Dreams Related To Ink

Blue ink on a white shirt

What does it mean if blue ink is poured out on my white shirt and after that a person smiles at me.

Seeing ink pouring on your clothes while dreaming means that you may be surrounded by people who detest you or are jealous of you. These individuals may cause you some annoying moments and put you in a hole. If you want to avoid these challenges, stand up for yourself and do not let others meddle in your life. Only you should decide what you want and how you want to do it.

Red ink as art

Red ink in dreams generally alludes to a burst of creativity and productivity. Because red is the color of passion and love, the flash of inspiration may come to you as a result of a blossoming romance or the arrival of a muse who would unleash your creatives juices. That typically applies to dream scenarios involving writing with red ink or dipping writing instruments into a bottle. If the ink is contained in a bottle, then that means you are suppressing your emotions or instincts.

Writing with ink

Dreaming that you are writing with ink, for instance when you see yourself using a dated pen and you dip it in a container of ink for writing, could predict once in a lifetime chance or opportunity on the horizon. Be prepared for what happens and embrace the good fortune coming your way. The dream could also indicate a lucky turn of events leading to receiving profit or some other types of financial benefits that would make you grateful for unexpected favors and blessings in life.

Spilling ink

To dream that you are spilling ink on paper or table, such that when you are composing a letter and you accidentally spilled black ink on the paper causing you to start over again, could mean that your planned romantic meeting or a date would be canceled by the other party without prior notice. You might be disappointed with this cancellation but you should not take this personally. Alternatively, the dream could pertain to a trifle or minor thing that could spark a huge conflict or argument with a friend or someone you know. You should maintain strong foundations of your relationships to counter these negative events when they happen.

Your hands covered in ink

Dreaming that your hands are covered in ink after spilling it accidentally, for example when you stand up abruptly from the table and the sudden movement toppled the ink container thus spilling some of its content on your hand, could allude to misfortune in romantic, business or interpersonal affairs in reality. On a different note, the dream could also indicate receiving a piece of unexpected and negative news throwing you off balance in the process. It may be telling you at the subconscious level to prepare your mindset for these curve balls life is throwing at you to develop fortitude in the face of adversities.

Drinking ink

To have a dream that you are drinking ink, for instance when you feel thirsty and you find it most normal to drink a container of ink like it is water without any odd taste, represents a positive symbol of success in business deals you have done recently. This may be in the form of finalizing contracts or initiating new projects or business deals in real life. Rejoice for this could mean moving ahead with your goals and dreams and finally reaping the fruits of your hard labor.

Dried ink

Dreaming of dried ink, such that when you see that the ink container without the lid on you left beside the window has dried up after being exposed to the air and sun, could be an indication of being able to successfully overcome blame thrown at you for no reason at all. It may also mean being held accountable for acts or errors you have not committed in reality. In cases such as these, you should be able to stand up for yourself to avoid being the scapegoat for the mistakes done by others. The truth shall always set you free.

An inkwell

To dream on an inkwell, for example when you see and focus on an archaic inkwell displayed on the table with its beautiful silver color and unique design thus ignoring the rest of the items, could signify that your current progress is greatly hampered by a certain person or relationship that you are involved in. You could take some time to reassess their place in your life and the value they add in the process in order for you to move forward. There are times when you might just need to let go of toxic relationships that no longer serve you.

Spilling ink on yourself

Having a dream about spilling ink on yourself, for instance when you stumble upon a rock and you are holding an inkwell without the lid on causing the ink to spill all over your shirt, could refer to you having these raging bouts of jealousy towards your significant other that could strain your previously harmonious relationship. The dream may be hinting that you should take rein of your emotions as these may just either be baseless or unjustified. You should think carefully if it is worth to sacrifice your hard won relationship in exchange for these unproven assumptions.

Ink on someone's clothes

To dream of ink on someone's clothes, such that when you see a big blot of messy blue ink on your friend or relative's dress without them being aware, could allude to people who dislike or envy you and are about to strike and cause you a lot of small but annoying obstacles, challenges or roadblocks that could cause you troubles. Stand your ground and prove to these naysayers that you can rise above all the pettiness and succeed in life. Be the bigger person and continue down the path that you would want to tackle regardless what everyone would say.

Ink for young women

If you are a young woman and you have a dream about ink, for example when you see a pool of spilled ink on the white floor while cleaning the house, it could pertain to a situation developing around your persona which involves gossip, rumors and defamation which are uncalled for. You should guard your reputation with all your might as it takes years to build. Stay true to your character and all these negative vibes would eventually fade and reveal the truth should this happen in your waking life.

Fingers covered with ink

To dream of fingers covered with ink, for example when you rough play with some children and you end up with your fingers covered in colorful ink resulting from drawing a rainbow, could be an indication of your jealousy or distrust related to your significant other in reality. This negative feeling could be causing a lot of grief and confusion not only to him or her but to yourself. You could examine the root cause of this emotion and see if it can be resolved by ending the drama before it destroys your well-invested relationship.

A bottle of ink

Having a dream of a bottle of ink, for instance when you enter this bookstore and you look at a bottle of ink that you need to buy and fill your specialty pen, could refer to negative signs of false first impressions of ill wishers in your life. The dream could also mean failures in current projects or unfulfilled aspirations which would cause you deep regret and disappointment. The vision may be telling you not to dwell in these negative thoughts and instead focus on the positive aspects and what is actually working well in your life right now.

Buying ink

To dream that you are buying ink, such that when you see yourself going to a nearby ink refilling station and buy an ink cartridge for your printer, could mean that you would be receiving an upcoming news or learning new information. The news could be either positive or negative and may impact you in ways you would still need to embrace. Welcome this news and know that any change it could bring to your life brings along lessons and opportunities to take advantage of.