Dreams Related To Ignored

Being ignored by people

My uncle avoiding me, an old lover avoiding me, me saying "I love you" to an old lover and him telling me "Well, I don't love you".

Rather than suggesting that any one particular person would ignore or scorn you, this vision suggests you may have some underlying issues with depression or negative thinking. You may tend to see the glass as half empty, especially in today's political and economic climate. It would be wise to reflect on your feelings and perhaps either share your feelings with a trusted companion or seek professional help.

Being ignored

Being ignored in the dream world is often associated with depression and unhappiness in wake life. Analysis of this symbol using Freudian sources points toward a feeling of isolation and detachment from either close friends and family or society at large. In the case of the latter, you may feel your immigration status, political loyalties or religious beliefs are being attached, leading you to feeling trapped in a corner. While one remedy may be to try and connect with others of similar values, it would also be wise to consider reading further into the points of views of others to understand what the disconnect is.

Being ignored by the opposite sex

I'm a female and I have had so many dreams where I'm trying to get a guy's attention and sometimes it's guys I used to like or guys I don't know, but they always give me a little. Then for the rest of the dream I'm trying to find them and talk to them, but they disappear or ignore me lol.

Trying to get the attention of someone you have feelings for is often interpreted as a cry for help from the unconscious mind, according to Freud and other dream interpreters. Being ignored usually alludes to suppressed feelings of depression, often deep-rooted and difficult to understand. You should consider seeking counseling from someone you trust or seek the services of a medical professional to discuss how your personal situation should be handled.