Dreams Related To Intimacy

Inappropriate intimacy

The symbol of inappropriate intimacy can have different interpretations depending on who was behaving inappropriately. If you were acting in poor taste, such as making rude comments or dressing in a risque manner, it means you could become the butt of jokes in wake life. Some gossip may circulate around you, possibly due to your own lack of discretion. Alternatively, watching the other person act in a way that is inappropriate during intimacy suggests you could become involved in fraudulent activities if you are not careful. Someone may manage to trick you with a credit card scam or fake email, causing you much distress and frustration.

Inappropriate intimacy with the therapist

Inappropriate intimacy with your therapist suggests a lack of tact and inhibition. Since a therapist knows a lot of intimate and personal details about you, this means you will figure in a scandal or humiliating incident with one of your best friends, perhaps even your significant other. A sex video could circulate or a candid snapshot of you in a compromising position will gravely affect people's perception of you. Alternatively, if it was only the therapist exhibiting inappropriate behavior, such as flirting, then it means a close confidante is manipulating you into divulging personal details about yourself so they can commit fraud. Scammers come in all shapes and sizes, so be careful whom you trust.

An intimate contact with another female

I had a dream about this girl who was a big part of my life for a while but recently we have decided that we shouldn't be in each other's lives like we were anymore. Last night I had a dream about her that was kind of intimate but not sexual at all. We just held hands, she laid on me, I held her, that kind of thing. I am a female.

Dreaming of holding someone intimately reveals a yearning to be closer to this person. Despite your decision to cut your connection, you are emotionally not ready to let go. In addition, intertwined bodies can symbolize a merging or union, especially when there are romantic feelings involved. This could be your subconscious trying to hold on to your shared experiences and moments so that they remain with you forever. Finally, holding hands signifies trials. Your relationship is being tested and depending on how you want to proceed, you can either forge a stronger bond or be out of each other's life for good.