Dreams Related To Lake

A lake in general

A lake in dreams in general, even without any specific details or context surrounding the image, reveals your balanced and laid-back attitude when it comes to romance and intimate relationships. Sample dream scenarios may involve seeing a painting of a lake or physically coming across this body of water while spending time outdoors. Similar dream scenarios mean you tend to act in a calm and relaxed manner around your partner which allows you to preserve this harmonious relationship.

Standing on the surface of a frozen lake

In my dream I saw myself standing on a frozen lake in the middle of a dead forest. I saw a shade or shadow that was in my form. She looked like she was screaming but I couldn't hear her. When I tried to get closer to her, the ice cracked and I fell into the dark cold water of the lake. When I opened my eyes up from underwater I saw blurry images going past me.

The vision of a dead forest in your dream alludes to upcoming disappointments. The dry and damaged trees in this dead forest represent your futile efforts at achieving something that perhaps is out of your reach. This is where the image of the frozen lake comes in as it is often associated with isolation and lack of sympathy. The crushing disappointment could leave you trapped in your own fury and feelings of frustration with no one who understands or supports you in this time of need. Falling into the dark and cold water of the lake may be your attempt at closing yourself off and wallowing in your own misery. Perhaps this is a warning or a cry for help. You may need to be a little more practical and circumspect about setting achievable goals to avoid burn out or losing your motivation.

A dried lake

A dried up lake, perhaps due to an extreme drought or irresponsible human activities, serves as a warning for you to be careful in associating yourself with individuals or groups with questionable reputation. You may think this new social group is engaged in benign activities until things start to get out of control and you could find yourself implicated. Not only would you be accountable for your behavior, it may even have legal ramifications.

Approaching a lake

Walking towards a lake or approaching it as it slowly comes into view, for example with the intent of going boating or swimming with friends, suggests upcoming health issues. The state of the lake itself may provide clues about the severity of the illness you would acquire in the near future. A cold or frozen lake could suggest a serious ailment which would require lifelong medication. Ultimately, this dream image means your body is experiencing imbalance due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, aging or even pregnancy. Hence it may be in your best interest to consult a physician for a thorough check-up.

Swimming in a lake

Swimming in a lake, perhaps during daytime as a way of cooling off from the summer heat, usually means that you are trying to impress someone or earn the trust of powerful and influential people. This could mean you are expending a lot of energy and effort to highlight your talents and capabilities to advance your career. On the other hand, if you are on your back floating or using backstroke, then it points to a rocky friendship. Your best friend could start treating you badly, but you would not necessarily care. Perhaps your dismissive attitude is also to blame for the strain in your relationship.

Sailing on a lake

Dreaming that you are sailing on a lake, via a sail boat or a yacht in order to go fishing or maybe just to unwind, is usually a reflection of your current state of mind. So the state of the lake itself provides a clue whether you are struggling over certain issues or your mind is relatively peaceful. A serene lake is a positive sign, while rough waters suggest psychological turmoil. However, if this is a recurring dream scenario then it means you are feeling confused and uncertain about the near future. You may even be afraid to make a major decision because you do not want to cause imbalance in your life.

Fishing on a lake

The dream meaning behind the act of fishing on a lake, such as casting a fishing lure or fly fishing rod to catch a fish, has to do with a tumultuous marriage. You may meet and fall in love with someone, eventually marrying this person, only to discover the manipulative and vindictive side of your spouse which would slowly erode your relationship. If you are already married, then it means your partnership would become fraught and rocky likely triggered by a major issue that would fueled by your personal differences.

A lifeless lake

A dead lake or lifeless lake, maybe because it lacks aquatic life or it appears cold and foreboding because of the stillness of the surroundings devoid of animals and vegetation, refers to your emotional nature. Instead of developing your rational and practical side, you tend to rely heavily on emotions and gut instinct. Unfortunately, this personal tactic and attitude could backfire and lead to bad decisions. Even worse, allowing your emotions to take precedence in most situations could also cause a breakdown.

A forest lake

Discovering a beautiful forest lake amidst a thick canopy of trees and rich vegetation, while you are camping in the woods or flying overhead in a helicopter, means someone who holds a strong grudge against you would go to great lengths in order to ruin your reputation. You probably have a long history with this individual, hence the strong motivation to sabotage your happiness. Unfortunately, diplomacy may not help you stop this person's malicious maneuverings. You may have to fight fire with fire.

A shallow lake

The presence of a shallow lake in your dream, whether you are wading in the water, swimming in it or floating idly while looking up at the sky, means you would slowly lose the love and affection you have for your significant other or a dear friend. Perhaps you would drift apart overtime due to a lack of quality time, changing priorities or personal differences. Unfortunately, you may not think the relationship is worth saving because you would not be inclined to work on rekindling the passion.

A mountain lake

Finding a lake up in the mountains, whether you are looking down or actually on this high altitude on an expedition, has very positive connotations about your work ethic and attitude towards everything. The placement of the lake in this high elevation represents your uncanny ability to overcome even the toughest of problems and challenges with your innate resilience and optimism. Your grit is what makes you rise above your contemporaries and achieve success through your strong will.

A calm lake from afar

Observing a calm and still lake from afar, perhaps as you approach a cliff during a hike or from a cabin or building overlooking the peaceful lake, implies personal contentment and balance in your existence. You are probably happily settled with your home life, whether or not you have a family of your own, so you are not prone to social comparison or envious of other people's accomplishments. Even with your career you may no longer be inclined to change paths or try other fields.

In addition, spotting a few noticeable waves that are disrupting the stillness of the lake can point to potential changes or shake ups which could cause significant shifts to your routines and lifestyle. You could either feel excited and energized about the unexpected developments or you could also become anxious and agitated about these things that are out of your control.

Drowning in a forest lake

I was in the middle of the black water lake surrounded by the trees, I heard the voice of my close friend she called me "Come here", I answered her "No, I cannot leave him". Someone is pulling my two feet down deep into the water. I tried to swim because I felt like I am drowning. Then I woke up exhausted.

Dreaming about swimming in dark murky waters is a negatively charged sign. It could mean that you would soon receive distressing and prejudicial news. You might come across this unexpected message while traveling or on a journey. The friend who is calling you and the person who is pulling you down both seem to serve as a warning. You should be careful about someone, or a group of people. Someone might be trying to harm you or prevent you from achieving your current goals. Alternatively, you might consider this individual a potential threat. However, for some reason, you remain unable to stop relating with this person. For example, you may be emotionally attached or you may feel ethically obliged to stand by that person's side. If it is in your workplace, maybe they will try to sabotage a project that you are working on. If it is in your business, this person might steal your ideas in order to compete with you. Whatever it is, they are planning against you, you need to be more careful and watch your back.

A peaceful and beautiful lake

Coming across a peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful lake, such as standing on a wharf and looking out into the lake or up in the mountains overlooking the lake, represents your calm demeanor and peace of mind. While everyone around you may be prone to losing their temper or getting emotional, you remain cool and collected even under pressure. This may be a product of your extensive experience or wisdom. Instead of reacting immediately, you are able to take a step back and evaluate the situation before doing something about it.

Your reflection in a lake

Seeing yourself reflected on the surface of a lake, perhaps after splashing yourself with the cool waters of the lake or as you stare at the glassy surface while cruising along the lake, means you would become acquainted with someone who would become part of your life. This person could become your best friend or a romantic partner. However, if the reflection is of someone else, someone you know in reality, then terrible things could happen to them and you would have to warn them about their bad luck.

Seeing the bottom of a lake

To see the bottom of the lake with all the blooming aquatic life, perhaps through the crystal clear lake water while you are boating or because you are diving deep into the lake, suggests a peaceful and carefree existence. You are likely able to live a relatively conflict-free life because of your innate goodness and generosity, hence you always have other people aiding you whenever times get tough. However, this can also take a toll on you as you try so hard to be nice to others even when you are in a bad mood.

Fish splashing in a lake

Observing fish splashing and swimming in a lake, maybe as you are trying to catch a salmon or bass, signifies mounting stress in your daily life. You are likely close to reaching your physical and psychological limit because you have too much on your plate, both in terms of work as well as personal affairs. As such, this dream vision is your subconscious trying to tell you to take a break and relax. Go on a well-deserved vacation or just have some time out for yourself to avoid burnout.

In the middle of a beautiful lake

The serene and heart-warming dream of seeing yourself in a boat floating in the middle of a pure lake with crystal-clear water is an extremely positive sign just like the mind suggests. Also, know that this vision could be even more auspicious if you saw yourself sailing in the amicable company of other people and you have all been enjoying your time together. This symbol foretells good fortune, wealth, prosperity and happiness but does not hint at whether this is a prophecy of future times or a metaphorical reflection of what you already have in your waking life.

A lake with dirty water

Dream visions containing imagery of a lake with dirty brown water, such as a polluted lake or an off-the-grid lake filled with debris and decaying matter, could be a prediction of possible failures in your current plans and aspirations. However, if you envisioned the unclean lake being surrounded by a peaceful community or an attractive scenery, then it means your willpower and determination may bear some fruit. At the very least, your persistence could lead to a less worrisome or dangerous route.

For young women, dreaming about seeing or swimming in a lake with dirty or unclean water predicts great disappointments and regrets related to unwise choices and irresponsible behavior. This string of disappointments may stem from your constant rejection of good advice from people who genuinely care about you. Perhaps you are constantly suspicious of the kindness or generosity shown by other people around you.

A clear lake with poor vegetation

Seeing a clear lake, or finding yourself in the middle of a clear lake, which is surrounded by sparse or dying vegetation portends possible financial problems and loss of wealth. The lack of vegetation in and around this lake also points to poor judgment and risky behavior which would cause your financial troubles. The dangerous, risky or unacceptable actions or activities you would be involved in could become addictive and would slowly diminish your life savings.

Reflections on the lake surface

Observing or staring at reflections on the surface of a lake, perhaps as you come across this scenery while walking in a forest in the moonlight or you find yourself standing by the lake side, is usually an auspicious dream symbol associated with upcoming pleasant surprises and being surrounded by true friends and kind people. Specifically, the reflections of a tree foliage on the lake surface is symbolic of experiencing true love and happiness. It may be a romantic love or the unconditional love of family, maybe even both.

Monsters coming out of the lake

Encountering or seeing monsters or scary creatures emerging from a lake in your dream vision, such as while you are swimming in the lake at night or while on a leisurely walk by yourself, portends disappointments and regrets ahead of you that may be a result of all the time and energy you wasted. Perhaps you have chosen the wrong path or project to take on. A catastrophic failure could result in insecurity and a general feeling of unworthiness because of efforts spent on something which turned out to be useless.

Escaping from drowning in a lake

Envisioning yourself drowning in a lake, then being able to save yourself or find your way to the safety of its shores, could mean that you are currently have false beliefs or convictions. In the dream, your boat may have capsized and you were trying to save yourself from drowning. Fortunately, the positive outcome means you would be able to get rid of false beliefs and flawed reasoning which would help you gain the respect and admiration of other people. Another interpretation of this vision could be related to one of your closest friends falling ill in the near future.

For young women, dreaming of witnessing a couple caught in a stormy weather and struggling to stay afloat in a lake points to the possibility of betrayal in reality. Specifically, there is a chance that your current lover or partner would soon commit an indecent act, betray your trust or treat you badly. The good news is that you would be able to work things out and restore peace and harmony in your relationship.

Skinny-dipping in a lake

Skinny-dipping in a lake, such as going on a swim by yourself without your clothes or taking this dip with someone else in a flirtatious manner, opens up the possibility that you would find your romantic partner while you are in an unusual place or setting. The novelty of this new surrounding or fresh atmosphere could help the both of you spark mutual attraction. Since you are strangers navigating new terrain, it is a conducive place for a deeper intimate bond developing with time.

Waves on a lake surface

Lakes are generally calm and still, so the appearance of waves denotes conflict. For people in relationships or currently dating someone, seeing waves on the surface of a lake, especially large wave crashing to the lake's shore, refers to arguments and disagreements that would test your relationship which may make it stronger or ultimately lead to a break up. On the other hand, a serene lake bodes well for you and your romantic partner because it means you would have a strong and mutually beneficial partnership.

Gliding along lake's surface

Envisioning yourself gliding along the surface of the lake, like you are skating on water or hovering and flying across smooth and still waters, denotes peace, prosperity and an overall happy existence. You may already be experiencing this joy and fulfillment at work and at home. If not, then you can expect good things to happen in all aspects of your life. You would be more productive and fulfilled at work as well as in your personal affairs. If you are pursuing a romantic prospect, then you would be happy to know that it would blossom into a beautiful relationship.

Giant waves on a lake surface

Seeing giant waves on the surface of a lake, as you are sailing, swimming or just sitting by the shore, symbolizes second wind or renewed motivation for projects you are passionate about. The huge waves represent the discovery of a new source of energy and enthusiasm. This pleasant discovery would inspire you to be more productive and innovative in your chosen field which would result in a ton of accomplishments in a short span of time.

Swimming in a lake of blood

Swimming in a lake of thick, viscous blood, like a nightmare scenario which places you in this horrific lake that is filled with either human or animal blood, has a very negative meaning behind it. The blood in lieu of lake water represents hardship and tragedy. The most benign interpretation has to do with your enemies who may be closing in on you. The worst case scenario involves injuries and accidents that could lead to a lifelong deformity or disability. If not physical, then there would definitely be lasting psychological effects.

Drowning in a lake

Drowning in a lake means you may be struggling to manage your emotions in reality. Too many problems and complications could cause the floodgate of your feelings to burst which could lead to an emotional breakdown. Alternatively, the lake could be a metaphor for your consciousness and state of mind, so in a sense drowning in this lake could mean that you do not know yourself that well and discovering hidden aspects of yourself may cause an identity crisis. Perhaps this dream symbol is a sign that you need more self-awareness and introspection.

Driving into a lake

My family, i.e. my husband, my daughter and myself, is traveling in our car. Then we see a large placid, beautiful blue lake with green trees outlining its shores. We in fact admire how beautiful it looks. Then somehow drive towards the lake and bridge seems we are going into the lake. Then suddenly water splashes on our windshield. That's when I wake up in panic.

This dream about driving toward a beautiful blue lake could be a reflection of a journey or travel you have recently been on or planning on going. If there has been a recent travel, you could have experienced pleasant atmosphere and general sense of satisfaction with what you had seen or visited, but there could have been regrets or slight disappointments both for you and your family members related to this recent travel. If you are planning on traveling or taking a vacation trip soon, this vision could reflect some concerns you or someone in your family may be expressing about certain aspects of this upcoming experience. These doubts and uncertainties may originate from either not enjoying yourself to the fullest because of certain arrangements you had made in regards to the trip and the way you were treated, or simply because you have never been there before. The symbolic vision of water splashing on the windshield represents these unpleasant memories and impressions boggling your mind.

A beautiful lake with dead fish

Wow, it was really awesome, it was a big lake with very clear water. Under the water pale-yellow color land, sand stones, also yellowish in color. Me and my friend in one boat, but I forgot my friend who he was. Under lake water so many big white fishes and also small transparent fishes. After some time we enter into the lake with low depth, at that moment I saw one big white dead fish already dead. My friend unfortunately walked on the white dead fish head. Hahaha, and I called him to look down, he was shocked.

Sailing through a clear and calm lake symbolizes inner peace, a clear mind and a levelheaded attitude. The lake as a whole represents your consciousness, so while it appears clear and steady, the dead fish indicates that an emotional upheaval will disturb your quiet existence due to an upcoming loss of possessions or possibly loved ones. This game-changing event that could rock your boat may be marked by betrayal or cowardice from someone close to you. Alternatively, the big change could be related to the boat in your dream which means transport, travel or relocation. Your comfortable routine could soon be disturbed and altogether altered by changing jobs or moving into a different residence.

Meeting elderly people by a lake during storm

My ex-husband and I were walking and riding a motorcycle and came upon a still lake edge suddenly. The lake was clear, so I could see the algae and plants below the surface. A bad storm, a red-hued hurricane, was looming. Clouds were moving quickly, but no wind. An elderly woman needed our help. I picked up her things and he went ahead with her. An older man seemed sexually interested in me.

The presence of your ex-husband in your dream alludes to unfinished business. Meanwhile, the clear lake represents fresh insight and clarity. As such, you may soon find the courage and lucidity to close this chapter of your personal journey. The motorcycle as a symbol illustrates the risk and spontaneity that characterized your previous marriage. In a sense, the elderly woman may have been the old you. Perhaps you feel like your ex has not grown up. On the other hand, you are now ready to move forward by looking for someone more mature and stable, someone you can grow old with.

Elevated in the air because of lake waves

Standing at a lake with my husband and a boat went by. The waves propelled me straight into the air in my chair, it was small like a small boat seat on a peg leg, and I kept going up and up and I only felt terrified and wanted desperately to find a way to survive the fall to the water. But all I kept doing was going higher and higher and higher. It was horrible.

The situation you describe is akin to the feeling of dying in a shipwreck, since you experienced a life-threatening scenario involving a boat that could cause you to drown. This is, unfortunately, a rather negative symbol, which could mean you may find yourself facing an equally dangerous scenario in real life and maybe are on the verge of suffering some kind of misfortune which could be detrimental either to you personally or to those close to you. However, since you mentioned your husband being in the same dream, perhaps he is the person whom you should have to reach out for help when you feel any actual threats appearing in your real life.

Spending time with boyfriend at a lake house

My dream was about me and my boyfriend, we went to a lake house in a city I didn't know, we were there with my grandma and her husband. My boyfriend and I were rowing a little boat on the water going under a big highway bridge and it started to collapse. It didn't kill us and we went back to the lake house. We all got in the car to go home, then my boyfriend mom showed up out of nowhere and led us back to the lake house. Then I woke up.

In dreams, a lake house or a house by the lake refers to comfort and peace of mind. It can be a literal place which you consider as your comfort zone or safe place and it could also be a state of mind where you feel most comfortable and at ease. Meanwhile, the collapsing bridge above you means you are going to miss out on a big opportunity. It seems like your loved ones are keeping you from achieving your goals, as illustrated by the scenario at the end when your boyfriend's mom takes you back to the lake house. Maybe you are also content with your present circumstance. However, pretty soon you would be faced with a difficult choice of grabbing a rare opportunity to chase your dreams or settling down with your boyfriend. It would be best if you and your boyfriend are on the same page, otherwise the collapsed bridge could also refer to the end of your relationship.

Ocean creatures in the lake

I dreamed about visiting a friend's house that was near a lake. When we went to the lake, there were sea lions on the shore. Suddenly, flocks of eagles flew down challenging the sea lions over the shore. Then a whale started swimming around and jumping out of the water, causing us to leave from the splashing. I wanted to move there but the town where this lake was wasn't so nice. The buildings were dilapidated and there were not so innocent people living there.

The animals present in this vision provide great detail and meaning to your dream, therefore we should focus on them. The sea lions represent a rival or enemies in wake life. While they may not be an active threat, their mere presence may put you on edge. You likely feel frustrated, annoyed or even embarrassed when you have to be or work near them. In this dream, your sense of self is manifested in the majestic eagles. You are ambitious and have the will power to make your dreams come true. It may be tempting, then, to lash out at your enemies like the eagles in your dream. However, the whale is a warning that you should not get involved in drama. It would be better to use your gifts and talents to make your life better than to waste precious time, energy and mental space on those who do not matter.

Lake of snakes

Seeing numerous snakes in water is a manifestation of emotions and how you handle them in your daily life. At present, you might be in a situation where you are showing resistance to a change that is bound to happen at work or in your personal life. On a positive note, these snakes also stand for positive energy. You are moving forward from an experience that brought you pain and misery in the past. A bright future with a more optimistic perspective awaits you.

Swimming in a lake with someone

Swimming with another person, such as a close friend, in a freshwater lake is a sign that something is about to change with regards to your connection with this person. Perhaps your relationship will get closer due to some event or trial. On the other hand, you may drift apart over a disagreement or a difference in personality. In either case, the water around you suggests that even with change some things, especially unexpected things, may remain the same.