Dreams Related To Hug

Receiving a hug

Dreaming that you receive a hug from someone usually is a positive sign. It could mean that those who surround you would start to value, appreciate and love you. You could also earn their recognition, respect and admiration.

Receiving a hug for females

If you are a woman, dreaming that you receive a hug from a person from the masculine gender could be a an ominous vision. You could soon experience some health problems or become sick. This specially applies to dreams that involve strangers or unfamiliar men.

Giving a hug when happy

Dreaming that you are happily and cheerfully sharing a hug with someone often is a positive sign. It could predict some future joyful, harmonious and prosperous period of life, during which you will feel at peace with the world and everyone around you.

Giving a hug to a stranger

Dreaming about observing yourself giving a hug to a complete stranger often foretells an upcoming unexpected meeting. In particular, someone with whom you have a close relationship, such as a relative or close friend, could soon pay you a surprise visit. Alternatively, this person could go to this encounter in some of your usual hang-out places.

Giving a tight hug

Dreaming of observing yourself giving a tight hug to someone could translate the presence of nostalgic feelings. You could be about to remember a person whom you like and with whom you have spent great times together in the past. Alongside your memories, some sentimental feelings might surface. You would miss that person and wish to relive some happy moments with that person again.

Giving a hug while in bed

Dreaming about giving a hug to someone while lying in bed often bears a positive meaning. You could be about to meet someone new and eventually start a new friendship with someone who is outside your current circle of relationships and acquaintances. That is, someone who currently is a stranger to you.

Giving a hug to a relative

Dreaming about giving a hug to a relative is often a negative sign. In particular, one of your family members could soon become sick and be the center of your family’s concerns. Alternatively, your household or family could go through a period of arguments, conflicts and disagreements. That is, you could soon go through a temporary situation filled with emotional ups and downs that would involve one of your kin relationships.

Giving a hug to a coworker

Dreaming of observing yourself giving a hug or embracing someone from workplace often is a positive sign. It could reveal that you and your colleague have, or soon will prove to have a strong and close relationship. Alternatively, it could mean that you would be maintaining your current professional position or role for a long period of time.

Giving a hug to a female

If you are a male, dreaming that you are giving a hug to a woman whom you never met before, that is, a woman who is a stranger to you, could be a warning sign. In particular, you could be about to be cheated or deceived by the person with whom you are romantically involved with.

Exchanging hugs

Dreaming of observing yourself exchanging hugs with someone often is a negative sign. It could foretell your forthcoming involvement in some serious conflict or argument. Alternatively, you could soon be unexpectedly betrayed or deceived and suffer the consequences of such an act.

Giving a hug to your better half

Dreaming about observing yourself giving a hug to the person with whom you have the most intimate relationship, such as a lover, could portend forthcoming domestic issues. This specially applies if you were experiencing feelings of security, humility or sadness during the hug in your dream. This is because you could soon be in the position of needing to be hugged by your better half in real life.

Giving hugs to friends

Dreaming about giving hugs to your friends could represent an upcoming positive event. In particular, you would be able to rely upon your friends in a time of need. That is, your friends would come forward to support you through resolution of a difficult situation or emotional crisis.

Rejecting a hug

Dreaming about observing yourself rejecting a hug from someone who wants to hug could reveal the presence of loneliness and feelings of being isolated. You could be going or soon be about to go through an emotionally challenging period. You could experience some acute feelings of sadness, rejection, loneliness or isolation. You would feel being unable to bond with others and feel misunderstood. These emotions could come to you despite the attention you would be given by those around you.