Dreams Related To Laughing

Laughing incessantly

Laughing incessantly in the dream world represents a tendency to try and forget or ignore your problems. You may spend hours on social media or letting Netflix auto-play so that you do not have to think about the troubles plaguing you in reality, especially regarding your close friendships or familial connections. You may want to spend more time being present and actively considering those around you, or you may look around one day and find that they are no longer there.

Unable to stop laughing

Being unable to stop laughing once you have started in the dream world means that someone or something is distracting you in wake life to the point of being a detriment. You may have a huge crush on a new acquaintance in reality that makes you unable to function properly during the day because you are constantly daydreaming. Alternatively, you may be obsessed with a trendy new smartphone game or dating app that keeps you from focusing on other things of more importance, like your homework, career tasks or family members. It would be wise to identify these time-wasting areas of your life and try to avoid them.

Laughing at the husband

I woke up laughing at my husband in my dream?

Dreaming that you are making fun of someone or laughing at someone is actually a reflection of your self-loathing. The parts or characteristics you are mocking about a person are in fact the aspects you do not like about yourself. As such, laughing at your husband is more telling about your own failings. For example, if you laugh at his bad fashion choices, then that means you are very conscious about your appearance. In contrast, laughing with someone represents self-acceptance. You are aware of your flaws and you are willing to embrace them as part of who you are along with a willingness to improve yourself.