Dreams Related To Jesus

What does a dream about Jesus smiling mean

Jesus smiling at you

To dream that Jesus is smiling at you should give you enough reason to smile back. This positive dream vision is an indication that you will be happy with the way things are currently turning out in your life. Your simple wishes may have been granted, and there is really nothing more that you could ask for at this point. You will be thankful for your faith, which teaches you to count your blessings instead of fretting over your inadequacies.

Face of Jesus

To dream that you are observing the face of Jesus up close is a symbol of your unwavering and steadfast faith in a supreme being who you believe is the one that brings order to this world. Although many people choose to follow the path of evil for the sake of convenience and in the assumption that there is safety in numbers, you would choose the path of virtue as taught by your faith and religion. Albeit laden with hardships and difficulties, you are sure this path would lead you to the promised salvation.

Jesus in general

To dream about Jesus in general, such as seeing or talking to Him, is a reflection of your inner demons beckoning to you. This dream vision reminds you to be strong amidst worldly temptations. It may be helpful for you to reexamine your conscience and rekindle your spiritual life so that you will have the wisdom to spot evil in its many forms, and the courage to reject it whenever it knocks on your door. This can also be an opportunity for you to reconnect with your faith and religious beliefs, whatever they may be.

Jesus with a stern face

Dreaming about Jesus with a stern face is a forewarning of an upcoming period of hardships and difficulties in your life. You might see this as a form of punishment by your supreme master for erring and being unfaithful to your spiritual beliefs. You may think that you deserved to go through suffering to purge your blemished soul and make you pleasing to your God's ever-watchful eyes again.

In the final analysis, this dream vision of Jesus with a stern face could be a saving grace. Following in Jesus' footsteps and carrying your proverbial cross through the hardships, sufferings and difficulties of your own life would ensure your salvation as far as your spiritual beliefs are concerned. You are convinced that you would need to go through a purging of your sins in order to become spiritually-clean, worthy and pleasing in the eyes of your supreme master when you finally meet him in the afterlife.

Jesus talking to you

To dream that Jesus is talking to you is a prophetic vision of your life. If you can actually remember the things that Jesus said in your dream, you will be surprised to find out that these things would start unraveling in reality, making you more steadfast in your belief in the existence of a supreme being who is the source of all things.

Crucifixion of Jesus

To dream of witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus speaks of your selfless sacrifice. You would soon find yourself in the midst of a compromising situation which would require you to perform an act of kindness despite the hardships that it might entail. This dream indicates that you would be willing to do the act because you know that it would save a person's life, or it would serve as a catalyst for unity in your family or community.

Participating in crucifixion of Jesus

Dreaming that you are taking part in the crucifixion or persecution of Jesus is a reflection of your own act of betrayal. Your selfish motives would push you to turn against someone who has considered you family for as long as you can remember. This dream vision is a clear warning for you to reexamine your wicked plans before it is too late. You should ask yourself whether the suffering of your loved ones is your idea of happiness.

Taking Jesus off the Cross

To dream that you are among a group of people taking Jesus off the Cross following his crucifixion, or doing it alone, is a reflection of your protective, sympathetic and caring nature. Jumping into action at once to help family members, friends, co-workers and complete strangers alike in their times of need is second nature to you. You have grown to believe that man's primary duty is to help others, and you are convinced that life would be so much easier if the whole of humanity had the same collective outlook. It may not be always easy to give your shirt off your back, as you also have your own needs to address and your family to look after. Besides, people's dependence can sometimes border on abuse. But you can't help being helpful.

Newborn Jesus

Dreaming about seeing the newborn baby Jesus is an indication that the ideas and suggestions you would share with your group mates or colleagues as a contribution to a plan or project may be initially rebuffed or challenged. You should not lose heart, but neither should you act too pushy. By explaining and justifying your points in a calm but confident manner, you would gradually get these people on your side as they begin to realize that you were right all along and your ideas indeed mattered. People would notice you from then on.

As a consequence, this dream vision is telling you that, since you will have earned the support of your colleagues or business partners for having proven yourself to them, you would now have the leverage or be in a better position to accomplish a lot of things on your way to achieving your goals and aspirations. You might see this as a sign that your God is on your side and the favors you are getting are the result of your obedience and faithfulness expressed and supported by your spiritual beliefs.

Jesus in the desert

To dream about encountering Jesus in the desert is a reminder that your life may have become so attached to materialism and worldly pleasures that you may tend to forget your spiritual side. You may be too busy feeding your wants and desires to have time to reflect on what really matters in this world. Your selfishness could be acting as blinders and preventing you from seeing the needs of others, something which is what life should be about. This dream vision tells you to revisit your forgotten values and beliefs so that you may be compelled to seek a more meaningful life.

Jesus on a donkey

To dream of seeing Jesus riding or traveling on a donkey is a sign of your self-made success. Because of your remarkable talents, management and leadership skills, you will acquire high positions at work which would give you the leverage to propel the company to success, or you will become a visionary whose novel ideas will draw hordes of loyal customers to your business and provide an excellent source of income for you and your happy employees.

Baptism into a new life with Jesus

To dream that you are participating in a christening rite or that you yourself are being baptized into a new life with Jesus is a reminder that the time is at hand for you to suffer the effects or consequences of your past actions which may have caused others a lot of pain. This revelation should come as no surprise to you since you had known about the law of cause and effect and the concept of karma all along. If you have learned to embrace a positive attitude towards life following your past indiscretions, you will be able to accept these consequences with an open heart and take them as a learning experience as well as an opportunity to become a better person.

The birth of Jesus

To dream about Christmas as the birth of Jesus symbolizes a gift of incredible value. As with the Christian meaning of the birth of Jesus, which is the Father's ultimate gift of immeasurable love to humankind as shown by his willingness to give his only son to save the world even if it meant a painful death in the end, you will also receive something of value which you have been dreaming of having for as long as you can remember, and words would be inadequate to describe the joy that it would bring to your life. This dream vision also signifies a feeling of happiness and contentment at this point in your life.

Jesus with a little girl

I saw Jesus coming from the next room with a small girl in his hand. Then it turned to a desert. Then I went near Jesus and his face was full of blood as thought crowned. He was lying down. A girl was missing. He smiled at me. He asked me whether I remember the day when I brought the dress which I was wearing. The dress was a usual house wearing dress.

If you are a female and had a dream about a little girl or you were a little girl in your dream, this could mean that you might be lacking (including on a subconscious level) warmth, tenderness and security in your relationship with your current partner. The vision of a dress points to a certain item (not necessarily clothing or accessories) you could make use of or pay attention to and which could help you mend or improve this relationship. Dreaming about Jesus in general, seeing or talking to him, could be an indication of presence of some demonic entities or tendencies in your life. The dream therefore urges you to examine your inner spiritual state and balance because most likely these visions come to you in a dream because of some moral dilemmas or questioning spiritual life or faith.

Holding hands with Jesus

I had a dream last night... I saw a person seated on a golden chair. As I got closer the face blurred... I saw Jesus smiling. The happiness in me was exploding... I hugged him tight... Then I remember lying down in my bed closing my eyes... I asked him to hold my hands to prove you really are Jesus... And he held my hand.

Seeing the image of Jesus in a dream suggests you are currently grappling with moral or ethical issues. This may be related to work or personal matters, but, in either case, indicates you are stuck with a very difficult choice. You can either do what is easy, or you can do what is right. This vision may be a warning to think carefully before making a choice so that you do not feel disappointed in yourself in the future.

Hugging with Jesus

Hugging Jesus

Seeing yourself hug Jesus in a dream vision, particularly if you felt inner peace after the encounter, is symbolic of currently fighting temptation in your life. There may recently have been a series of opportunities in which you could give in and do something morally questionable. However, this sign is meant to be encouraging, showing you that you have the power to overcome these demons. It may also represent a subconscious desire to return to religion (if you have left) or to devote more of your energy to self-reflection and penance.

Daughter hugging Jesus

I dreamed I saw my daughter for a brief second, then saw her with Jesus. She was hugging Jesus, then knelt and hugged his feet. I had the feeling, that Jesus had come for her.

Jesus in this dream symbolizes the side of you that is selfless and protective of your children and your loved ones. The dream of seeing your daughter hugging Jesus is a manifestation of your concerns and worries about your family's life choices and welfare. This vision serves as a confirmation of your hope that your family remains strong amidst worldly temptations. This is also a reflection of your desire to reconnect with your faith as well as your religious and spiritual values and beliefs.

Manifestation of Jesus through strange objects

Was walking in darkness, and I noticed a man pushing a passenger rail cart. I said to him "Amtrak"? He said "Yep" and kept walking. I see the clouds form a circle and inside the circle, the stars and sun and moon were moving like time-elapsed. Then I saw a very large baby goat head peeking from inside the circle. I said "God" with excitement jumping up and down. Went and got the same man I saw earlier and asked him if he saw the same thing and he said "Yes" and walked away. I yelled, "That's Jesus!."

This vision, despite its apparent randomness on the surface, seems to contain a fairly clear message regarding your social life, particularly your romantic endeavors or affairs. The rail cart for an Amtrak train gives us the topic of the vision, namely that your sexual encounters have been or are about to become a very important part of your image and identity. While this could be interpreted as a good sign, the time-elapsed sun and moon paint a slightly different picture. The moon suggests control and strength of mind, but the Sun points toward out-of-control emotions and confusion. In this case, your romantic partners may cause more trouble than satisfaction in your life if you tend to regularly change or "rotate" them.

Seeing Jesus during heart surgery

I dreamed I was having open heart surgery. Then I was running off a cliff towards Jesus with open arms. I was scared I would fall, then I ran and said "Take me Jesus!". Then he set me down in a room full of doors. Then I woke up. What does this mean?

Undergoing an open heart surgery means you need a change of heart or a radical shift in perspective. So, falling off a cliff towards Jesus means there is an upcoming critical event or situation which would restore your faith in Him. Your faith would be tested by a failure in your career or a scandal that would tarnish your reputation. Fortunately, if you remain firm in your beliefs, new opportunities would open up which is represented by the room full of doors.

Jesus in the parted ocean

Ocean parted in half in the middle and I saw a person who was Jesus.

Experiencing a dream that signifies recent temptations serves as a powerful reminder to rekindle your spiritual life. Embrace this opportunity to renew your commitment to a meaningful and purposeful life by engaging in spiritual practices, seeking guidance, and fostering inner peace. Embrace this wake-up call and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, knowing that your spiritual well-being is essential for overall happiness and fulfillment.

Jesus on the bedroom door

I was awake and on my bedroom door I saw Jesus on the cross. It would not go away. Each time I turned in that direction it was there.

The bedroom door represents your perception of your life. Bedrooms themselves are associated with the self, so the door is like a small window into how your subconscious mind perceives itself. The symbol of Jesus on the cross is a very prominent image, and it may be a reflection of guilt. Perhaps you have accused someone unfairly or made someone the scapegoat for your mistakes. You cannot escape your guilt, hence seeing Jesus on the cross each time you face the door. The only way to be absolved is to correct the situation by speaking the truth and making amends for the difficulty you have caused.