Dreams Related To Lavender

Lavender dishes and paint

I dreamed of receiving dozens of sets of dishes. They were black and lavender. Also there was black and lavender paint real deep under my bed. I paint a lot so I was scooping the free paint up into bottles to use. My husband gave me a beautiful orchid and purple pocketbook with silver chain handles.

Receiving many dishes in the dream world can be interpreted as a sign of positive hopes for the future and a general belief that things would turn out for the best. You do not have any actual control over the progression of some events in your life, but you probably believe that in the end everything would be as it should. The paint you found under your bed is considered a symbol of loyalty, so perhaps your faith in the future is due to the presence of trusted companions who would see you through thick and thin. You would always be able to rely on them when times are hard and celebrate with them when good things come to pass.