Dreams Related To Letter

Mailing letters with someone

Mailing letters. Twice went down 5 or 6 steep stairs outside to put my letters into a slot. An unknown woman stood next to me and threw her letters on the cement floor. Letters went in through the opening. I wanted to do same, but had opted for the stairs. It dawned on me that the cement floor must have moved to get her mail inside.

Dreaming of mailing letters is very auspicious. You are going to have a lot of promising opportunities and blessings. Furthermore, other people in your immediate circle, such as family and friends, would also benefit from the rewards and good fortune headed your way because of your generosity. Taking the stairs to mail the letters means you need to persevere in order to reap the rewards, whereas others may have luck on their side by becoming successful even without working as much. There is no need to envy these flash in the pan personalities because consistent performance wins in the long term. And because your worked hard for your achievements, you would feel much more fulfilled and have a deeper appreciation for your accomplishments.

Receiving a letter

Receiving a letter in the dream world is often tied to the idea of breaking off a relationship with someone you were once close to. You may lose an important friendship or even your significant other over some financial issues that are plaguing your life. For example, if you borrowed money without returning it or lied about your financial situation, the individual you are dealing with may find you untrustworthy or unworthy of their attention. For young women in particular, this symbol suggests you would find a rich husband or partner who would offer you financial support or take care of any financial woes you are currently experiencing. However, others may call you a gold digger or accuse your lover of being a sugar daddy, leading to unnecessary gossip and hardship for you.

A letter in red ink

Envisioning a letter written in red ink predicts a breakup or separation for you and someone you care about. In some cases, this means romantic relationships, like those who are in a committed partnership, however, it can also point toward friendship, mentorships or other interpersonal connections. This may not be the end though. If you put aside your pride and show this individual how much they truly mean to you, it is possible the relationship could be salvaged.

A letter in general

The image of a letter in general, such as in your hand or on a desk, is connected to the idea of sadness or negative emotions. You may soon learn something that upsets you personally or go through a series of hardships that try your patience, morals and even your sanity. It may be a long time before you can find your center and reclaim your positive emotions again for good.

An unsigned letter

Receiving an unsigned letter, such as a letter that is from an anonymous sender, may mean you are about to find yourself embarrassed or humiliated by a complete stranger. Someone may call you out in reality for poor or unreasonable actions, making you blush at your own bad behavior. Alternatively, if you write a letter but intend to send it without signing your name, it represents how you covet something that does not belong to you or your jealousy towards someone who you perceive has a better life than you. You might think they are stronger, faster, smarter or better looking than you, drawing dark feelings from deep within you.

Opening a letter

The act of opening a sealed letter in the dream world, whether you opened it by hand or with a letter opener, is considered a serious, solemn warning. It predicts finding yourself walking alone at night or in a sketchy area of town, possibly resulting in being robbed or mugged. If you find yourself in such a situation in the near future, pay special attention to your surroundings and be ready to defend yourself or call emergency services.

Reading a letter out loud

A letter that is read out loud in a dream vision is a neutral symbol that contains a warning, depending on who read it. For example, if you were the person who read the letter, you may soon take on a caregiver role or a mentorship function. You would need to use your combined knowledge and experience to protect your charge and keep them from hurting themselves and their chances. Alternatively, if someone else read the letter, you may be in need of such guidance yourself. You should seek out an older and wiser individual who can give you life advice specific to your situation.

A couple exchanging letters

Exchanging letters in the dream world is tantamount to the opposite as you might expect. While individuals usually exchange cards and notes on happy occasions, this vision suggests you would soon have a major falling out with the man or woman on the other side of the exchange. If the individual who gave you a letter was your friend, you may soon have a major disagreement with them and you may not talk to each other for some time after. Similarly, exchanging a written message with your significant other portends a break up or divorce, often with accusations of wrongdoing on both sides.

Yourself writing a letter

Envisioning yourself writing a letter during the course of a dream vision may reveal that you are going about a task the wrong way or you are making assumptions that are not supported by evidence. If you act without thinking or under false pretenses, you may find that mistakes would be painfully apparent. This could lead to much regret and embarrassment on your part. It would be better if you looked for more evidence to support your opinions and think carefully about both the information before you and who is affected by it. You may find that your first impression was not correct.

A letter in blue ink

A letter written in blue ink sheds light on future love and other events of good fortune. You may soon meet the love of your life or someone whose affection for you has an amazing positive impact. Alternatively, you may hit a patch of good luck, making certain tasks or responsibilities much easier than they normally would be. This would bring you much happiness for many weeks to come.

Mailing a letter

Mailing a letter during the course of a dream vision is generally considered a symbol of good luck, fortune and blessings. You would likely have better opportunities open up to you or find that things tend to go your way. More specifically, mailing letters may also shed light on an upcoming opportunity to bless someone else. Doing a good deed for someone in need of assistance may become something you are extremely proud of in the future. The satisfaction you gain from helping others would inspire you to be even more generous.

A letter in unfamiliar language

A letter that is written in a language you cannot read or understand is actually a sign of becoming privy to a secret or some little known information. The details garnered is likely something you would not normally have had access to because you were either not part of the group or because you do not normally frequent the place where you learned this news. While this symbol does not give any information about the positive or negative outcomes that could occur, you may want to err on the side of caution when putting what you learn to use.

Receiving a letter with threats

To receive a threatening letter in the dream world speaks of finding yourself in a tense or unpleasant situation in reality. It portends becoming involved in some less than savory business or dealing with someone who puts you in dangerous circumstances. It would be better to avoid those who make you uncomfortable for the present time, as those who rub you the wrong way are more likely to be involved in these types of questionable activities.

Unable to read a letter you received

Being unable to read a letter you received in a dream is a negative symbol in the realm of dreams. For example, if you were too busy to read the letter or it got misplaced at some point, it means you would experience some losses or difficulties in completing certain projects or succeeding in certain tasks. Additionally, you may not be about to earn the respect or recognition of those in your particular field or industry, leading to frustration and stress. This would also negatively affect your ability to prove yourself to your superiors and network with other professionals.

Feelings while reading a letter

Being tuned into certain emotions while reading a letter in the dream world can shed some light on your emotional state in reality or help guide your actions in the waking world. For instance, feeling happiness or satisfaction while reading a letter may be the manifestation of such emotions in reality, meaning you are currently in a good place in your life or are connected to friends, family members or a special someone who makes life worth living. Alternatively, if you felt upset or sad while reading the letter, it may point toward a relationship that is not serving you well. You may be friends with someone who hurts you more than they help you. This man or woman does not deserve your affection and high regard, so it may be better to separate yourself from them and find a companion who treats you the way you deserve.

Copying a letter

Copying a letter, whether this is done using a copy machine, carbon paper or simply rewriting it by hand, predicts having to complete some useless, completely futile task in reality. You may soon be asked or be obligated to perform some action in reality, such as cleaning something, finishing a project or writing some report. However, your efforts would be in vain. What you finish would either be immediately disregarded or be so out of date as to be completely ineffective. In either situation, you would feel very frustrated that you wasted time on something that had no positive benefits.

Letter written on black paper

A letter written on black paper with white ink may reveal an upcoming period of time marked by boredom or a lack of adventure. This may lead to feelings of indifference, drudgery or even depression in some cases. If you see a black paper with white writing, you would need to rely on friends and family to get you out of this funk and help you find fun and productive ways to direct your time. Alternatively, a black paper with brightly colored inks may refer to being part of an interesting or unique event, something you have never tried or experienced before. You would make many fun memories by being involved in this affair, and it may inspire you to try other activities outside your comfort zone.

An express letter

An express letter, one that was received overnight or by special delivery, is an ominous symbol in the realm of dreams. It contains a warning that you should immediately endeavor to correct the mistakes you have made. Whether this is about a recent transgression or some terrible error in judgement from your past is unclear by this symbol alone. Perhaps only you know in your heart exactly what actions your subconscious is referring to. If you do not make up for your behavior soon, the situation may become perilous.

Burning a letter

The act of burning a letter in a dream vision, such as throwing it in a fireplace or lighting it with a candle, suggests you would turn down a good job or lucrative business offer in order to care for your family. This probably comes as no surprise, as you are the type of person who places a high value on family and maintaining strong connections with those around you. The reason you turned down this offer is likely because it would either take you too far from those you care about most or it would eat up too much of your time, preventing you from caring for older loved ones or participating in the lives of your children.

A letter containing news

A letter that contains news that is particularly negative for you suggests much the same in reality. You would soon get some bad news, for example, you might learn you have a disease or are about to go through a period of difficulty and trouble. Alternatively, receiving good news in this dream letter may point toward a string of good fortune or an auspicious event in the future. You would feel very lucky and blessed, leading to happy feelings and satisfaction with life in general.

Hiding a letter from your other half

Hiding a letter from someone you care about, particularly a lover or a crush, has a neutral connotation in the realm of dreams. It suggests this person is not truly or honestly interested in you. In the case of a crush, they may already have a significant other or their own love interest, so your feelings may not be understood, recognized or possibly even wanted. Similarly, for those who are in a relationship, this symbol can mean your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you or at the very least has some reservations about your partnership. While this may seem bad, the good part is that it would save you a lot of stress and sadness later on.

Sealing a letter

The act of sealing a letter in a dream vision, whether you are doing so with wax or plain tape, could be interpreted as a sign that you are currently the keeper of an important secret or privileged information. You may be undecided about what to do with such facts, wondering if you should cash in on what you know now or wait until a better opportunity presents itself. What choice you should make is not clear based on this symbol alone, but it also carries a warning about the karma that comes from airing other people's' dirty laundry without their knowledge or permission.

Receiving a love letter from someone

Receiving a love letter from someone in the dream realm can be a very pleasing experience and represent a significant milestone in your life. This person intentionally acknowledges your worth and affection, and their words of love and understanding touch your heart. In any case, this dream also indicates that you are a clairvoyant person, able to understand and connect with people on a deep emotional level. By reading and understanding the message of the love letter, you gain insight into your own feelings and desires. In essence, this dream suggests that you are open to receiving love and affection from those around you.

Losing a letter

Losing a letter over the course of a dream vision is a highly ominous symbol. Whether you dropped it at some point or simply misplaced it during the course of the vision, this symbol suggests you would learn of some highly unfortunate news, such as the death of a loved one or a lost opportunity you were looking forward to. For girls and women in particular, this symbol predicts needing to avoid someone in reality. While the reason is unclear due to this symbol alone, your ability to evade this individual would probably come down to chance. Alternatively, men who see this symbol may want to stop beating around the bush and focus on being more straightforward and honest. If they continue to rely on underhanded methods and misdirection, they would not be able to succeed in their plans and goals.

A letter left unread

Leaving a letter unread, whether you purposely set it aside or simply forgot about it, may mean you are ignoring or avoiding someone or something in reality. Your current actions, either staying out of this individual's way or refusing to do this task, could actually be detrimental to you. If you were to face your fears straight on and do what you are supposed to do, something good could come out of it. For example, you may make a useful acquaintance, learn a new skill or receive an amazing opportunity.

A letter to your lover who is far away

Writing a letter to a faraway lover or romantic companion is often interpreted as a sign of upcoming mistakes your would make in the future. It represents both the grievous error and the long term repercussions of your actions in that situation. The far reaching effects of your behavior would be difficult to rectify and get past, meaning you would be cleaning up this mess for many weeks or months. During this time you would be very frustrated and troubled, possibly even developing depression.

A letter from past love

I was dreaming about someone I love, not a family member. I loved her a lot and she left me for someone else. The two ended up running away together and my feeling for her never change. Later in the dream I had received a letter from her saying that she still had loved me too. After reading the letter in my dream I went to search for her, only to find out she had died during childbirth. I was all alone, and sad. Finally I woke up.

Dreaming of receiving a letter or letters from someone you loved in the past is indicative of your inability to move on. The content of the letter is both wish fulfillment and a much-needed closure for you. Your mind may have conjured up the scenario that you wish would happen in reality to help you close this chapter in your personal journey. Similarly, finding out that she died during childbirth signals the futility of your efforts to try to get her back. Instead, the dream could be telling you to start fresh. The dissolution of your romance, her death, would pave the way for new experiences and prospects as symbolized by the newborn baby.

A letter torn in pieces

A letter that has been torn or ripped to pieces, whether or not that specific action occurs in the vision itself, may be a harbinger of negative occurrences in reality. In particular, it suggests your good reputation may be in great danger, as there have been instances in the past where your forgetful or casual nature has caused problems. For example, you may have omitted some important information from a report or compiled some information that is rife with errors. If you were the person who tore the letter in the vision, an additional interpretation suggests you would have an unpleasant or uncomfortable conversation with someone close to you soon.

A very long letter

A very long letter, whether it is handwritten or printed out, portends receiving news in the near future. However, if the paper was written in black ink on white paper, it is possible what you learn would not bring you true happiness or contentment, even if you thought it would eventually. For example, if you were pleased with the news at first, it may turn out that the effects would be less than you hoped for or would actually wind up hurting you rather than helping.

An official letter

Receiving an official letter or document in the mail, like one from a business, government agency or special service, could be interpreted as a sign that your good reputation is about to receive a serious blow. You may soon find that some individual has spread a terrible rumor or an event has been blown out of proportion in such a way that you look like the bad guy. It may take many weeks or months of hard work to put the pieces back together, especially if you are not careful to avoid other controversies in the meantime.

No answer to your letter

Anxiously awaiting a response to a letter but receiving no reply is a negative symbol to perceive in the realm of dreams. It suggests that some terrible accident is about to befall you in reality, one that could cause serious damage or injury. However, the time and place of this event is unclear with this symbol alone, meaning the accident could happen anytime anywhere without any warning or hint. The best advice in this situation is simply to expect the unexpected and exercise caution when you are doing anything that could be even remotely dangerous.

Writing an anonymous letter

The act of writing an anonymous letter or simply not signing your name on a letter you wrote could indicate loss or defeat, particularly when it comes to relationships or interpersonal relations. For instance, your rival may attract the attention of your crush before you have a chance to share your true feelings. Alternatively, you may lose some game or miss out on an opportunity that your fellow competitors were able to take advantage of. Your failure in these causes would likely torment your soul, causing much frustration and disappointment.

A letter on green paper

Seeing a letter on green paper predicts your current love interest may scorn you. If you have a crush on someone, that man or woman may brush you off, making you feel hurt and embarrassed. For those currently in a relationship, it may mean your partner would suddenly need space or even want to break up. This would cause you to feel extremely upset and may even lead to depression.

A letter with images

A letter that contains pictures or images, such as a child's doodle or a little map, may reveal information pertaining to your immediate future or upcoming events. For example, a map could point toward somewhere important to your future self or an ideal place to build a house, while little scribbles may reveal codes or digits useful for your finances. If you can write down or remember what you saw, it may reveal even more important and useful details from which you can benefit over time.

A lot of letters

Multiple letters in the dream world, whether you were sending them or receiving them, suggest you are in dire need of some sort of news. You may be waiting on an update for something you applied to or are trying to make decisions about your future without all the necessary information at hand. Whatever you are missing, it is unlikely you would learn the answers for some time. It may even be too late by the time you hear. This could cause some frustration and disappointment for you.

A postcard inside a letter

Finding a postcard inside of a letter is a neutral symbol that suggests you have recently been rather lazy and unmotivated. This indifference toward your responsibilities could be contributing to your stagnation, meaning you are probably not progressing in either your life or career. If you do not correct this bad behavior, you may never be able to recover the progress you have lost. Alternatively, becoming self-motivated and diligent could be the difference between failure and extreme success.

Waiting for a letter to arrive

Waiting for a letter to arrive in the dream world has two slightly different meanings that depend on the gender of the dreamer. For women, this vision suggests a state of limbo in reality. You probably feel uneasy waiting for some decision or action to decide your next move. At the present, however, you are frozen with uncertainty, unable to do anything. For example, you may be waiting for a lover to admit their feelings or for a new job to get back to you on whether you are hired. For men, the symbol of waiting for a letter predicts pointless waiting for something that is not meant to be. You probably need to consider other courses of action, possibly with the assistance of someone older and wiser than yourself.

Receiving a letter addressed to someone else

Receiving a letter that was meant for someone else in the dream world suggests you are not interpreting the messages others send you correctly. For example, you may have made a mistake that someone helpfully pointed out but took that critique as an insult rather than constructive criticism that you could learn from. In a sense, this symbol is suggesting that you should put your ego aside and try to give those trying to help you the benefit of the doubt. You could learn something very valuable or be saved from making a fool of yourself.

Receiving letters from an ex who leaves

It was about my ex who still lives with me, he had to leave because he was in trouble. He wrote two letters, one for our son and one for me. He was upset, he didn't want to leave, but he had to. I read the letter to my son, but before I could read mine I woke up.

Dreaming of your ex leaving likely portends an unanticipated ending. While it may not necessarily mean an actual physical separation, it does point to a closing of a chapter in order to enter a new phase. Maybe it is also a wish fulfillment of some kind. Your mind could be conjuring up the scenario you have been hoping would happen in reality. The letters he wrote signal a possibility that you would fall victim to lies and deceit. Your ex or someone close to you may soon try to deceive you for his or her own personal gain, so be mindful of whom you choose to trust.

An upset sister sending a letter

My sister hands me a letter I read it and feel sad because in the letter she is expressing how I hurt her feelings.

A letter from relatives often reveals issues you may have buried or repressed, especially in relation to a loved one. In the context of your dream, the hurt feelings expressed by your sister in the letter may be an indication that there are some instances of resentment and conflict developing between the two of you. Perhaps you need to open your communication lines with your sister in order to uncover possible problems that may have been pushed aside all this time. In doing so, you can both find ways to resolve any issues and avoid further complications.

Finding a letter

Finding a sealed letter, such as during the course of organizing a desk or opening a mailbox, is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the realm of dreams. It is connected to the idea of improved work-related situations. For example, you may soon get a promotion, find a better job in your field of work or get the opportunity to try something that opens up a new career path for you. Now is the time to take advantage of any tasks, projects or activities that could boost your career, as they would give you an advantage over similar applicants.

Trying to read a torn letter

Trying to read a letter that has been torn to bits, whether you attempt to read it as is or tape it back together, refers to worsening relations between you and someone you have been working closely with in reality. In a sense, the torn letter is the symbolic representation of lost trust or waning interest, and your efforts to read the letter speak of your desire to find out what went wrong. While the individual you are having trouble with is not clear by this image alone, it is possible that they are a close friend you see often or someone whose money affects your business endeavors, like an investor or sponsor.

Being blackmailed with a letter

Being blackmailed with a physical letter in the dream world is considered the manifestation of disappointment and sadness in reality. Someone close to you, such as a good friend or immediate family member, may soon say something or act in a certain way that goes against everything you hold true. This is particularly true of financial matters or behavior. For example, your friend may borrow money with no intention of repaying it, or your sibling may beg for money from your parents to use on bills but spend it on something frivolous and unimportant.

A letter from friends who are far away

Receiving a letter from a friend who currently is far away from you, such as in another city or country, could be interpreted as a sign that you would soon interact with them in reality. This does not necessarily mean you would meet face to face, however. You could talk on the phone with this friend or interact via a string of emails or private messages. This reconnection would help solidify your relationship and bring you much satisfaction.

Someone intercepting a letter to you

A dream where someone intercepts or steals a letter that was intended for you could shed light on some jealous rivals hidden in the shadows. These enemies of yours are currently plotting against you, making plans to publicly embarrass or humiliate you. This would likely happen sometime when you are about to make a public appearance, like when giving a speech or dancing with friends. Being aware of your surroundings and possible risky situations could go a long way towards protecting yourself from trouble.

Trying to steal someone's letter

Attempting to steal a letter that belongs to someone else is the manifestation of your dark feelings or intentions towards someone else. You probably tend to be self-centered, putting your own interests above others. This likely leads you to act in ways that puts your wants and needs before other people, for example, taking the best bits for yourself and leaving others with the scraps. Your loose morals regarding this situation could cause you to hurt others and take advantage of them in the pursuit of your own desires.

Talking a letter in your hands

Taking a letter into you hands, such as picking it up from a table or being handed it by someone else, means you may be treating someone or a group a people close to you unfairly. Your poor behavior towards this individual or group, those you should love and care for, is probably shocking and hurtful. If you continue in this way, your loved ones may abandon you or forsake you in favor of those who treat them with more respect and reverence.

Recurring dreams of receiving a letter

Recurring dreams centered around the idea of receiving a letter are generally considered neutral symbols. In a literal sense, they refer to receiving some important or useful information from someone in reality. It is possible that the man or woman you see delivering the letter in the dream could be the bearer of the news you are waiting for. Alternatively, this vision may be referring to this individual coming to stay at your family home or place of residence. This could be due to a planned visit that you were looking forward to or an unexpected drop in resulting from sudden necessity.

A letter from your spouse

Receiving a letter from your spouse in the dream world, whether they handed it to your directly or sent it through the national post service, may reveal a lack of understanding or compassion in your marriage or partnership. You may need to be more tolerant and open-minded to what your significant other thinks or is interested in. If you continue to be stubborn and ignore your lover's point of view, it may end up in separation or divorce, causing much sadness, frustration and disappointment on both sides.

A letter to your friend

Writing or sending a letter to a good friend in the dream world is often interpreted as a positive symbol. It reflects the good news and positive energy that would come to you in reality. You may hear a very uplifting story or come into some information that positively affects your life. This would bring you much happiness and contentment for a long time to come.

Reading someone else's letter

Reading a letter that was not addressed to you in the dream world, such as one that should have been delivered to your neighbors or belonged to the person who used to live in your house, could mean you are about to lose some of your power to decide your own fate. Your decision-making powers may soon become more limited, as co-workers, supervisors, neighbors or family members rise above you in prestige. You may even find yourself bowing to the desires or instructions of these individuals, putting your own goals on the backburner as you work to realize their aspirations.

A letter from relatives

Receiving a letter from a relative, particularly a distant one, is a neutral symbol associated with problems in reality. However, this vision suggests that you have the knowledge, skills and ability to solve these issues on your own. In fact, if you were to try and rely on others to take care of what you could do yourself, you run the risk of things going completely amuck. Alternatively, if you were writing a letter to distant relatives in the dream world, it portends soon receiving money or increasing your wealth through a new source of income. This could be a one-time occurence or a consistent stream of cash each month.

Writing a letter to someone you know

Writing a letter to someone you know or are familiar with in reality may reveal that you know less about them than you think. You may have gotten the wrong impression of them due to one time behavior or only seeing them in a very specific situation. In a sense, your subconscious is warning you to not judge them when you do not see the whole picture. If you accuse this individual of something without all the facts, it may come back to haunt you in the future, leading to feelings of embarrassment and regret.

Receiving a letter from someone

Someone giving me a letter or a written paper.

Receiving a paper letter in a dream predicts a possibility of falling victim to lies and deceit. Somebody whom you communicate or interact with on a regular basis, such as a coworker or a person you study with, may soon try to deceive you for his or her own personal gain. Be mindful of whom you choose to trust.