Dreams Related To Jealousy

A jealous friend

My friend keeps having a reoccurring dream about me. She comes down to visit, and surprise me, and tell everyone at my shop about it. When she arrives I am in the back room with some random girl. She is usually incredibly upset, and the dreams are starting to bother her. We are just friends when have been good friends for like 3 years.

Recurrent dreams usually translate the existence of some subconscious conflict or desire that is important to the dreamer. This dream vision involved being surprised by the visit of a friend while entertaining someone else. This could represent the intuited, feared or real existence of suspicions and secrets in your relationship. The idea that you were surprised in the backroom reinforces this idea of secrets. These secrets could be unconscious feelings of love or jealousy nurtured for one another. One of you could also be associating with someone the other does not approve or like. Alternatively, there could be some rivalry between the two of you, concerning the desire of obtaining the exclusive attention of someone from the opposite sex. Such rivalry and competition could be hidden, disguised or unconscious. It would be associated with the fear of being caught betraying the other's trust. The notion of being surprised is also indicative of trying to find a way to resolve these issues which have been bothering your friend for quite some time now. The best way to help the situation is to analyze in which way you might be experiencing any of these alternatives. It could also be beneficial to have a frank discussion to pinpoint existing interpersonal issues, problems or poorly expressed feelings and emotions. This is because the existing problems might be nothing but fears, misperceptions or misjudgments related to your current relationship and harbored by your friend.