Dreams Related To Lettuce

Someone choking on lettuce

I dreamed of being out somewhere, and there were people around. I did not know them. Somebody needed CPR and I stepped up to help. There was already a guy doing the CPR, so I cleaned out the airway and mouth. The mouth was full of green lettuce and it was stuck down his throat. I pulled on it, but could not pull it out. Only bits broke off. After that we tried to save this unknown man, we could not. I did not know any of them, might have been a restaurant, or store, just tried to help.

Dreaming of being surrounded by strangers means you will take part in a big decision-making activity. The decision of the majority of your loved ones would ultimately have life-changing effects on everyone. Think of it as the end of a chapter and a beginning of a journey for all those involved. The CPR suggests a tragic and tumultuous event. It is a crisis that you and your loved ones need to go through. You also need to come together to resolve it. While this may seem like negative thing, in the end it will actually be a necessary journey from which you will gain invaluable lessons to get you closer to self-actualization. As for the green lettuce, it seems others like to shove their opinions on you, and all you really want is to live a simpler and peaceful existence.