Dreams Related To Laundry

Someone ruining clothes in the laundry

3 days ago I dreamed that I was doing my laundry. After I finished my laundry, the scene was I am outside which I no longer remember in detail but when I return to the house, a beautiful lady repeated doing my laundry. When I saw her, she was soon to finish it, but I noticed that she did not separate my light-colored clothes from dark clothes which caused stains and discoloration to some of my clothes. My dark blue jeans is next to my white shirt and gold dress. Both of my white shirt and gold dress had blue stains from my jeans. I did not confront her but I was frustrated deep inside. When I was inside the bus, I was able to share this with one of my friends. I wonder what this dream means.

Dreaming that you are doing the laundry symbolizes spiritual cleansing and purification. You could be in the process of getting rid of bad habits or generally trying to become a better person after going through a lot of trials and making a lot of mistakes. Meanwhile, the beautiful woman or lady in your dream vision portends exciting occasions ahead of you. It could be a party, a reunion or a random encounter with someone from your past which would trigger strong emotions or even feelings of nostalgia. While you would initially look forward to parties or similar events, it may end up giving you mixed feelings which would affect your current resolve to transform yourself. Perhaps the discoloration of your clothes means attending those events could make you feel sad or lonely, as indicated by the blue stain. Instead of moving forward with your self-improvement plans, bitterness and resentments could come bubbling to the surface of your consciousness. Alternatively, the beautiful lady could also represent your aspiration. Perhaps in trying to achieve that ultimate goal, it may end up destroying you or bring out the darker or more chaotic aspects of your personality.

Hanging laundry on a clothesline

Hanging wet clothes outside to dry on a sunny day is an auspicious portent. It symbolizes a sudden increase in wealth, for example, in the form of an inheritance, lottery or cash prize. Your situation and quality of life would likely improve due to this improvement, leading to happiness and satisfaction.

Drying your laundry inside

Hanging up your clothes to dry inside your room or house is often thought to predict illness or unhealthiness inside your household. A close relative, like a parent, sibling or child, may soon fall ill. While the severity may put them out of commission for awhile, it is unlikely to have lasting repercussions or permanent effects.

A big pile of dirty laundry

Seeing a large pile of dirty laundry or noticing that a pile of laundry has grown during the course of a dream vision may be your subconscious trying to warn you that you are about to be taken advantage of in reality. This dream symbol has often been associated with falling victim to predatory business practices or being cheated out of your fair share, usually because your business partner or associate took advantage of your kind, trusting nature. If you do not take measures to protect yourself and your interests, you may never be able to advance your career or financial goals a reality.

Folding laundry

Envisioning yourself folding laundry and putting clothes away is often thought to be the manifestation of the dreamer's thrifty and cost-conscious nature. You likely prefer to keep strict records of where your money goes and always go to great lengths to secure the best deals on whatever you intend to purchase. In fact, others may even criticize your spendthrift ways, encouraging you to loosen up.

Doing laundry on an Indian reservation

A Native American man was in my dream looking at me. I was by the reservation doing my dad's laundry, on the bottom of a barrel I found a dirty bright orange sweatshirt, it kind of freaked me out.

A stranger who stares at you and makes you feel uncomfortable in a dream could be the manifestation of your mistakes and failures following you throughout waking life. You may feel that you cannot shake off the bad luck that has plagued past decisions and actions. Additionally, the strange orange sweatshirt you found in the laundry may reveal an upcoming opportunity that seems, and most likely is, too good to be true. You should be wary of cheap and easy fixes to problems that have seemed overwhelming thus far. You should look for help from those you trust and make changes slowly and deliberately.

Wringing your laundry

Wringing out the laundry in a dream vision is symbolically linked with the idea of going through a rough patch or a series of unfortunate events in the near future. You may soon become ill or face difficulties tackling the goals you set out for yourself. If you envisioned someone else wringing their laundry, it is possible that person would be negatively affected in this way, and you would feel great sadness and sympathy for their situation. In the case that you did not recognize the individual, they could represent someone close to you whom you have not seen in a long time.

Wringing the water out of washed laundry has also been associated with uncovering a plot of betrayal. You may soon learn of a fake friend's efforts to stab either you or someone you know in the back. This would likely lead to hurt feelings and tension when the news gets out.

Laundry on a clothesline

What does this dream mean: there were white big clothes hanged in about 10 lines, then came the wind. I was trying to take them down and I pulled 2 lines then a heavy wind came took away the clothes in my hands. I looked worried then came a word look up. I saw white and blue clouds opened.

Dreaming about collecting clothes or laundry drying on a clothesline means that you may be presented with an opportunity to receive (inherit) some money or material benefits. In your dream you said the clothes were blown away by the wind, which means you might be prevented from taking advantage of this chance by some circumstances beyond your control. The vision of skies opening above you represents the possibility of other favorable circumstances you may encounter in the future, so if you do not benefit in the first place, it should not concern or disappoint you because there are more opportunities coming your way.

A neat stack of laundry

The image of a neat stack of freshly cleaned laundry in a dream vision often represents a prosperous home life in reality. You likely have a decent income meeting all of your basic needs and can easily provide for those who depend on you for food, clothing and shelter. If you do not currently have such a capability, you may soon find your income increased through a promotion, raise or better job offer.

Washing laundry in dirty water

Attempting to wash your laundry in dirty or murky water is a highly ominous and unfortunate symbol to behold in a dream vision. It has been associated with a number of negative outcomes in reality. For example, this symbol has often been tied to blame and conflict in relationships. You may soon get into a fight with a friend or family member over who is at fault for a recent mistake or trouble. Alternatively, this vision can predict illness and roadblocks as well. In general, you would find life difficult and tedious for some time to come.

Someone's laundry on clothesline

Seeing someone else's laundry hanging on a clothesline may reveal upcoming conflict or discontent in your family circle. Members or your immediate family unit or household may soon find themselves embroiled in a serious disagreement that would take much time, effort and forgiveness to get past. This period of time would be characterized by great stress and anxiety.