Dreams Related To Hugging

Hugging your ex

Hugging your ex-partner is often interpreted as a sign that someone you have wronged in reality is ready to forgive you. This may be your past lover or another individual you have hurt during wake life. This vision means that they would be able to forgive your mistake and move on from this negative point in both of your lives.

Hugging my ex

To hug your ex in your nocturnal subconscious state is an indication of an impending resolution to a long-time rivalry. If you have developed any animosity with a former friend, someone you have wronged perhaps, this is a sign that you will patch things up soon. The imitativeness of this vision associates the ex with an important relationship in your past life which disintegrated and the hug symbolizes forgiveness. Perhaps an ex lover, a good friend or even a family member will soften up and greet you with open arms again so you can begin to rebuild your relationship.

Being hugged

Being hugged by someone else during the course of a dream vision is often interpreted as a sign that you are loved and cared for by someone else in reality. It can often be seen as the manifestation of friendly, familial or romantic feelings that your subconscious is picking up on. For example, if you recently had a day out with your best friend, this vision may be seen in response to their appreciation of you and your friendship.

Hugging your girlfriend

Hugging your current girlfriend while you are dreaming is often interpreted as a negative symbol. It predicts soon getting into a major fight or disagreement, particularly if you live together or spend a lot of time at each other's places of residence.

Hugging with a dog

I am a woman. Dreamt about a large dog or wolf that jumped up and put front paws on my shoulders. It was friendly, like a hug and I was intrigued, not scared.

In the dream realm, signs or friendliness or affection from a large dog or wolf is often interpreted positively, as it carries a special message about the quality of your close relationships. Just as dogs have loved and served humans faithfully over the years, so does this dream symbol suggest that your closest allies and companions are loyal to you in reality. More than just loyal, these friends are extremely compatible with your world vision, and they would do anything to help and support you. If you have recently felt some doubts about the closeness of some of your relationships, you can rest assured that those individuals think well of you. Perhaps all they need is a little show of attention and affection from you to remind them of the special connection you share with them.

Hugging as a farewell

Hugging someone as a gesture of farewell is often considered a harbinger of misfortune. It predicts soon encountering or getting involved with an individual who would be hostile towards you. The two of you may even become enemies.

Hugging someone

As a general dream symbol, hugging is normally associated with some of your more recent plans or endeavors coming to fruition. For example, you may have an idea that you could quickly be put into practice and reap the rewards of.

Hugging people at a party

Hugging other people at a party or gathering often means you would soon experience losses in reality. In some cases this refers to physical loss, such as misplaced or stolen items, and in others it suggests emotional loss. This vision can be considered a warning to be a bit more rational and practical with how you deal with situations that pop up in your day to day life.

Hugging in happiness

Feeling joyful or happy when hugging someone in a dream is a highly auspicious symbol to perceive. It reveals that you would soon experience some pleasurable circumstances or a series of fortunate events in reality.

Someone hugging you

In a dream, someone hugging you can signify a deep longing for emotional connection and support. It represents a desire for friendship and a need for someone to lean on. However, this dream could be seen as a spiritual omen, reminding you to seek meaningful connections with others and embrace the happiness that comes from nurturing relationships in your waking life.

Deceased mother hugging me

Hugging your mom in often considered by Freudian sources to reflect a tendency to dwell or live in the past. Perhaps you are holding onto some past hurt or weight because you feel letting go of it would be unacceptable. However, your mother may be here in this vision to remind you that holding yourself back from true happiness cannot fix any past wrong. You need to move on and allow things to take their course so that those old wounds can scab over and heal.

Hugging someone close to you

Hugging someone whom you feel close to in reality, such as a family member or dear friend, is often interpreted as a negative symbol in the realm of dreams. It usually means your subconscious is picking up on signals that a large fight is about to break out between you and someone else in reality. The cause of the disagreement would be some dissatisfaction or anger over the way this other person treats you. You would not be able to feel comfortable with this man or woman until they correct their attitude towards you.

Hugging your deceased grandmother

Hugging your dearly departed grandmother in the dream world is often associated with the anticipation of some negative circumstances coming to pass. Instead of actually going through a rough patch, you would feel a sense of foreboding that you would not be able to shake. In many cases, you would worry about your love life or significant other. Alternatively, you may be concerned about a recent lack of communication between you and another individual in wake life, someone you consider important or valuable.

Hugging your relatives

Hugging your relatives or family members at some point during the course of a dream can often have negative implications. It predicts some sickness or discontent afflicting members of your family circle, especially those you interact with often.

Hugging someone for a long time

I had a dream about hugging my crush who is also my friend (he already knows I like him), and when we hugged, I held on for a few seconds then let go, but he didn't let go, so I just kept hugging him and he already is a tight hugger, and I ended up hugging him tighter and it felt like the hug was about 3-5 minutes long, why did the hug last so long?

Giving a tight, long-lasting hug to someone you have a crush on could be interpreted as feelings of nostalgia bubbling their way to the surface from the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind. You may be about to remember someone from your past who used to be close to you. This person could be relevant to your current relationship with your friend and may even have some valuable advice regarding the situation.

Hugging an old friend

Hugging an old friend, particularly one you have not seen in awhile, suggests you could run into this individual again under unfortunate circumstances. For instance, you may come together at a funeral for a mutual friend or run into each other doing something embarrassing. This would cause you to fret but could also allow you to get to know each other again.

Hugging a male stranger for women

For women, hugging a stranger who is male may reveal that she would soon experience a series of obstacles in reality. Alternatively, it could also mean that she would have to make a serious, life-changing decision that would drastically shift the trajectory of her path in life.

Hugging with your other half

Hugging your significant other or other half in the dream world can have a negative interpretation, especially if you felt comfortable, at peace or relaxed. It means that you and your partner would go through a rough patch or have to deal with minor relationship troubles.

Hugging with your friends

Hugging your friends while in a dream means you can count on those closest to you to support you in your time of need. This could be referring to either family members or close companions in reality. Their support and encouragement would bring you much comfort.

Not wanting to be hugged

During a dream vision, feeling that you do not want to be hugged or touched may serve as an indicator of your loneliness and isolation in reality. You may feel, at least subconsciously, that you do not fit in or get along with friends, family members, co-workers or schoolmates.

Being hugged by your boyfriend

Being hugged by your boyfriend is a highly unfortunate symbol to perceive while you are dreaming. It usually predicts some challenges in the future. For example, you may have difficulties getting your work done or meeting the deadlines set by your teacher, boss or parents. This symbol can also mean that you would soon become ill.

Dead person hugging you

Folklore and other traditional sources suggest that being hugged by the deceased is a highly ominous symbol to see in a dream. Such sources allude to great suffering and tragedy befalling you and your loved ones. The reason for your suffering is unclear, but it may be directly related to someone's attempts to ruin you or gain an advantage over you. For instance, you may be in dire need of a raise to provide for your family when a jealous co-worker decides to spread some malicious gossip about you, removing you from all consideration. The results of being overlooked or even brought down lower could seriously hurt you and your family's situation economically and emotionally.

Hugging someone who died

Hugging someone who has already passed on to the next realm during a dream vision has some very negative connotations according to folkloric sources. It generally refers to being faced with a grim reality that includes the suffering of those you love most. Oftentimes this would be due to interference by outside sources. For example, you could be laid off from your job due to downsizing or lack of demand, which leads to financial troubles for your family. You could struggle for necessities or even be at risk of losing your house.

Hugging a deceased uncle in a purgatory

I had a dream that I was in a purgatory (like the film), then right In the middle of everything my uncle appeared (my uncle passed away about 3 years ago). He was hugging me tight and it felt so real then he just went again and the purge carried on.

Exchanging hugs with a deceased relative is not a very positive vision in terms of dream symbolism. Together with the rest of the imagery present in this dream, it could be a warning about an upcoming illness or deteriorating emotional well-being which may require a considerable amount of time to deal with and get through. Most likely, these circumstances could be attributed to being rejected by someone or some people, undermined self-esteem or anticipated breakup with someone special in your waking life.

Hugging a female friend

Hugging a female friend.

Dreaming about embracing your female friend holds a symbolic indication of a potential conflict or disagreement that may arise between you and either her or someone within your close social circles. This dream highlights the possibility of tension, disagreement, or even a physical confrontation. It serves as a reminder to pay attention to your relationships and navigate any disagreements or conflicts with tact and understanding. It is important to approach conflicts with open communication and a willingness to find common ground, resolving any differences in a harmonious and respectful manner.

Hugging ex's new girlfriend

I am a girl. I had a dream my ex boyfriend was with his new girlfriend in a hotel and I ran into them without my boyfriend and his new girlfriend hugged me. Then I woke up suddenly and peed a little and I don't do that. What does this mean?

The general setting of a hotel in this dream seems to have negative connotations, suggesting bad luck or a general unlucky aura surrounding you in wake life. This is supported by seeing your ex with his new girlfriend, a symbol associated with a matter from your recent past that is unresolved. You might be behind on some bills or have put off an important task due to unforeseen circumstances caused by all this negative energy. Waking up suddenly to having peed yourself in this context is considered a warning. It means that if you act out badly or get upset at your misfortune, it could only make the situation worse. It would be better if you simply grin and bear it until the cloud has passed.

Deceased father hugging me

Hugging your father who has passed away in real life means you will soon discover or resolve a long-standing family issue. Something from the past may resurface which could bring sadness to your household, but would eventually lead to a more secure future for your loved ones. Maybe your father's death would mean you and the rest of your family would inherit his assets, including investments he has been building for your future. This could also point to your protective instincts and your desire to take on the role of your father, especially if he was the head of the family.