Dreams Related To Lime

Lime tree fruits

I dreamed I was looking at a lime tree in my yard. It had lots of lime fruit. I was picking the lime fruits as they were starting to get mold on them. I was disappointed that I had to throw so many away. Then I looked up and noticed my lime tree had a brand new branch that was even bigger growing above the tree, It was loaded with many fresh good limes.

This vision of fruits in various stages of ripeness is a reflection of your anticipation in regards to things or projects you want to see completed. Rotting or mold-covered fruits symbolize those projects that you had to abandon or put on the back burner because of the lack of time or changed priorities. Your subconsciousness is guilty for not being able to keep up with obligations or commitments you had once made for yourself. Regardless of whether you will be able to return to these tasks or not, soon or in the future, the appearance of a new branch on the fruit tree is telling you that you are genuinely interested in revisiting what you have unaccomplished or starting something completely new and fresh.