Dreams Related To Key

Someone giving you keys

Receiving keys from someone in a dream, especially from someone you like or feel a strong connection to, can predict getting help and support if you are in a challenging situation. This could be help from the person who gave the key or a symbol that generally points toward others assisting you in your time of need. This support is likely to be unexpected but very welcome. The same vision of receiving keys is also an auspicious sign for those who wish to become parents, as it also symbolizes the growth of families through either natural birth or adoption.

A key in general

Keys, in the context of a dream vision, are commonly associated with the idea of wanting to bring some project or portion of your life to a close. This may be because you are ready to move on to bigger and better things or because you need a fresh start. In either case, you probably would like to accomplish this transition in the most efficient, simple way possible.

Receiving a key through kissing

I kissed someone and through kissing he gave me a key.

Dreaming about kissing someone who is a stranger or unfamiliar to you, since you did not mention who it was, can represent a warning about some questionable behavior you may be engaged in soon and which could have long-lasting repercussions for you, even though you may have been led by someone into believing it will not. Receiving a key through the act of kissing could therefore mean opportunities or chances you hope you can take advantage of at the moment by sacrificing your dignity and good name in the future.

Finding a key

Finding a key in a dream vision, whether you were presented with it or discovered it randomly, represents the great and wonderful things you can accomplish and receive in your future. This means you could get involved in a project that boosts your reputation and makes your career take off, or you may network with the one person who can really make a difference in the opportunities available to you.

Finding a key that does not seem to open anything in your vision or is out of place represents you desire to know where you belong in life, namely your purpose and your true destiny. It can also point toward you desire to learn more about your true potential and create a strong, meaningful bond with special people in your life, like family members or your other half. Looking at the other clues in your vision could reveal the path you should take or the direction your life should be headed in order to get the most out of it.

A bunch of keys on a keyring

Envisioning or touching a key ring which has many different keys is often a sign of going on a physical journey, meaning that you may have the chance to travel the world, discover its secrets, and meet new people in the near future. This trip is likely to make a very strong impression on you and change the way you looked at the world around you before. Your exposure to different cultures, customs and ideas may also give you more compassion and improve your interpersonal communication skills. For business owners who dream of key rings, this sign predicts improving your management style and productivity.

Two keys

Dreaming about two keys in particular, whether you are holding them or they are displayed on a table or hook, predicts that some situation you have been keeping an eye on may turn out drastically different than what you expected. You probably made a list of possible outcomes, at least subconsciously, but none of these eventualities is likely to be the actual result. However, this sign by itself does not indicate whether or not the outcome is beneficial or harmful to you.

Using a key to open a door

Trying to open a locked door with keys in a dream vision is often interpreted as a sign of your recent interest in a new field or subject that you have recently discovered through a friend, the media or just by accident. Just as opening a door reveals what is on the other side, so does this vision show the manifestation of your desires to delve deeper into your newfound hobby. Using keys to open a closed door, especially if you are having trouble finding the right key, can also symbolically represent being in a difficult situation where your attempts to solve your problems seem to get you into even hotter water. This sign is also a good omen for those who are about to open a new business or start a new contract as it represents having a good chance at success and prosperity through your endeavors.

A missing boyfriend holding a key

My other half is missing. My friend dreamt of him last night, holding out his hand to her and it had a key. She looked away and then looked back and he was gone.

Your friend's vision seems to be a message from your other half. The key he extends to her represents the help and support he is asking her to give you. Even in your darkest hours, you have good friends whom you can rely on for comfort and a shoulder to cry on.

Using a key for females

Dreaming of using a key is an indication of a new discovery. If you are a young woman, a dream about opening a door with a key means you could soon have a new admirer. You could be opening yourself up to meeting new people and widening your social circle. On the other hand, if you were locking the door behind you with the key on your way out, it predicts a momentous occasion. A marriage may be happening soon, involving you or someone close to you, which will put everyone in a celebratory mood.

Unable to locate a house key

Having a dream which centers around the idea of losing or misplacing the key to your home suggests your mind's current preoccupation with personal affairs of a difficult and serious nature. You probably are spending a lot of time and energy trying to find a solution to your problems instead of focusing on the smaller, less important details of your day-to-day life. This could result in small inconveniences during wake life, such as forgetting to pick up dry cleaning, missing a submission deadline, or even losing your keys.

As a continuation to this vision, should you be able to find the keys or remember where they were placed, you would soon be able to find an effective, practical solution to all your troubles and get your life back on track. In this case, finding a lost set of keys reflects your ability to solve your problems and make necessary efforts toward improving your situation without outside help or interference.

Giving your key to someone

Handing over or passing your house key to another person in a dream vision, as though to sell your home or give someone else use of it for a limited time, can be interpreted as a sign of an upcoming marriage. However, the person you gave the key to may not be the person you are marrying. Rather the passing of the key represents moving into the new phase of your life.

Opening locks with sets of keys

Got a key and opened a lock and saw another lock with many locks on it. I try it with the same key it was open, and I began to tell people "just take the locks off". And I woke up taking locks off.

Dreams in which you are trying to pick locks to symbolize struggles you will have to clear to reach a certain goal. It could also reflect your desire to learn more about a particular situation you might be in at the moment.

Someone giving a key

Perceiving someone to be giving you a key implies a great deal of guidance and support that you are getting from the people around you. This encouragement helps you endure and face all the trials that you are or might be facing in life. Most of all, if you happen to receive the key from a stranger, then this means that you will receive some sort of help from the person you least expect from. In most cases, this dream carries a good sign for the dreamer that points to personal growth.

Breaking a key

Dreams which center around the image of breaking a key, such as turning it the wrong way in a keyhole or bending it out of shape, suggests a mechanical disaster or malfunction occurring near you in the future. This sign, then, carries a warning to check your machinery and parts well before use and to follow directions closely when handling dangerous tools. Additionally, this exact same sign in a dream vision can also predict separating from a loved one due to one party's jealousy or an episode of cheating that was discovered.

Losing a key

Losing a key in a dream vision, whether it was for your house or car, is often interpreted as a negative sign regarding how people perceive you. Most specifically, this symbol indicates you may soon find yourself in a compromising and embarrassing situation, causing you to be the laughing stock of your immediate surrounding. This could be because of your reaction to something, your behavior, or an idea that you hold. Additionally, losing a key can also mean that someone is trying to control and limit you, possibly so that you do not surpass or outshine them.

Keys are highly symbolic of power, control and domination over others in real life. Losing a key, therefore, can sometimes point to events and situations outside your control taking place in wake life. You may find that things do not go according to plan or that your normal schedule must be thrown out the window. Losing keys can also point toward being ineffective and illogical in your dealings with others or in the management of your affairs.

An elderly man with keys

Seeing an elderly man, such as a grandfather figure or respected elder, carrying keys in a dream vision is often interpreted as a sign of impending difficulties and challenges for your community or neighborhood, especially disasters of cataclysmic proportions. Your area could be affected by severe weather conditions, like storms or drought, or an increase in crime and violence.

A golden key

Envisioning a shining, golden key, especially when surrounded by other, duller keys, symbolically represents the genuine interest you have in learning the truth and sharing it with others for the benefit of everyone. You likely have a passion for learning and yearn not only to acquire as much knowledge as possible, but to also disperse that knowledge to improve the lives of those around you. Golden keys can also represent successful participation in volunteer activities, social work and health care.

A key upclose

The image of a key upclose in a dream vision, where you can clearly see each detail and design feature, is an auspicious sign to come across as it represents savvy business moves or decisions which increase your reputation and value. This means you are likely to make great progress with your work or land amazing deals which grow in value exponentially. You can expect, in this situation, to also see an increase in your quality of life and the figures in your bank account. A large, detailed rendering of a key can also suggest making new discoveries which inspire and satisfy you for years to come.

Losing a small jewelry key

Losing the key to a locket or other pendant, especially for young, unmarried women, symbolically represents disaccord with a boyfriend or lover which could result in a breakup or long-term separation. Just as the locked piece of jewelry is inaccessible without the key, so does this sign reflect the inaccessibility of your heart from the affections of your partner.

Giving a key to someone for females

For a young woman, dreaming of giving a key to someone indicates sharing information. This action of handing someone the key hints at your tendency to share things that have been communicated to you in confidence. You may be prone to spreading gossip or talking about people behind their back. This vision warns you of the repercussions of your actions. If not kept in check or nipped at the bud, this bad habit could get you in trouble and compromise your reputation.

Holding a bunch of keys in your hand

A dream where you are holding a bunch of keys in your hand is symbolic of how people perceive you in real life. Friends and colleagues may view you as trustworthy and thereby treat you as a confidante. As such, you are seen as a "keeper of keys" or someone who knows a lot of secrets and confidential information. This role bestowed upon you by your peers gives you significant power and influence. People look to you for advice which you take as a big responsibility. For the unemployed, this kind of vision bodes well as it indicates new opportunities and possibly getting hired.

A single key on keyring

Seeing a single key on a keyring suggests placing all your efforts into a single idea or prospect. The key in your dream represents a needless attempt at holding on to something that is doomed to fail. You may also be dwelling on your mistakes and failures, fearful of taking a risk or trying again. Fortunately, you may soon meet your game changer. This person could call you out on your insecurities and weaknesses to help you grow more confident and self-assured.

A precise number of keys

Knowing the precise number of keys on a keyring that appears in your dream reflects your sharp mind and attention to details. This dream alludes to your excellent capabilities in terms of running a business or handling your finances. You may soon reap the rewards of your hard work. Exact numbers could also convey a personal significance, so try to discern whether this number is pointing to a definite explanation or experience. For women, the number of keys can sometimes refer to the number of days prior to the dream when someone, usually male, made a proposition. In which case the dream is advising the dreamer to make a careful consideration of the proposal.

Turning a key once

If you dream of turning a key inside a keyhole once, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation in your waking life. Intentional or not, an out-of-turn action or decision could call the attention of a person of authority who has significant influence over you. This person can make you squirm or possibly bear witness to the awkward or shameful position you are likely to find yourself in.

A key on a stone

An image of a key on the surface of a stone or a rock symbolizes a search for purpose or meaning in your life. You could be yearning to improve your status or trying to find your rightful place under the sun. The symbol you see in the dream serves as a talisman or a charm, the key to unlocking your potential and giving you what your heart desires, whether it may be power, wealth or mastery of your craft.

A missing key from a padlock

To dream of a missing key from a padlock you are trying to unlock portends a loss of a source of security in your life. You may feel like the rug has been pulled from under you after the death of someone near and dear to you. The loss of a source of comfort, support and affection is making your feel vulnerable. You may be closing yourself off out of a need for self-preservation.

Five golden keys in a box

Holding a box with 5 golden keys in it.

The vision of golden keys in a box in your dream is a positive sign which speaks of receiving a reward or incentive for something you are trying to complete at the moment or have recently accomplished. If you felt like the keys were valuable and important in this dream, it means that soon you would be presented with a rare opportunity to get involved in an endeavor which is important to you. Most likely, this kind of opportunity would be related to volunteer activities or some community work or activities. The number of keys (five) could be also related to your hand (five fingers), that is something you are working on with your hands, rather than intellectual or mental type of work.

Using keys to open a locker

I found a bunch of keys, there was a locker like, I opened it used with one of those keys, inside the locker was a "burning urn." An old woman came to help me lock again the locker and there was also an old man standing mid-far from us.

Dreams containing images of using a key to open a door or, in this case, a locker is a manifestation of your recent attention being given to some new discoveries or innovative approaches which you witnessed, either personally or through media. It could signify your interest in applying some of these newly-acquired pieces of information or ideas to your personal endeavors. However, the appearance of an old woman locking the locker back and an old man watching this could mean that your long-established and deeply-rooted ways of doing or approaching things would probably stand in the way of making good use of this information you learned about recently.

Buying key chains

Saw a dream about buying a key chain for my girlfriend, various kinds of key chains were available in the shop, mostly were teddy bears with small led inside them (some of them were waterproof), but I bought a key chain made from glass with a small dog picture inside for her.

Buying a key chain in your dream is an auspicious sign referring to a possible personal or professional breakthrough. Since you were buying the key chain for your girlfriend, the discovery may be more associated with the romantic side. While not directly about a formal vow, the token does indicate a change in your feelings for her. The material of the key chain, a glass with a picture of a dog inside, could be symbolic of the fragility of your relationship. Although your feelings for her may have become deeper than mere limerence, you are aware that loyalty and trust can also be easily broken if you are not careful. As such, the key chain is a symbol of your pledge to remain honest and true.

A deceased man alive and searching for keys

A recently deceased friend (older gentleman) is lying in bath, when we come to pay our respects, he comes up and tells us he's not really dead but we must keep quiet and tell no one. He asks if I can please get 3 little keys from his wife's handbag as he is looking for those keys. I tell him that I can't. He then gets up and walks away...

While this vivid dream may seem obscure or surreal, the interpretation is rather simple. Seeing someone you know to be dead as alive points directly to some personal transformation taking place in your life, particularly in regards to your relationships. The bathtub your friend's body was resting in suggests either forging a new connection or rebuilding an old one that would have great significance. The three keys represent three particular areas in your life that you want to bring together. You may want to improve your relationship with your family while also maintaining a friendship or romantic partner they do not approve of. Telling your friend that you cannot get the keys is an unconscious acknowledgement that you probably cannot have everything you want. You would need to sacrifice some things to get others.

Unlocking a door with a key

A recurring vision where you unlock a door with a key alludes to being emotionally prepared to take on new challenges in reality. Opening a lock with a key implies that you have, until now, placed a limit on yourself that would prevent you from moving forward for one reason or another. You may have been keeping yourself in a particular situation as a form of punishment or repentance. However, this vision's meaning implies that you are ready to move forward with your life and experience all that it has to offer.

Finding keys

Envisioning yourself finding keys, whether they are for your car, office, or house in the dream realm usually indicates that the dreamer feels more confident and is in control of their life. According to evangelist Joshua, these visions are somehow connected to solving the problem the dreamer has been facing, unlocking the solution that had previously been unknown to them. Moreover, looking for keys is a positive omen, suggesting that the dreamer's luck is about to change for the better and that good things are just around the corner. Overall, the dreamer may feel a sense of lucidity, where they are aware that they are dreaming and feel in control of the dream. This can be a powerful experience, giving the dreamer a sense of agency and management in their waking life.

A key wrapped in white cloth

To see a key wrapped in white cloth in your dream symbolizes profound opportunities and access. This dream signifies control, secrets, and a sense of unlocking newfound freedom, knowledge, or responsibilities. The white cloth embodies purity, peace, innocence, and fresh beginnings, highlighting your reawakening and renewed perspective. This dream also suggests the possibility of covering up or concealing emotions. Embrace this symbolic representation as a message from your subconscious, encouraging you to explore new opportunities, uncover hidden truths, and approach life with a sense of clarity and purity.

Padlock and key

Seeing a padlock and key in the dream realm is a symbolic case that demands attention. In a biblical context, it represents the search for hidden truths or secrets in your life. The key signifies your ability to open doors to these secrets, indicating a profound penetration of understanding. Overall, this dream suggests an exciting journey of discovery and unlocking mysteries, inviting you to explore the deeper layers of your existence. It is a reminder that you hold the power to uncover hidden aspects of yourself and your reality.