Dreams Related To Jewelry

Buying new jewelry

Dreaming about buying or wearing exquisite and expensive jewelry signifies the possibility that you would be living the high life. If you have been consistently focused and determined at work or in your pursuit of wealth, you know that it is only a matter of time before you could finally enjoy your first taste of sweet success. You have always dreamed of a life of luxury and comfort, and you are on the verge of realizing it, provided that you continue to forge ahead and never lose sight of where all these sacrifices and hardships should be leading you to.

Broken or fragmented jewelry

Dreaming about wearing broken or fragmented pieces of jewelry indicates that you would find some success in your current undertaking, whether at work or in relation to your project or business. However, the outcome of your efforts would be too small to make any dent in your long-term goals, making you wish you had spent the time on more meaningful pursuits instead. This dream vision is also an indication that you would be left to your own devices in trying to achieve your current goals. While neither your friends nor your co-workers would lend you a helping hand in difficult times, at least you would have the free hand in carrying out your ventures on your own terms, without worrying about any form of interference. If you succeed, you would feel vindicated and greatly satisfied for pulling off an incredible feat all by yourself. If you fail, you would have no one but yourself to blame.

Finding jewelry on the ground

Finding a piece of jewelry on the ground carries special meaning in the dream realm according to the studies of John Paul Jackson. His works suggest that your success in life as a person, whether you measure that by wealth, happiness or something else, would depend on how important you consider and deal with the small things in your life. Whether you are buying something from a street vendor or seeking solace in the spiritual world, you would be satisfied and blessed by paying attention to the details.