Dreams Related To Leopard

Fighting with a leopard

I was fighting with a wild cat, leopard type of animal. It never hurt me as I was able to fend it off the whole time.

Dreaming of coming into contact with a wild cat and not being hurt during the encounter is symbolic of your efforts to express yourself gone bad. You could be trying to find a way to express yourself, but you lack the skills or talents to prevent you from excelling and prevailing in your waking life.

A leopard of blue color

A light blue leopard running around.

This vision sheds light on your way of thinking and how it would affect your future endeavors. A leopard, by itself, is the manifestation of a strong will. It shows that you, the dreamer, have some big dreams and passions that you could attain when the time is right. The particular light blue shade of this leopard is also an auspicious sign, as it points toward luck and good fortune. It means you would have little trouble achieving the goals you have set for yourself. In a sense, this vision represents making your own luck by working hard and doing things your way.

Leopards or other wild animals like panthers in my dreams

Seeing a leopard

The leopard in your dream refers to a duplicitous person. Fortunately, you have strong instincts about people, so you are less susceptible to this person's charm unlike your friends. The appearance of this symbol further underscores your intention to completely remove this person from your life after a recent encounter in your waking life. You also intend to articulate your suspicions to friends who may be clueless to the deceit.

Killing a leopard

Killing a leopard symbolizes an upcoming vacancy in your life. Someone or something would come along to fill this void or you yourself could fill this space. For example, there could be a job opening fit for your qualifications and this will be a step forward in your career. It could also refer to a vacant apartment which is so much better than your current unit. A loved one may say goodbye, perhaps to seek greener pastures or because of a relationship-ending fight, and this will leave a gaping hole in your life. Fortunately, a new blessing will come along that will fill this hole.

Having a leopard for a pet

Leopards symbolically represent the dreamer as an individual or a separate entity. Therefore, keeping a leopard as a pet in the dream realm suggests you have a strong will or a clear sense of self. This can manifest itself in different ways, but essentially it means you either have a very distinct personal style, you have a clear set of goals for yourself or you have an unwavering faith in yourself and your capabilities.

Leopard skin

A leopard skin, whether it appears as a rug or a pattern on an article of clothing, suggests some aspect of your personality stands out among others, possibly to the annoyance or embarrassment of those around you. Just as the old adage a leopard never changes its spots suggests, your habits or behavior, though consistent, may be interfering with your personal connections. It would be wise to try and find a way to mitigate some of your less agreeable tendencies before you push away those you care about most.

Leopard attacking you

A leopard attacking you could suggest that you are your own worst enemy. You may have, with time, picked up a number of unhealthy habits, no-good companions or a lengthy rap sheet. For example, you may be hanging out with a group that vapes, gets high, binge drinks or otherwise causes mischief. Continuing down this path may have disastrous results for your future health and happiness.

A mountain shaped like a leopard

Mountain in a shape of leopard.

Mountains in dreams symbolize tremendous challenges and difficulties, while leopards allude to resilience and determination. As such, your dream vision may point to a period of adversity which would test your courage and motivation to succeed. This test could either break you or make you stronger and better for it. Alternatively, this may be a reference to your boundless optimism, such that you see problems as opportunities for self-improvement.