Dreams Related To Little boy

A little boy hugging me

Hugging a little boy can allude to possible successes or good fortune in future endeavors evoking feelings of accomplishment. If you are about to take on a new responsibility or start a new chapter of you life, you would likely find it easier to adapt or adjust than you originally expected. Alternatively, difficulties associated with something you have been trying to achieve may have more benefits than you anticipated, like improving your self-confidence or gaining you the attention or admiration of someone unexpected, even your crush.

A little boy I've never met

The little boy from your vision may not physically resemble a child you know in reality, but aspects about their clothing, personality or what they were doing could help narrow down who they were manifested from in your subconscious mind. For instance, if the little boy was playing a game with you, he may be standing in for a long-lost friend or a buddy from school. Alternatively, if he was wearing a special costume or color, he could be tied to people you met in a particular place or at a special event. Narrowing down who he was meant to represent in conjunction with other symbols in the vision could reveal what you unconscious mind wants you to realize.

A scary little boy trying to enter the house

A male colleague visits me late at night saying he has left something in our family house. I pleaded with him to wait till tomorrow, but he refused and left. As he was leaving, he left the door opened and there was a little boy standing outside my house. He looked scary and he was trying to get into the house. So, we started struggling and I was able to close my door. He said to me "If you don't want me to come in I will go". He digs a hole and buries himself in front of my door.

This vision seems to be a representation of your love life, with your colleague acting as a stand-in for the person you are interested in or romantically involved with. The little boy standing outside your house gives you a bad feeling for a reason. He represents negative emotions in regard to your relationships, such as distrust, annoyance or jealousy. The symbolic vision of the boy burying himself in a hole after your refusal to let him inside could be indicative of wanting to let go of these feelings, which could lead to a positive change in your intimate relationship. The last symbol of the open door represents wanting to let love in though a deeper and more meaningful connection. You may now be at a point in your life when you seek to develop a deep mutual love for someone giving you more satisfaction and fulfillment in your relationships.

Emotionally touched after meeting a little boy

I walk into the room and see this little boy playing with his friends and it looks like my house and when he sees me he comes running to me and hugs me and won't let go. Fast-forwards to outside, he's still hugging me and I told him that I had to go and he looks at me sad and then gives me a kiss on the cheek and I start to cry and hug him again and I just wake up crying and every time I think about it I am in tears?? Help!

The little boy playing in your house may be a representation of a boy you know in the waking world. This little boy could be a significant part of your social circle, maybe even a loved one. Alternatively, it could be the boy inside the man that you know. Maybe saying goodbye to the boy in this dream alludes to the opposite of the Peter Pan syndrome, such that the man you know may have lost his innocence and youthful wonder which you think is a shame. Perhaps this individual had to grow up too fast and too soon.