Dreams Related To Liking

A stranger liking you

A stranger who likes you depicts a hidden skill or talent. You have not yet uncovered your true potential, but a forthcoming incident will reveal a helpful skill of yours. Perhaps a retreat or workshop will trigger an awakening of your creative side. In Vanga's words, the meaning of a stranger depends on the type of encounter. So, this pleasant interaction means you will become acquainted with a kindred spirit who will likely push you to achieve more than you thought possible.

Someone you like

Seeing someone you like, male or female, predicts a positive development in your life. This symbol conveys success in achieving your most urgent goal. You will find a remedy for the hindrances to your plan and meet people who will help you accomplish your task. In addition, the presence of this likeable person means you feel supported by your peers and loved ones. Just being around this positive energy is a great boost to your self-confidence.