Dreams Related To Household items

Surrounded by household items

Being surrounded by various household items in a dream indicates getting busy with household work and domestic duties in the coming days. Quite possibly, your habit of postponing chores to a later date could have caused your home or place of residence to look like a mess in the first place, and that kind of behavior would also make it very difficult for you to clean up. You probably treat it as an unnecessary burden rather than an obligation you should be happy to undertake on a daily basis.

Throwing household items out

Throwing out household items in a dream signifies being busy with upcoming projects or making frequent trips in the near future which would temporarily put household duties on hold. Such activities would not be planned to avoid domestic responsibilities, but would be merely coincidental. If you could have your way, you would want your home spick-and-span while you are away or busy doing other things, except that you just would not have enough time to do both.

Household items where they do not belong

To dream about household items appearing out of place or sitting in places where they do not really belong, such as a gas burner in the powder room or a dining table in the garage, indicates an obsession or insatiable desire to accumulate as much material wealth as possible. This can also be an indication of greed and excessive consumption. There is nothing wrong with working on getting rich and making a lot of money. However, you may also need to ask yourself how much money you would really need to satisfy your ego or whether this is really your idea of self-fulfillment. Ironically, the amount of money you could accumulate may not be able to buy you the real happiness you have been looking for in the end.

Cleaning household items

Dreaming about cleaning, dusting or washing household items signifies a surprising improvement at home and within its vicinity in terms of cleanliness and ambiance. This vision indicates that you might soon commission a house renovation or a landscaping job around your place of residence. If you are living in a village or an apartment complex, it is possible that the people in charge of maintenance are planning to do some makeover. This vision is also a sign of possible relocation to an area with better enviornmental conditions or higher living standards.