Dreams Related To Hunt

Being hunted

Feeling like you are being hunted in the dream realm, whether it is by an individual or a vicious animal, is often a reflection of your unconscious mind's response to pressure to conform in reality. In a sense, the feeling that you are being watched and followed is a metaphor for being under the thumb of someone with more power or influence than yourself. For young people, this may be a parent, teacher or coach who is trying to influence your life in a certain direction that you do not feel comfortable with. For older individuals, this may be a boss, old friend or religious leader who is trying to get you to act in a way that goes against your moral compass.

Hunting and interacting with animals

I was setting traps somewhere cold and snowy for deer or caribou. Wondering where all this game was, and there was a roar and all the animals ran by, I took cover in a tree and a white wolf cub ran to me. Then, two large talking grizzlies were walking by and one stepped into my trap, ripped its paw off and began to chase me. I was running, carrying the wolf pup. I slid down an embankment and woke up.

A dream about a hunting trip is indicative of your desire to explore or start a new professional or personal venture. Perhaps you are pursuing a project or a relationship, or generally just hunting for opportunities. The wolf cub in the dream represents solitude, pride, aggression and strength. The notion of you protecting the young wolf from the attacking grizzlies points to your strong instinct to preserve your independence and protect your pride. It is possible that the grizzly bears pursuing you are signs of rivals and competitors whom you may have encountered in the pursuit of your project or venture. Romantic or not, the presence of adversaries triggers your self-preservation instincts and may make you want to run away from the situation. Play your cards right and with a good strategy to gain some solid groundwork to allow you to overcome the challenges in your way and face them head on.