Dreams Related To Invasion

Home invasion

Envisioning a home invasion in the dream realm is considered an ill omen according to Edgar Cayce and his work on dream interpretation. It suggests that you may have misjudged someone in the past either due to preconceived notions based on their heritage or a poor first impression. However, you may later come to realize what a special individual they are even though they have fallen on hard times or gotten involved in something bad. You may feel regret for not coming to their aid sooner or defending them in their time of need. In essence, this symbol should be a reminder to never judge a book by its cover.

Alien invasion

An alien invasion in the dream world is often considered by Jungian philosophy to reflect the presence of foreign invaders within your own body, namely a virus of disease. Seeing this image during REM sleep can be interpreted as a sign that your body is working to fight off this illness. You may notice that your body temperature is higher than normal or that you are more thirsty than usual. Help your body by eating well and getting plenty of rest at night.

People invading the house

I had bought my own house with my girlfriend, it felt very unsafe, the whole neighborhood. We were outside doing yard work and around the corner drove KKK members, I was hoping they didn't see me, as soon as that happened we went inside. This lady knocked on the door and made her way through my house with a whole bunch of wild kids. It felt like a setup. So I started locking the windows and we finally kicked the people out. We go outside in the back and smoke a cig. We saw a guy on a motorcycle start beating up another guy. I grabbed both bats and tried to run and they started chasing me.

There are many images in this dream, and most of them support each other in their meanings. Buying a new house in a dream indicates happiness and a good lifestyle that you presently enjoy. Seeing people fighting in your dream symbolizes the freedom you have to express yourself in life, without being concerned what other people may think about you. Of course, you should respect other people's rights, but you can pursue your happiness. The appearance of kids in the dream indicates that you may have to spend a lot of time and energy on minor responsibilities and obligations. No matter how much you try to eliminate these, they tend to multiply. This could be related to house ownership. Overall, all these people randomly appearing in this vision signify the fact that you spend a lot of time trying to make the best out of your life with all its stresses, inconveniences and headaches.

House invasion and advice from a cat

I dreamt that my house was being invaded, and as I left the home with my family, my own cat held up his paw and signaled the numbers 3 and 2. I asked my cat what he meant by that and he said to not stay in one place for more than 32 hours. What does this mean?

A home invasion suggests an identity crisis. Your loved ones or society in general are trying to impose their values and beliefs upon you. They have certain expectations that you are unable or unwilling to fulfill. You have a strong personality, so a confrontation or clash is inevitable and a falling out with friends or family would follow soon after. The cat's warning points to a feminine presence in your life. This can also allude to your independent nature and natural curiosity that are advising you not to trust too easily. Those 32 hours point to a looming deadline when you must decide for yourself whether you would play it safe by conceding to societal expectations or rebel and follow your true calling.

Military invasion

Seeing a military invasion, be it a small scale ambush attack or a large scale war, is an indication of the emotional battles that you are fighting all alone by yourself. The trauma and hurtful experiences that you have been through are getting to your subconscious mind. You may notice your mind continuously being threatened by conflicting thoughts during your wake life. It is time to let the bygones be bygones and start your journey anew.

War invasion

Dreaming about a military conflict, like a war or an invasion, is a fairly common symbol to perceive. It is often seen by those who feel overwhelmed in reality, whether that is by political and military unease in their area or other, everyday troubles. In essence, this type of vision is triggered by the fight or flight response. Whatever you are struggling with in waking life, it is important to take time to wind down through journaling, meditation or another relaxing hobby.