Dreams Related To Kissing

Being kissed in a dark room

I am a girl. I was in a room with little to no light. I was then kissed by a tall man, but I cannot remember his features or his name. His hands were on my back when he kissed me.

Kissing with a tall stranger should be viewed as a warning to consider how your current behavior may affect your future. This symbol is often associated with morally questionable actions that could cause trouble for you later on. Coupled with the setting of the dark room, this could be interpreted two ways. On one hand, if you were happy to be kissing this man in the room, you may find that your family and friends would support you even when your actions get you into trouble. On the other hand, being unhappy or uncomfortable in the room may reveal a lack of support from those around you, meaning you would have to blaze a new path on your own without the financial, moral or physical support of anyone else.

Dead husband kissing me

The image of your dearly departed life partner can be very vivid and memorable in the dream realm. In this case, kissing him can have two possible and related meanings. First, it could point toward lingering feelings for your once friend and lover. Death is not always the end to love, so to speak. Similarly, this image also sometimes carries a slightly negative connotation, suggesting that you need to rethink how you are acting in some social situations. Perhaps his loss has led you to act in a way that you would not have before. Alternatively, current love interests may be getting a different version than they should. An examination of conscious may be necessary, and it would be recommended to seek professional help if you cannot solve things on your own.

French kissing

French kissing in the dream realm is often associated with poor behavior in wake life. This covers a wide range of sins from minor slip ups in etiquette to completely illegal activity. For instance, those who have accidentally liked an old picture of someone they were cyber-stalking may see this symbol in their dreams, but it may also be observed by those tempted to sell drugs on the street or buy alcohol for those who are underage. This vision should be considered a reminder to watch your actions closely, as they may have long-lasting effects of a negative nature.

Your ex boyfriend kissing you

Dreaming of intimate interactions with an ex may attract blessings your way. According to dream workers, the answer to what does it mean when you dream about your ex boyfriend kissing you has to do with a pleasant surprise. Since exes are metaphors for the general past, this unexpected event or encounter may be connected to previous project or involves someone you know from the past.

Dream about being kissed or kissing someone

Kissing someone

To kiss someone in a dream typically indicates a peaceful and harmonious life. Edgar Cayce believes that a dream foreshadows life events and this is a good prophecy depicting the attainment of contentment in all aspects of your existence. Certain details will add more meaning to this dream symbol. For instance, kissing your spouse or significant other portends a happy marriage. You will both thrive as a married couple and as parents should you wish to have children. On the other hand, to kiss a stranger symbolizes regret. You might have let go of an opportunity or a person who would have made you very happy.

Kissing someone you don't really like

In the realm of dreams, kissing someone you either do not care for or really do not like is often thought to be a reflection of some of your internal feelings regarding this individual. While it is probably true that they annoy or offend you in general, there may be a small part of you that is jealous of them or their circumstances. For example, you may hate someone because they are rude or a bully, but you may also wish you were as popular as they are or that you had as much money as they do. This jealousy is manifested in the kiss, revealing your inner desire to share in what they have.

Kissing a handsome stranger

To experience kissing a handsome stranger in a dream vision predicts that you will be involved in some undesired or suspicious behavior due to some unethical acts you might commit. Be conscious about those actions, as they can influence your life negatively, and you might have regrets as you live through their effects.

Someone you like kissing you

Being kissed by someone you like is a prescient symbol of success. The answer is generally positive to the question of what does it mean when you dream about someone you like kissing you. However, although triumph is close at hand, this success will not happen overnight. The ontology behind this dream symbol is that more hard work and perseverance are necessary to achieve your goals. Just keep going.

Your boyfriend kissing you

Many people wonder what does it mean when you dream about your boyfriend kissing you. Rather than being symbolic of something with your relationship, this omen is a general sign that you would be presently surprised by someone or something you have been dealing with in the present. It is entirely possible that this is related to your boyfriend, but it is equally likely that your unconscious mind is connecting the pleasant idea of kissing your love interest with the positive energy surrounding you in wake life.

Kissing boyfriend's friends and boyfriend not upset

In my dream I was kissing my boyfriend's two friends, in front of him and he never said anything! I don't understand why I would kiss his friends because I don't fancy either of them.

Dreaming about kissing other men could be an indication that you have recently met a good-looking man. You could have seen or talked to him from a distance or face-to-face. You might have felt strongly attracted or fascinated by him and had a desire to act upon your feelings. In this case, the dream vision does not directly relate to your relationship with your boyfriend. It simply demonstrates how you still experience or express feelings of attraction to other men, even if merely on a subconscious level. This dream could also be a symbol of retaliation or revenge. You might currently feel ignored, rejected or deserted by your boyfriend. In order to get his attention or free yourself from his demeaning actions, you kissed his friends in front of him in this dream. Overall, there seems to be some diverted attention in regards to your relationship. You or your partner may be paying more attention to other people or other aspects of your lives than to each other and your relationship. Both could start to become emotionally hurt. You would benefit from trying to spend some quality time together, to revive or re-tune your relationship.

Kissing your first boyfriend

As a girlfriend, kissing your first boyfriend in the dream might be nerve-wracking. However, this vision might be a direct representation of your insecurity in the waking world. You might be in a new relationship, and despite your passionate love for your partner, you can't help but experience self-doubt. Similarly, the act of kissing might be a symbol of strong and positive energy surrounding you in real life. Therefore, assessing your situation and the details of this dream will be a big help in its interpretation.