Dreams Related To Lady

A young lady

Seeing a young lady in your dream is a symbol of romance. You are about to enter into a love relationship and this will be something very fulfilling for you. You will have a very fruitful love affair with the right person you are about to encounter.

An older lady

Meeting an older lady in your dream tells of problems or troubles coming your way. It can be due to old issues from your past that continue to hound you, and these have a negative outcome for your life at the moment.

Old lady

The image of an old lady or a woman of an advanced age is a positive omen to perceive in the dream realm, especially for a man or those who identify as male. The sign often symbolizes growing feelings, particularly for a special lady in wake life. This vision is often seen by those who are ready to move from more platonic interactions and transition into something more physical.

Many ladies around

Being in a crowd of ladies in your dream means that you are about to be betrayed by the person you are involved with. This can also refer to separating from your significant other, and experiencing heartache in the process.

Fighting with a lady

Fighting with a lady in your dream is a sign of wasted energy used on worthless projects. You will be involved in ventures that will not benefit you in any significant way, even though they might be easy to accomplish.

An elderly and ill lady

Seen an older lady who is ill.

Meeting or seeing an old woman in your dream tells of problems or troubles coming your way. It can be due to some old issues from your past that continue to hound you, and these problems or issues might have a negative outcome for your life if not addressed properly. The symbol of this old lady being ill in the same dream can be a prediction of prolonged and time-consuming attempts or measures to deal with and resolve this situation for the better.

A strange lady in a black dress

A lady came to me, she was dressed in a black dress, she had bruises all over her arms and face. She was holding me tight then she tried to put her fingers inside my back.

Dreaming about a woman dressed in black represents an internal sadness you have inside you. This may not be something you have shared with others, but it is likely connected to the upcoming or recent passing of a loved one or being unable to be with someone you care about. Receiving what was perceived to be a hug from this woman, however, indicates having one more meeting with this person or a chance to communicate. This opportunity could give you some closure and help begin the healing process.

Seeing a lady

Encountering the presence of a lady in your dream holds a symbolic indication that revolves around the propagation of malicious news. This suggests the potential emergence of rumors or gossip within your social sphere, with the possibility of you being implicated or affected by these rumors. The appearance of a lady in your dream serves as a forewarning, urging you to remain vigilant and cautious of the information circulating around you. By acknowledging this symbolism, you are empowered to navigate such situations with discretion and discernment, taking proactive measures to address any unfounded rumors and protect your reputation. Stay informed, communicate effectively, and foster healthy relationships to mitigate the impact of negative gossip.

Running into a lady

Running into a lady in your dream is a warning of receiving unexpected news. You will get a surprise either through a news that you will receive or in another form. Either way it will be something that will pleasantly surprise and make you a happier person.

This can also be a sign of distress or difficulties in the way you communicate with other people. You may be forced to deal with and work with people you dislike, but you do not have any choice because you need to interface with them on a regular basis.

A lady with an empty bucket

Seeing a lady carrying an empty bucket who is walking towards you is a good sign. You will find a great opportunity through a venture that will bring you much profit. You will gain a lot materially and experience an increase in your material possessions or assets.

A lady being touched and smiling

A lady standing in swimming dress and smiling, suddenly a lot of hands touching her thighs and vagina, even though the lady still standing with smile.

This vision may be related to concerns, holdups or anxieties you have related to sex and intimacy. In a sense, the woman's swimwear could be a metaphor for partial exposure, which suggests you are in a situation you can handle but still makes you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps the person you are with or want to be with is someone who makes you feel safe, but your personal issues are preventing you from being totally relaxed. This is supported by the image of the hands touching parts of the woman's body that are considered very intimate. Perhaps you also wish to touch and be touched but lack the confidence to do or say so. You may need to take things slowly as you explore your sexuality more deeply.

Being threatened by a lady in green

Lady in green dress trying to kill me.

Dreaming about almost being killed by a woman who is wearing a green dress could contain a warning that either someone is envious about your current relationship or lifestyle or you could be expressing these same feelings toward someone you know closely.

Old lady trying to kill you

The image of a creepy old lady trying to kill you could point to your indecisiveness. You tend to relent when making decisions, which makes the people around you grow tired of you. Moreover, the woman who is trying to hurt you is a paranormal manifestation of how you view society. This comes as a realization that society can be unfair and unjust at times due to the things happening around you.