Dreams Related To Jew

Jewish people in general

The general image of those of Jewish descent in your dream vision can be interpreted as a sign that you currently are holding onto some false beliefs about someone you know or how the world works in general. This could be anything from not being able to discern fake news stories from real articles to believing pseudoscience about vaccines or autism. For women in particular, this vision carries an extra meaning, suggesting she may fall victim to the advances of a charming or dominating sexual predator, like Jeffery Epstein or Harvey Weinstein. For men, it may be the manifestation of their tendency to act or behave as an alpha male by showing a lack of respect for women or looking down on those you perceive as weaker or less able than you.

Dancing with Jews and surrounded by gold

I dreamed of dancing with Jewish Rabbis dressed in shining gold robes and there were other Jews there too. We were in a huge shining gold room with a dome. Gold everywhere.

The presence of rabbis in your dream indicates a renewal of faith. Meanwhile, the golden color symbolizes prosperity and spiritual enlightenment, so the prevalence of gold in your dream vision denotes an outpouring of blessings. Specifically, the gold-colored robes represent an opportunity to follow your dreams and realize your ambitions, while the golden room refers to a talent or skill you would uncover that would propel you to success. You only need to dig deeper and find your strength to achieve your full potential.

Being in a jew death camp

In my dream I am a Jewish woman in a horrid death camp, trying to get away. This all takes place in the underground. Dead bodies piled everywhere.

Dreaming about a death camp and a mass grave in the dream world may be a warning that you are being too trusting or gullible in wake life. You have probably put your faith in someone or something that does not deserve your unwavering support. The results could be shocking if you continue to be blinded by trust, so it would be wise to fact check any information you have thus far trusted without knowing the true source or raw data.