Dreams Related To Lion

Seeing a lion in a dream or surrounded by lions

Seeing a lion

Dreaming of seeing a lion is a sign that you are being controlled or supported by some great forces or powers beyond your comprehension.

Petting a lion

Dreaming of petting a lion on its back and running your fingers through its fur means you are about to enter into a very intimate relationship with someone you have recently met.

A lion protecting from dogs

A lion lied beside me and I petted it, the lion defended me from a pack of dogs.

A lion that lies beside you is a sign of trouble brewing on the horizon. Specifically, this symbol references a recent act of injustice you saw in reality, like a worker being unfairly berated or a marginalized person being harassed, but that you did nothing to stop or interfere in. The dog attack is another negative omen associated with misunderstanding and conflict. It seems that your actions or lack thereof would cause some trouble for you, even if you think there was nothing you could do at the time. Perhaps you would need to make amends for the situation by donating time, money or resources to a cause that helps others.

A lion as a pet

I took a lion from a zoo for a pet and took it home.

Keeping a lion as a pet means you would earn the respect and favor of a powerful and influential personality. This person would be able to open doors of opportunities and give you breaks because of their fondness for you. Alternatively, this can also mean that you have complete control over your primitive urges and aggression. Your maturity has allowed you to tame some of your more destructive tendencies and this will let you grow and thrive in your chosen field.

A mountain lion on the back

A mountain lion climbed on my back while I was walking my dog. It dug its claws into my shoulders very lightly but did not attack. I took it inside the house and it got off my back and roamed around the house without attacking.

Mountain lions represent real-world threats and aggression, but they can also symbolize pride. In your dream scenario, both interpretations could be applicable. The mountain lion on your back means your are probably prone to emotional outbursts and have a lot of pride. Carrying the animal around and even bringing it home means you value your principles and ability to assert your dominance. Too much pride, however, can isolate and perhaps even distance you from your loved ones.

Being attacked by a lion

Dreaming of seeing yourself being attacked by a lion means you will not be able to counteract the actions or behavior you will experience from your current enemies or adversaries.

In your life, you are probably not giving too much thought as to what you are doing and underestimate your abilities and talents, which prevents you from achieving things you strive for.

Lion for a female

If you happen to be a female dreaming about a lion, then this dream means you are soon to be engaged or married to a man who will prove to be honorable, outgoing, and intellectual.

Able to tame a lion

Being able to tame a lion to obey you in your dreams is a sign that you will gain the victory when undertaking any project or endeavor you occupy your time with.

Protecting family from lions

In my dream, suddenly the world is filled with strange things and it is dark and then animals like lions and lionesses are on the lose and are attacking everyone and I am trying to protect my family from them while wondering what is happening in the world. I just about shut the door in time to keep them out. But I am feeling like they might find another way and I am worried.

Dreaming about encountering unfamiliar things in the darkness has negative connotations. It portends a period of worsening health. The lions and lionesses that you saw may represent the difficulties associated with this period. The notion of you trying to shield your family from them is a reflection of your desire to keep your loved ones away from these troubles and your ability to shut the door at the right time signifies your success in defying all those odds against you. It would be helpful to keep tabs on any emerging health issues and visit a physician for a complete check-up to rule out any health problems.

Lions surrounding near old job

I was outside near my old job and I saw five lions from different directions, they were surrounding me.

As king of the jungle, lions tend to be associated with strength, dignity and domination. This is why in dream visions, they tend to represent powerful leaders or the dreamer's pride, depending on the context of the vision. In the case of your dream, being outside your old job may reveal unresolved issues from your previous work. You may still be pondering whether it was wise to leave your old job. You could even be entertaining thoughts of going back to it. Although, it is also likely that an incident in the waking world has triggered memories of your old job and this has been projected into your subconscious. If so, perhaps you feel like your old company is facing tremendous competition from titans in the same industry, as illustrated by the five lions surrounding the area. A part of you that has grown attached to the people and management of the company may be thinking about helping out, maybe by becoming a consultant, in order to help maintain their competitive edge. Alternatively, if you no longer have any fondness for your old job, then perhaps this dream vision validates your decision to leave. There could be a sense of relief that you managed to jump ship before they start to sink.

A friendly lioness

I dreamt about a lioness living in a farm house, free to roam. I wasn't scared only got nervous when it got playful with my arm, then awoke to a scream.

Dreaming about interacting with a lioness could mean that you have some sort of difficulty expressing yourself, because a lioness could symbolize strength and resilience. The notion that you only got scared when it tried to play with your arm could mean you feel like you cannot handle direct confrontations with people, so you prefer to hide your true feelings or opinions from others, while at the same time you could be longing for more power and stronger character.

Killing a lion

To dream of seeing yourself killing a lion is a sign of your dominance and unquestionable power or authority over people around you in your personal life or people in the workplace.

Dreaming of seeing a peaceful lion interpret meaning

Peaceful lion

To dream of seeing a peaceful lion that is not trying to attack you and is acting indifferent to your presence is a sign that you are trying to find a way to express yourself, but you lack the skills or talents to do so.

Being chased by a lion

Being chased by a lion in your dream is often considered a powerful symbol according to traditional African and shamanistic sources of dream interpretation. This image reveals that some great and amazing destiny is coming for you. While you may try to outrun or avoid it, you would only be delaying the inevitable. You would soon assume your rightful place in history, doing exactly what you were meant to do.

Hiding from a lion

If you find yourself running and hiding from a lion that is chasing you and trying to attack you in your dreams is a sign that you have gained some powerful adversaries in your life, and you need to exercise caution when dealing or interacting with these people to avoid being caught up under their influence.

A lion chasing husband

My husband was sitting in his car in our driveway. I looked out the window and saw the silhouette of a lion on our dark lawn. I called to tell him what I saw. He slowly started to our door but the lion noticed and gave a chase. He made it inside and closed the door with inches to spare.

Being chased by an aggressive lion in a dream reveals pride and a domineering personality. In the context of your dream, perhaps the lion chasing your husband reveals his tendency to use and abuse his position or power at work or at home. Meanwhile, since the home symbolizes a safe haven in a dream, it means you and the rest of the family are needed in order to keep him grounded and self-aware. If he does not contain his own ego or temper, then there is a possibility that his bad habits could affect the household and the entire family.

Chained lion

Seeing a chained lion is a bad sign. It means you are about to be imprisoned, or it could mean you need to be looking at ways to flee your country to prevent imprisonment.

Lion chasing someone

Seeing a lion chasing and trying to bite you or someone else in your dreams is a sign of unexpected troubles or problematic matters entering your life that will need to be taken care of right away.

Dreams about lions tigers or their offspring meaning

Lion cub

To dream of seeing yourself playing with, feeding, or petting a lion cub is a good sign that your family will experience much joy and happiness in your household for a very long time.

Lions outside your house

Folkloric sources suggest that seeing lions pacing the ground outside your place of residence is an ill omen. It carries a prediction that you would soon go through a series of hardships due to being pushed around and bullied by others. For instance, co-workers may dump their extra tasks on you without a word of thanks, or a sudden shift in household dynamics may cause you to be solely in charge of maintaining the cleanliness of your own home. This situation would cause you a lot of stress and put a lot of strain on your interactions with others.

Protecting your family from a lion

To dream of trying to protect your family from a lion that looks like it wants to attack means one of your business competitors is trying to gain an advantage over you by using personal information against you in order to destroy your reputation.

Lion with cubs

To dream of seeing a lion with her cubs around her is a sign that you are deceiving yourself with intensified expectations and may never achieve the level of success you are striving for.

Wounded lion

Dreaming of seeing a wounded lion means you are going to have to work harder to defend your opinions and beliefs whenever you hear feedback from others about your views.

Tamed lion

Dreaming of seeing a tamed lion up close to you means you are about to receive favor or assistance from a financially wealthy and famous person who will help you promote and advance your goals or projects.

Lion in a cage

Dreaming of going to a zoo or circus and seeing a lion in a cage is an indication that your success lies in your own hands, and your success will also be determined by whether you are able to counteract evil or negative actions coming from people who desire to interfere with and thwart your success in life.

Attacking a lion with a knife

Dreaming of attacking a lion with a knife in your hands means you are about to be deceived and will receive unfair treatment from your competitors because they will take advantage of your inattentiveness to details or neglect of important issues concerning the business projects or undertakings you are currently pursuing.

Dead lion

Dreaming of seeing a dead lion lying on the ground in front of you means you lack the support and motivation needed for your ambitions, plans, or future projects to be successful.

This dream can also tell you that your life circumstances will turn around in a such a way that you will lose a very good mentor for advisor who used to provide you with valuable advice and guidance.

Lion roaming free

Dreaming of seeing a lion roaming free without a care in the world is a sign that you have no prejudices, and you are prepared to take on your most challenging projects or plans.

Lion with a trainer

Dreaming of seeing a lion with a trainer at circus or zoo means great success or fortune is coming your way if you decide to undertake a new project or venture real soon.

Also, you are about to become very popular and famous, receiving a lot of attention and admiration from your business partners because of your skills, talents, knowledge, and experience in the type of business you are currently involved in.

Aggressive lion

To dream of seeing an aggressive lion trying to attack you is a sign of your desire to overpower and dominate other people around you.

Being bitten by a lion

If you dream of finding yourself in a situation where you are being bitten by a lion, but you are able to live with the wound, then this means you will soon be surrounded by negative people that will either not like you, envy you, or try to ruin your life.

Young lion

Dreaming of seeing a young lion with its mother is a sign you are becoming involved with a new type of entrepreneurship or business, which will prove to be highly successful if you put in the right amount of time and effort into making it happen.

This dream can also mean you are soon going to meet someone who will eventually become your new lover or romantic partner due to some unexpected but good situations.

Feeding a lion

Dreaming of feeding a lion that is either in a cage or in the wild means you are about to experience some very enjoyable and pleasant things in your life that will make you very happy.

A lion spewing fire

A lion roaring and fire coming out, afraid it will hurt me but it just passed.

Dreaming about the roar of a lion is a sign of good luck, closely tied with the idea of successful career growth or promising romantic relationships you may currently be pursuing. The notion that the lion breathed fire and it did not seem to hurt you in any way is also an auspicious symbolic combination which foretells material abundance, prosperity and wealth when you experience this dream vision.

Lion and fox together

To dream of seeing a lion and fox together and relaxing in front of you means you will experience a frightening or unexpected event that will catch you off guard for a while, but you will soon be able to successfully cope with and handle these kinds of occurrences whenever they appear again.

Lion playing with a small dog

Seeing a lion playing with a small dog in front of you without trying to harm one another in your dreams means you are about to become involved in a honest and meaningful relationship with someone you will learn to cherish for a long time.

Dream interpretation for lion protecting me

Lion protecting me

A lion protecting you in the dream realm suggests that you have powerful allies on your side in wake life. Your family may be a source of great strength and reliability in times of scarcity and loss. Alternatively, your friends and community at large may be supportive in times of crisis and hardship, especially during a natural disaster or pandemic. Finally, some see this symbol as a sign that you have a powerful spirit watching over you in times of need.

Eating lion meat

Dreaming of seeing yourself preparing and eating lion meat is a sign of greatly increased wealth, respect, authority, or favor from people in positions of power and influence.

Mountain lions

Mountain lions are considered a dual symbol according to traditional sources. On one hand, they can be the manifestation of feelings of pride or self-assurance. While this can be good in moderation, being over-confident may lead to problems down the line. This is related to the second interpretation as well. The other meaning of this symbol represents being targeted by aggressive individuals. It is possible that your attitude and swagger may rub some people the wrong way, leading to conflict.

Wrestling with a lion

Finding yourself wrestling with a lion in your dreams means you are trying to actively resist or eliminate someone from your life who has proven to have a negative influence on you.

Lions chasing me

Being chased by multiple lions in the realm of dreams carries an ancient and powerful interpretation based on traditional sources. Shamans and soothsayers have long suggested that the vision of lions pursuing you in your dreams means that many great and amazing opportunities may open themselves up to you. However, you should be cautious, as some of these paths may entail danger and risk. Consider your options carefully and make the choice that best suits you and your situation.

Lion skin

Dreaming of seeing a lion's skin is a good sign. It means you are about to experience much happiness and receive an increase in your finances, resulting in much wealth.

You turning into a lion

If you find yourself undergoing some sort of transformation that has you turning into a lion in your dreams, then it is a sign that you will encounter future losses or experience an embarrassing or humiliating situation very soon.

Being mauled by a lion

Dreaming of being mauled by a vicious lion is a sign of loss. It means you will lose some of your material or financial possessions, or someone will rob your house soon.

Lion for a male

If you happen to be a male dreaming about a lion, then this dream means you are about to acquire a life partner who will be resourceful and very household-minded.

Lion chasing its prey

Dreaming of seeing a lion chasing its prey and eventually catching it symbolizes that you are in complete control of your own destiny, and you can wisely make decisions and handle difficult circumstances, which will cause you to be able to achieve a lot of accomplishments in your life.

Deceased mother with a lion

I was with my mom who also was hugging a lion while other lions roamed the land. I was a little frightened but I believe it was to show me courage. Also my dream came about a month or two after my mom passed away.

Seeing your dearly departed mother is often thought to be a message from beyond symbolizing the good times ahead. While you may still grieve and feel lost, your mother is letting you know that the future is brighter than you can imagine. In particular, the image of the lion being hugged by your mother represents close relationships with someone. If you are single, you may meet someone with whom you would become very intimate. Alternatively, a strained connection with your partner or spouse if you are committed may work itself out and become more fulfilling than ever as long as you both are open and honest about your feelings. This may require the courage you felt your mother was showing you in your dream.

Trying to escape a building with a lion in it

I dreamed of a male lion trying to escape or leave a building. I was afraid of the lion. It just wanted out of the building but could not figure out how. The lion and I were situated up on a wall looking through a crack in the wall. I accidentally fell from a wall and tore the wall down with me as I fell. Behind the wall was a staircase leading up and out to daylight. The lion walked up the stairs towards the light. Then I woke up.

The lion trapped in the building with you is a reflection of your reality. You are in close contact with someone who has a lot of influence over you. While their example or advice may have helped you, it has also limited your options. For example, maybe your parents encouraged you to choose a high paying job rather than one that actually appeals to your sense of self. Breaking down the wall is often a symbol associated with death, although in this case it may simply refer to and ending of the control this individual has exerted over you. The lion walking up the stairs represents this individual going on their own way and you, in turn, going yours. You have both had a positive effect on each other's lives, but now it is time to make your own way in the world.

Sleeping on a lion

Seeing yourself sleeping on a lion's back in your dreams is a good sign that you are becoming a powerful and very prominent person in your social circle or work environment.

Lion on a cliff

Witnessing a lion on a cliff resting or sitting peacefully in your dreams is a sign of advancement. It means you are about to have a promotion or advancement in your career, or you are about to gain the respect or admiration of people who hang around you.

Being in a cage with a lion

Dreaming about being in a cage with a lion that is not trying to hurt you is a warning to start being more careful in your decision making because people who are your enemies and do not like you are trying to make your life more difficult than it should be.

This dream could also mean that you are about to discover a meaningful relationship by establishing a connection with someone you really like who will eventually become your best friend.

Lions at play

Dreaming of seeing a group of lions happily at play in front of you means you will encounter feelings of ignorance and selfishness from someone who is presently in your life.

A lion biting off head

Dream of a lion biting my head off in its den.

Dreaming of seeing yourself being fatally attacked by a lion means you will not be able to counteract the actions and behavior of your current enemies, competitors, or adversaries. The image of your head being bitten off in this dream could be indicative of the fact that you are not giving enough thought and careful consideration to how to handle these situations properly, or you could be underestimating your abilities and talents, which prevents you from achieving the results you want to get.

A lion swimming in a fish tank

I dreamed about a huge fish tank in front of my house with a lion inside the tank swimming. Than the lion broke the fish tank and ran into the wild. I wanted to save the lion and I was happy for the lion, but scared at the same time because the lion could hurt the neighbors.

This vision of a fish tank with a lion inside could serve as a hint that you may be having real difficulties in money management or a hard time controlling impulsive spending habits. Although something or someone could be holding you back, you are making conscious attempts to change these habits, as represented by the lion breaking free and running away in this dream. Some people or a person could be a real obstacle in overcoming these issues, such as your children, spouse or partner, but dreaming about this animal escaping into the wild signifies your power and ability to have control and successfully manage your personal situation.

Riding on a lion

Dreaming of riding on a lion means you need to take time and preparation to develop a lot of courage and maintain a high level of determination in order to overcome your current problems or issues.

Sleeping lions

The last two nights I have had dreams with many sleeping lions in it. I was not anxious in my dream, but calm. I was not hiding from the lions, but was surprised they were so close and asleep, not disturbed by me or my family that was in the dream with me. They were in tree houses and in the forest, where I felt we were trying to escape something larger and more frightening than a lion (no clue as to what it was). The lions were never awake.

This dream vision of encountering sleeping lions could be reflective of some act of injustice, someone's inappropriate or indecent behavior or conduct, which you have recently witnessed and were disturbed by. You could be trying to voice your concerns or resolve this situation, but your beliefs and personality do not allow you to step in and act on it, even though you may feel you are obligated to for some reason. However, you keep returning to this issue in your mind because you do not see how it could be resolved without your personal input.

Lion basking in the sun

To dream of seeing a lion basking in the sun and relaxing means you will be able to accomplish many things you set out to do in your life and will gain material wealth, an elevated status in society that will bring with them much respect, and much happiness in your family relationships.

Despite this dream signifying much success, happiness, and many achievements in life, you should avoid taking these things for granted in order to prevent the opposite from happening in your life if you ever chose to stop doing what you are currently doing.

Sharing a prey with a lion

If you find yourself sharing a prey with a lion in your dreams, then it means you will have significant improvements in your personal wealth, and you will receive an unexpected manifold increase in your assets.

Riding a lion in front of others

Dreaming of riding a lion in front of others like in a parade or circus means you will receive favor from people who have high influence and power, or you will become acquainted with someone who has a lot of authority and influence.

Running fast from a lion

A lion is chasing but I am running fast to save myself.

The powerful, formidable symbol of a lion represents destiny. As such, running for your life may reveal that you are in denial about your true purpose in life. Perhaps you do not agree with what cards life has dealt you, or maybe you feel you are above or below what others encourage you to do. However, seeing this symbol should be considered a sign that you need to seriously consider what direction you want your life to take in the future.

Lion in a trap

Seeing a lion caught in a trap and trying to escape in your dreams is a warning to think twice and thoroughly plan your actions before attempting a new project or endeavor because if you fail to plan accordingly, you may end up having a miserable failure in your project or face ridicule from others.

Playing with a friendly lion

I am a female and I had a dream where I was play wrestling with a full grown lion. I was caressing and enjoying touching all the fur etc. The lion and I were conversing not sure about what. Towards the end of the dream the lion bites onto my right hand to where only my four fingers were in his mouth. He smiles, releases my hand with no harm done, and again says something to me. A loving sort of creature.

This dream could be a subconscious reflection of your recent encounter with a man who presented himself to you as an intellectual, honorable and sociable person, or you could have just perceived him this way. The notions of being bitten by and talking with the lion could be indicative of your desire and eagerness to continue associating with this person in order to learn more about his character or get to know him in an intimate way. This could be the result of your fascination with this individual, however first impressions could be deceiving. If you intend to continue with your pursuits, make sure you do not get hurt along the way.

A lion with wings

The image of a lion with wings in the dream realm refers to a sudden period of creativity surging through your veins in wake life. You may find yourself with the sudden desire to create and share with the world at large, whether it is through blogging, sharing images on Instagram or uploading videos on popular sites like YouTube or TikTok. While you may be inspired to pursue this passion further, certain issues or events in reality may prevent you from continuing.

Going after a lion

Dreaming of seeing yourself going after a lion and chasing it, for example when hunting or on safari, means you are about to experience a lifestyle that will create a carefree life and a happy existence.

Being directed to a lion attack

A dream about a boy and a lady standing and I asked where to pass and the lady said "pass here" which I did and a lion just jumped on my neck and bit me.

This dream could be a subconscious manifestation of your distrust towards some people you had to deal with recently in your waking life. You could be anticipating a threat or possible malicious intent coming from these people because of their actions, behavior or attitude towards you. Being attacked and bitten by a lion in this dream signifies your fear of losing your personal freedom or being controlled by someone present in your life. This could equally apply to your material possessions or property, when somebody or some people are plotting against your financial well-being and trying to take over your independence. Your subconscious mind is sending a signal to be careful and thoroughly examine whom you can trust and which people should be steered clear of at all costs.

Husband protecting from a lion

I am separated from my husband. We are legally getting divorced soon. Off late I keep getting dreams about him.. but this morning it was weird. I got a dream where I am being protected by him from a lion who entered my house during the night. I felt the care from him which he never showed after my marriage when I was with him. When I woke up...I realized it was just a dream. The reality is different. He is a evil and a selfish person. I got this dream only because that was my thought. I always wanted a happy marriage and a caring husband.. a husband who will genuinely care.

You have partially answered your own dream visions and meaning by saying you always think about a better person to be your husband. The notion of seeing yourself being attacked by a lion means you may soon experience possible negativity or offensive behavior (could be coming from your current husband or someone else), but you will be able to counteract them successfully. In your wake life, you most likely do not give too much attention as to how to attract a better individual who would better appreciate your abilities, talents or other aspects of your personality, this might prevent you from finding a better husband.

A lion with a purple mane

I was either walking or driving when I came upon a lion with a purple mane. The lion was non-threatening and appeared to be tame. It had the usual coloring of a lion except for the purple mane.

Movement in a dream, specifically driving, represents the journey of your life, moving from one phase to another. You may currently be going through a period of growth or are about to embark on a new adventure. On this particular journey, however, you might receive some special guidance as symbolized by the lion. Lions predict being watched over by some higher power or authority, either physical or spiritual. This is also supported by the color purple you saw in the lion's mane which is often associated with royalty. While it is unlikely that the person who helps you is a king or queen, they may exhibit kingly traits which you might want to emulate.

A friendly lion entering the house

I had a dream where I was given a gift by someone I don't know, as I was taking it, inside my house, a lion appeared at the door and removed it from my palm. As I was crying and running away, the lion came after me and hugged me telling me to stop crying and telling me that it was my friend and was not to harm me, then I woke up. What can be the interpretation, please?

Receiving a gift in a dream vision pertains to the anticipation of a reward or credit for your hard work and industry, whether it is true or you just think you need to be rewarded. The lion in this vision represents both positive and negative traits you have, which could either help you get ahead or pull you down. The outcome, such as success or failure, depends on whichever aspect of your personality dominates you at the moment. On the one hand, the lion's strength and power can give you a leg up in life. On the other hand, if you let the selfish and domineering aspects take the reins, it could be detrimental to your success.

Lion's roar

Hearing a lion's roar in your dreams is a sign of good luck. It means you will experience unexpected achievements, beneficial career developments, or successful romantic relationships.

Lion's head

Seeing a lion's head up close to you with its teeth showing is a warning about making strides to gain power or control because your attempts will result in failure.

Evading a lion's attack

One lion could not catch me in my sleep.

Having a dream about a lion unable to catch you signifies your power and ability to control other people when it comes to moving your projects or plans forward. At the same time, it could also be indicative of your manipulative or conniving approaches when you try to advance your interest or get ahead with what is important to you personally.

A lion with the husband's face

A lion with my husband's face, I think it roared and woke me up. It seemed as if I was arguing with the lion.

Arguing with your husband in a dream, contrary to what it may seem, can be interpreted as a symbol of mutual respect and trust in the relationship. Furthermore, a lion's roar is often seen as a sign of good fortune in dreams. Your relationship with your husband is likely to remain strong for a long time, and you should appreciate how lucky you truly are.

A gazelle and a friendly lion in a pool

Noticed what appeared to be the body of a gazelle in a deep pool of water, a lion appeared and came out of the pool and followed me. Others were less concerned and he approached me and I was able to pat him. He was as calm as a golden retriever!

Observing an image of a gazelle in the pool is akin to looking into your consciousness and seeing the possibility of something still undiscovered within you. Gazelles typically symbolize gracefulness, beauty and love. The appearance of the lion after the gazelle's manifestation refers to a romantic prospect. Your vision alludes to the possibility of meeting a potential partner if you learn to channel the gazelle within you. Perhaps this individual is already present in your life, otherwise one of you may soon make this encounter possible. Like a tame lion, this prospect may appear aloof at first, but you would be able to bring out their softer side.

Killing a mountain lion which turns into a person

I was in a laundromat with my family, I was helping someone else do laundry. There was a mountain lion outside, and I knew I need to protect everyone, so I knocked it out with a cast iron skillet. I went to find my dad so that he could kill the mountain lion, but I couldn't find him, so I went back out to knock the mountain lion out again, but it was awake, so I kept hitting it on the head with a skillet until it died. Then it turned into a person. There was snow the second time I went out.

The laundromat alludes to cleansing and purification. You and your family may be yearning to get rid of certain emotional baggage and negative experiences in order to get a fresh start. The mountain lion represents a hurdle or obstacle on your path toward moving forward. In reality, this obstacle may appear as aggression and pride, as these attributes have often been associated with the symbol of a mountain lion. Someone in the family, including yourself, may be too prideful to admit his or her mistakes. Alternatively, he or she could be refusing to help or cooperate with family matters.