Dreams Related To Ironing

Ironing and burning clothes

I saw in my dream that I am ironing my clothes and suddenly my clothes get burnt while I was talking to my cousin I think. What does this dream mean?

Dreams containing images of ironing clothes and getting them burnt is a sign of soon having a rival or competitor entering the relationship you have with someone special in your life, such as your spouse, romantic partner or lover. Symbolically, ironing things in dreams represents being able to resolve things or overcome conflicts in a peaceful way. Because you perceived yourself being unable to successfully finish the chore, it could mean that there are some turbulent times ahead when you can become drawn into petty quarrels, confrontations and even fights, possibly with the person who will be trying to meddle in your personal life.

Ironing clothes

Envisioning ironing clothes whether at home or somewhere else in the dream realm symbolizes a need for order and organization in your life. Generally, this activity indicates a desire to smooth out wrinkles or complications in your personal affairs. On the other hand, ironing clothes is a creative process that helps you to express your individuality and style which suggests that you also need to take care of household chores. Additionally, it also has a biblical significance, representing spiritual cleansing or purification which is necessary for you to have a successful and peaceful life. Overall, the dream is a reminder for you to always look around for yourself and try to solve the problems you are facing in your waking life.