Dreams Related To Lava

Trying to escape flowing lava

Trying to escape from the fiery flow of lava is a harbinger of sadness and misfortune in reality. You would soon receive some disheartening news, most likely about the passing of a loved one or a friend who is moving far away from you.

Fiery lava

Fiery lava, as a dream symbol, represents finding a deep, all-consuming love in reality. This love would feel so much deeper and more intimate than all the others you have experienced up until this point, and you would wonder if you were even really in love before this point.

Solidified lava

The image of hard, solidified lava means you would soon witness some terrible, extraordinary or shocking event in reality. You could find yourself an innocent bystander or an unwilling participant in a great scandal. Alternatively, young women may interpret this sign to mean that they should not become upset or worked up over small, unimportant matters, as their behavior would likely have worse repercussions than whatever trivial matter that upset them in the first place.

Lava cooling down

Watching as lava cools may reveal the presence of new information about something that occured in the past. In some cases, it refers to the reappearance of an old friend or companion you had long forgotten, while in other cases you could learn something that would completely change how you think about something from the past.

Lava destroying everything in its path

Watching as lava causes a path of destruction could reveal an upcoming period where your creative powers would be at their highest levels. You may have the inspiration or motivation to complete a project you have been struggling with or find the creative energy to tackle a new project or task. Through your efforts, you could even find a new calling or become closer to realizing your true potential.

Lava instead of grass on the street

Only sidewalks where the grass is lava, have to stay on the sidewalk, and cannot fall.

Dreaming about lava all around you could symbolically represent negative changes taking place in your life. You may be about to go through a period filled with extreme discomfort and agitation, likely from an outside source. The sidewalk, then, represents your need and ability to walk the thin line between stability and chaos, suggesting there is a way to get through this trying time. You would have to rely on all your previous knowledge and experience to find the solutions you need.

A man who looks like lava

I saw a figure of a man that wasn't recognized. He was black and orange. Looked like lava. He was climbing up a wall.

Strange-looking creatures or entities whose appearance do not conform with your idea of normal, usually reveal the dreamer's rigid and inflexible character. Perhaps you tend to be set in your ways and generally evade unfamiliar situations or relationships. It is possible that you are dealing with new experiences or uncharted territory in the waking world and you are struggling to adapt to the novelty of it all. Alternatively, lava is associated with suppressed anger. As such, the appearance of the figure could be the embodiment of your pent up frustrations. You may feel oppressed and overlooked and think the only way you would be heard is if you let loose or express yourself in a way that others would find unpleasant or even disturbing.

Lava around the mall

I was at a mall and took off in a black bike, as I was riding the bike I could almost see lava underneath. I had to be careful not to step on it or the lava would ooze out. I managed to run over one, I flung some but I guess I was alright. I kept going. I returned to the mall because my family was there and we took off, nothing happened to us.

Malls in dreams symbolize materialism and facades or outward appearances. Dreaming about leaving the mall signifies your desire to move away from all that is physical and focus on things which actually matter. However, in your wish to do so you would face a great deal of trouble and difficulties. The image of the lava flowing under your feet further reinforces the notion of upcoming problems in your life. The fact that you still kept moving on your bike represents your steadfastness in achieving your goals. Nevertheless, you might have to return to your previous ways marked by pomp and show only because you want to keep your folks satisfied and happy with you. In order to achieve what you want make sure you take a middle path which keeps you as well as your loved ones happy.

Saving others from flowing lava

I have a recurring dream since childhood about flowing lava coming towards my loved ones while consuming everything and I'm trying to hurry and get them up onto my shoulders to protect them.

Dreaming about lava flowing all around you symbolically represents negative changes taking place in you life. You may be about to go through a period filled with extreme discomfort and agitation, likely from an outside source. Considering the recurring nature of this vision, it is possible you subconsciously relate upcoming trials to the destruction caused by natural disasters, such as a volcanic eruption. Trying to protect your relatives by carrying them is a sign that suggests you literally shoulder a lot of responsibility and stress in reality. However, you cannot be at fault for all the evils around you. It would be better if you worked with friends and family to overcome obstacles rather than taking on everything by yourself.