Dreams Related To Life

Your past lives

Dreaming about your past lives, whether you were royalty or someone from an earlier time, is often seen as the manifestation of some dissatisfaction affecting you in waking life. Some existing negative circumstances or recent annoyances may be the source of these dream visions. Alternatively, dreaming of your other lives may reflect a subconscious desire to emulate someone else, like a celebrity, historical figure or successful person from the recent or distant past.

Life being played like a movie

How I have lived my life was been played in an auditorium for people to watch, and I was not in their midst but I watched it too and people were happy watching it. I dreamt that my past life up to date was been played like a movie for so many people to watch, but I was somewhere higher than where people sat to watch the video.

Dreaming about a highlight reel of your life means you are in the midst of making a big decision in reality. Your subconscious is in a nostalgic and sentimental mood because you are about to enter a new phase in your life which would lead you down a path with a lot of uncertainties. The imagery of people watching in the auditorium reveals your anxiety about what people think of you. In addition, this is telling you that you need to learn how to take constructive criticism in order to improve yourself. It seems you are mentally prepared for the challenges ahead of you.

Living several lives in one dream

Being someone else or living another person's life in a dream is a sign of an identity crisis. As such, living multiple or several lives in one dream suggests experimentation. You are probably planning on reinventing yourself because you are no longer happy with the way people treat you and how others see you. The personal transformation may include something as benign as changing your hair color or getting a haircut, to something more complicated like legally changing your name or possibly even coming out of the closet and letting people know about your sexuality.

Someone entering your life

A man entering my life from the left.

Dreaming of a man entering your life, especially if this man is a stranger to you, means you need to be more assertive in reality. You are allowing others to take advantage of you because of your submissiveness and avoidance of conflict. Alternatively, the man could symbolize repressed aspects of your personality which would suddenly emerge during a stressful or traumatic incident.