Dreams Related To Killer

Serial killer trying to kill me

The presence of a serial killer who is out to kill you is a sign that you are becoming emotional about something. A person who is known for mass murder can be a symbol of your aversion to people who are ruthless about achieving their goals. You may also be struggling with your motivation, and you envy someone you know in real life who is enjoying playing politics and has a lot of achievements at such a young age.

Trying to escape from a killer

I have this dream someone wants to kill everyone. I jump into the sea with my granddaughter and survive that. Whoever wants to kill us we do not know why, but he is determined. I felt like we were visitors. Then I got suspicious of the activities around us both, so I jumped into the deep sea with my granddaughter and ended up safe, but wet now. I have found myself hiding close by in the trees, I am not scared for myself just protection for my granddaughter hoping to get away to safety somewhere. Twice I've had this dream and I don't like it.

You are right to be concerned about this dream. Being attacked and chased in a dream predicts that you may be deceived in the near future. This is probably connected to your granddaughter, meaning either she is the one doing the deceiving or, more likely, it is on her behalf that you are being deceived. Oceans are usually symbolic of opportunity, so someone may offer her a chance to do or be something that she would normally not have access to and, because you want to support her, you may be tricked into spending money or time on this scam for her benefit. Finding that you are safe after being in the sea indicates you may realize the scheme before it is too late, but you should be on your guard against scammers and any offers that seem too good to be true.

Confrontation with a serial killer

I was trying to open a river lodge in an emergency and was being told by the people around me I didn't have authority to do so when I did. I then got locked into the house and had to break into the house next door to get out and found a serial killer about to kill his next victim, so I had to save the victim and kill/take down the serial killer.

Your dream revolves around symbols associated with restrictions and limitations. Are you perhaps feeling constrained in reality? Trying to open things without authority being pretense suggests nascent ideas that are likely not yet fully developed, hence implementing them would be impractical. Or it could also be referring to your skills and potential which you need to hone further, so you can perform at full capacity. In relation to this untapped potential, getting locked inside the house reflects repressed aspects of yourself or the lack of awareness of another side of yourself that needs to be freed or expressed. This side that may be unknown to you could be the secret to realizing your full potential. In order to do this, to be fully self-aware, you need to kill or overcome the serial killer which represents your fears and insecurities.