you, and you could be upsetting them and making them feel uncomfortable with your inconsiderate actions and remarks.

A little girl with a face of an angel

Dreaming about looking at or being around a girl with an angel’s face is an attention warning. You may be about to fall into the traps set by your enemies or adversaries. You would benefit from being appropriately suspicious of those who could harm you. For example, you could start being watchful by being careful about whatever you do and by questioning the expectations and presumptions you have about others.

A sick little girl for mothers

For a mother, dreaming that your little girl becomes sick is usually a positive sign. It is not a cause for alarm. It often represents your motherly concern. You would want to protect your daughter from any disease or accident, keeping her safe under your watch. That is, the dreams would speak only of your affectionate nature, of the love you hold for your child and of your preoccupation with her well-being.

Dreaming of a little girl you don't know or scary little girl

A little girl resembling a doll

Dreaming about seeing or looking at a little girl whose figure resembles a doll may signify the witnessing of a miracle. That is, it could translate the possibility of your upcoming exposure to an extraordinary and unimaginable event that could profoundly touch and move you.

A little girl wandering around

Having a dream about a wandering little girl may signify the need for some personal time. In particular, you could perhaps be experiencing the need of spending some time alone, so that you could dedicate yourself to some personal improvements. For example, you could want to better your physical appearance or your emotional state. Simultaneously, you would have the feeling that such tasks would not be easy to accomplish in other people’s presence. You would be of the opinion that only by yourself and single-handedly would you be able to find the answers you are seeking.

A long conversation with a little girl

Dreaming about having a long conversation with a little girl and trying to explain things to her often is a positive sign. Your life may be about to be blessed with luck, prosperity and considerable wealth. Moreover, such accomplishments would be the result of your own determination, effort, dedication and vigilance.

A little girl you don't know

Envisioning a little girl who you do not know or recognize represents an upcoming surprise. In most cases, this symbol is associated with strange or unusual behavior by someone close to you. Their words or actions could leave you mystified and at a loss for words. You may not have a good idea how to respond in the situation, making things very uncomfortable for you.

A little girl and a boyfriend

When I was little, in fact 1 and half year girl, my parents went to a beautiful place with me. I saw in my dream that I have gone to the same place with my parents and I am an adult girl. But I saw that my mother was carrying that 1 and half year girl who was me in her lap. I saw that then I took that cute girl in my lap from my mother. Then I called a boy who proposed me 1 month ago. I didn't accept or reject him. I was thinking. I called him and told him to meet me and my little self. After a while I saw him. He was coming to me in a rush. That's all. What is the meaning???

Having a dream about seeing yourself as a little girl means that you are not fully satisfied with current relationship you are in with your lover. You long for more affection, warmth and subconsciously desire to make this relationship a more intimate and wholesome union. The best solution would be to share your concerns with your lover. If your lover was part of this dream (which you have indicated), this could also mean minor losses or disappointments related to this person. It could be that you two may separate for a while because of a new work assignment of family issues and, taking into consideration your recollection of him rushing to you, it could also mean that he is either going to let you know about it very soon or he is very anxious or nervous about doing so.

Taking care of an unfamiliar little girl

I had a dream that my girlfriend and I were asleep. This little girl ran into our bed. I got up and went downstairs to make the little girl breakfast while my girlfriend was still sleep. Then I made sure she got ready and took her to school.

Seeing an unfamiliar little girl in your bedroom and subsequently cooking for her points to an unexpected event. A surprising occurrence may soon take place in your life. Whether positive or negative, this event would shock you to your core and make you reevaluate certain important decisions you have made along the course of your life. You should not let doubt cloud your judgment afterwards or there could be unfortunate consequences for you.

Being haunted by a little girl

I was slowly becoming more, and more paralyzed. A little girl was trying to posses me, and continuously harassed (haunted) me. Eventually I tried to kill myself.

Dreaming that you are paralyzed reflects a sense of hopelessness and lack of control. The little girl trying to possess you may be symbolic of your reckless and childish side. You could be temperamental and prone to emotional upheavals. Perhaps you feel you cannot control your petty side and that being unable to do so could end up killing your spirit by driving all your loved ones away.

An old man and a little girl in a house

In my dream I saw an old person with a long beard and long hair and he was muscular, but old. He was inside a well-lit house and there was a happy feeling all around. I go in, greet him like I know him, and he gives me food which I then eat and I think to myself that it's super yummy. I thank him after I am done with the food and then I go to the left side of the house where I notice a little frail girl lying down on a table. I pick her up in my arms and hug her. I couldn't see her face.

The old man inside a well-lit house in your dream represents your mature and wise side. This scenario provides a positive interpretation of a happy, fruitful and fulfilling future if you listen to your rational side and use the lessons learned from experiences to make choices in both your personal and professional journey. On the other hand, the frail-looking little girl you found lying on the table depicts the downside of growing up. Sometimes in becoming more mature, we tend to suppress the innocent and child-like side of ourselves. Perhaps the dream is reminding you to maintain a healthy curiosity despite the pressures of adulthood.

Little girl with a pacifier

I've dreamed of a little girl with a pacifier in her mouth standing next to a man.

The baby girl you saw in your dream could predict fulfilling goals you have set out for yourself in the near future. These goals may be work-related, such as getting a promotion or asking for and receiving a raise, or they may be about your personal life, such as entering a steady relationship or meeting some financial goals. The symbol of the man can have different interpretations depending on how you perceived him. If you thought he looked kind or handsome, it may further point toward progress in your love life. However, if the man looked scary or overbearing, it may mean you would have to overcome some obstacles before reaching your goals.

A little girl asking about her dress

It was a weird dream. I saw that a little girl doesn't like her dress, she's asking me about how she's looking. I told her "Honey, you look fine, but if you want to remove that belt it will look better". And then she said "No, I like it!" Then I told her "Okay, fine honey, just keep it like this. I'll tighten this up". And as soon as I'm done tightening her belt and she's started to run away to the washroom and said she needs to poop, in these fractions of time I found that all of my family members are standing around.

This vision seems to represent a dichotomy between what you know you should do and what you want to do. To be more specific, the little girl in your dream is the manifestation of your conscience. The dress she is wearing refers to the habits and tendencies you have in wake life. Her discomfort or lack of satisfaction with the style of dress suggests you recognize that some of your behavior is morally incorrect or does not serve your future interests. Your desire to placate the child, however, shows that you may not be ready to change your ways. The little girl's need to defecate adds a sense of urgency to this vision, as excrement is often related to prosperity and wealth. If you were to become disciplined and get rid of the negative aspects from yourself, you would likely see other positive changes take place around you.

A deceased relative with a little girl

Dreamt of a deceased sister in law with an unfamiliar little girl.

Dreaming about your deceased sister-in-law suggests you are currently in a negative mindset in reality. This symbol is seen as the manifestation of negative emotions, such as loss, confusion and displeasure. In fact, the image of the little girl with your sister-in-law may point toward feelings of loss for a relative. This could be your sister-in-law herself or another family member you were once close to who has already passed beyond. You miss this individual's presence and the love, comfort and security your relationship with them provided you. Now would be a good time to share your memories of this man or woman with those who understand your feelings. Mutual sympathy would be sure to alleviate some of the pain you are feeling.

A misbehaving little girl

The main thing that stuck out was this ginger-haired little girl of at least 12 or 13. Her name was Monoke. She seemed to follow me and haunt people (not a ghost). I was buying some house, and the realtor was talking to me when I looked out the glass door and Monoke smiled and waved at me. I was confused and walked over to the realtor, and suddenly when I looked out the window, she smashed the realtors passenger window and ran. And I chased her down.

Being haunted by a little girl is an indication of your own hopelessness and lack of control. Things are getting out of hand in your household and you have no idea how to make things better. This also denotes confusion, especially if you have a big decision to make. For instance, buying a new house represents happiness and prosperity ahead of you if you decide to accept an offer or opportunity. The confusion may stem from the legality or the strings attached to this opportunity. You are not willing to sacrifice your integrity for a higher income or more power. The little girl's ginger hair is another dream symbol to consider because it has to do with big changes. In this context, chasing after the girl means you are looking for something new, perhaps even completely different from your current way of living. In this vision, your subconscious is telling you that change is inevitable, but you have to be willing to embrace and manage all the consequences that come with it.