Dreams Related To Left

Being left behind

Envisioning people leaving you behind reveals your struggle to fit in. This symbol is also a metaphor for rejection. Perhaps you simply do not share the same interests as your social circle and you need to find kindred spirits to forge meaningful relationships. It is also possible that you put up walls to protect yourself from getting hurt and this is off-putting to other people. To uncover the mystery of your socialization troubles, you may benefit from introspection or seeking guidance from well-meaning people.

Being left behind by family

Being left behind by your family, such as when they are leaving a restaurant or preparing to go on a trip, is symbolically tied to your relationship with your family in reality. In a sense, the separation between you and those in your family unit represents how you differ from them in certain ways. Maybe you are more sporty or outgoing than the rest of your siblings. Alternatively, your parents may be sports buffs while you are into music or literature. This symbol by itself does not indicate discord or unhappiness, but it does show a stark contrast between your personality and those of the rest of the people you are related to.