Dreams Related To Interview

A job interview after losing a job

Lost my job but on the other hand I had a positive interview from another company.

Dreaming about losing a job could be a sign of being faced with difficulties or hardships which could be related to any aspect of your life, not necessarily the workplace. At the same time, you will be able to overcome these difficulties with ease because of your determination and ability to apply your skills and talents effectively and at the right time. Alternatively, dreaming about having a good interview with another employer could be an indication of your intentions to start a new project or get involved in a new activity or endeavor.

A crush during a job interview

I dreamt that I was in a job interview. What was odd is that the person I currently have feelings for was also in attendance. The interviewer asked me a rude question at some point, so I stormed off. My crush came after me to try and convince me to go back, saying I had been the preferred candidate up until that point, but when I did I was told I would not be able to cope with the pressures of such a job. My crush suddenly became indifferent about me not getting the job. Why was he prominent in it?

Seeing someone you know in real life in your dream is normally a sign of having had a recent interaction with this person or thinking about them often, which is clear given your existing feelings for him. His prominence in this vision may be related both to your affection for him and the location of the job interview. The interview can be interpreted in two parts. The idea of an interview by itself may refer to your ability to interact or network with others. However, the fact that this was for a job may mean you find such interactions tedious or stressful, especially given your sudden desire to leave. This difficulty you have in social settings may be part of the reason you are having trouble developing the relationship further.